International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Final Programme of the 43rd ICTM World Conference, Kazakh National University of Arts, 16—22 
July 2015

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Each session, in addition to its title, has a unique identifier consisting of three components: a Roman numeral, a capital letter, and, in most cases, a number. The Roman numeral refers to the day of the conference (I-VII). The capital letter refers to the time period of one of four sessions held each day: A = early morning, B = late morning, C = early afternoon, and D = late afternoon. The numbers refer to one of the twelve or thirteen sessions held on the same day at the same time, so-called "parallel sessions": 1-13. If there is no number in the session identifier, then it is a plenary session. So, for example, the identifier IIC5 means that the session occurs on the second day of the conference in the early afternoon, and is numbered arbitrarily as 5 of 13 parallel sessions, whereas IIB is a plenary session on the second day in the late morning.

Each session has been identified with a two-letter code that labels which of the six conference themes it fits into:

PG = Music and New Political Geographies in the Turkic-speaking World and Beyond

How have new and emerging political and cultural alliances at the junction of a decision to merge or to choose independence used music to further their geopolitical goals and how have musicians and their audiences resisted new forms of economic and political domination and hegemony through music-making and dancing?

CM = The Creators of Music and Dance

What is the status of studies of individual creators of music, dance, artistic institutions, and scholarship? These creators may be musicians, singers, dancers, composers, choreographers, instrument-makers, social activists, government officials, or scholars. How do we understand the role of these individual creators in particular societies? How do we define creativity in terms of contributions to aesthetic forms? What cultural and social power do we attribute to individual creators? What cultural and social restraints do individual creators work under in particular communities?

DB = Music, Dance, the Body, and Society

How do processes of inclusion and exclusion work at the intersection of the body and society? How is the body politic formed by musicking and dancing bodies? How does society use music and dance performances to heal ailing bodies and reintegrate them into society? How do people use their able or (dis)abled bodies to counter social exclusion through music and dance performance? How is the gendered body interpreted and made in music and dance performance? How do minorities, immigrants, and displaced people use their musical and dancing bodies to deal with the power of the mainstream to define their social status?

SE = Sound Environments: From Natural and Urban Spaces to Personal Listening

How is ethnomusicology responding to developments in the field of sound studies? How might ethnomusicological methods and perspectives contribute to sound studies? How do individuals and communities respond to their sound environments through personal listening choices, the building of new performance venues, the creation of new songs, performance styles, and genres, and the use of new electronic media and listening devices?

VR = Visual Representation of Music Cultures

What methodological and theoretical issues are still prominent in this long-established area of study? On the other hand, how do new electronic visual media affect the transmission of musical and dance knowledge? How do they affect the social life of music and dance in particular societies? How are these new media altering our research methods? How can the visual images in these new media be adequately archived and preserved? How do these new media, and the opportunities they provide for self-expression, alter the balance of representation between researchers and research subjects? What is the relationship between representations of, and the flow of knowledge about, “traditional” and popular musics in these new media?

NR = New Research

Final Conference Programme

(last update: 16 July 2015)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

IA ZH Opening Ceremony
9:00   Welcome addresses by ICTM President Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, Kazakh National University of Arts Rector Aiman Mussakhajayeva, and TÜRKSOY Secretary General Düsen Kaseinov followed by a short concert performance by young musicians, the winners of the recent Festival of Creative Youth of Kazakhstan under the auspices of UNESCO "Children in the Rhythm of the World"
11:00 Tea and Coffee Break
IB ZH PLENARY SESSION: Music And New Political Geographies In The Turkic-Speaking World And Beyond (Hiromi Lorraine Sakata)
11:30 Alexander Djumaev (UZ) National Building And Music In Post-Soviet Central Asia: Priorities And Tendencies
12:00 Zhang Boyu (CN) Multiple Meanings Of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection In China
12:30 Catherine Grant (AU) Vital Signs: Assessing The Vitality And Viability Of 100 Music Genres
13:00 Lunch
IC1 304 Music, Sound, And Architecture In Islam (SE) (Michael Frishkopf)
14:30 Federico Spinetti (DE) Explorations In Auditory Culture And Architecture In Iran And Bosnia-Herzegovina
15:00 Nina Ergin (TR) Ottoman Patrons Of 16th-Century Mosques In Istanbul And Their Qur'anic Recitation Programmes
15:30 Michael Frishkopf (CA) Sound, Architecture, And Islamic Reform: The Attenuation Of Ritual Resonance In The Built Environment Of Cairene Saint Veneration
16:00 Irene Markoff (CA) Polysemics, Proxemics, And Portability In The Construction Of Alevi-Bektashi Rituals And Ritual Space In The Transnational Perspective
IC2 404 Musical Preservation, Evolution, And Inheritance In Mainland China And Taiwan (Tsai Tsung-Te)
14:30 Liu Yan-Qing (CN) Musical Resource, Transcription, And Methodology: Publishing Difficulties And Influences Of On Ikki Muqam In Xinjiang China
15:00 Yuan Ye-Lu (CN) Musical Practice And Inheritance Of Chanhe Taoism In Contemporary Taiwan
15:30 Tsai Yun-Shan (TW) Sound Revival And Musical Representation: A Case Study Of Fry-Counting Songs In Taiwan
16:00 Liu Li (CN) The Recurrence And Continuing On Traditional Musical Culture From The Rise Of Gufeng Music
IC3 (empty session)
IC4 301 Institutional Support Of Music And Dance Creativity (CM) (Daniel Fredriksson)
14:30 Daniel Fredriksson (SE) Falun Folk Music Festival - Discursive Transformations Of Music And Place
15:00 Shumaila Hemani (CA) Choreographing Diplomacy: The Creators Of The National Music And Dance Ensemble Representing Pakistan As 5000 Year Old
IC5 301 Musical Creation In Fields Of Globalization And Cosmopolitianism (CM) (Kiku Day)
14:30 Jennifer Game-Lopata (AU) Sounding The Tarhu: How Ideals Of Acoustic Sound And Globalisation Guided The Creation Of The Tarhu; And Continue To Shape Contemporary Approaches To Improvisation Practices.
15:00 Kiku Day (DK) Musical Creation In A Global Context
15:30 Ioannis Tsioulakis (UK) Music And Cosmo-Sceptism: A View From Athens, Greece
IC6 Workshop (empty session)
IC7 238 Film (Sachi Amano)
14:30 Kumiko Uyeda (US) Fretless Spirit: The Tonkori's Journey (Japan) (42 minutes)
IC8 202 Kazakh Musical Instruments And Contemporary Context (NR) (Saule Utegalieva)
14:30 Zhanar Mukhamejanova (KZ) Oral National Traditions Of Training On The Dombra In Modern Education Of Kazakhstan
15:00 Raushan Maldybayeva (KZ) Modification Of The Kazakh Musical Instruments In The 20th Century
15:30 Akbota Turumbetova (KZ) The Musical Art Of K.Akhmediarov As An Achievement Of Developing Of Kazakh Traditional Instrumental Music
16:00 Zaure Smakova (KZ) Kazakhstan Button Accordion School For Years Of Independence
IC9 332 Lutes And Laments In Central Asia: Memory, History And Emotion (NR) (Richard Kent Wolf)
14:30 Elmira Kuchumkulova (KG) Respect Graces The Living, Lamentation Graces The Dead”: Kyrgyz Ritual Music Of Koshok
15:00 Pei-Ling Huang (US) Beyond The Archive Of The Sino-Empire: Contesting The Naming Of 'Lute' Iconography In The Kizil Grottoes Of Xinjiang
15:30 Katie Freeze (US) History, Identity And Longing In The Himalayan Folk Lute Traditions Of Western Tibet And Ladakh
16:00 Richard Kent Wolf (US) Bulbulik: Lament And Emblem At The Crossroads Of Tajikistan And Pakistan
IC10 333 Music, Theory, And Ethnicity (NR) (Ardian Ahmedaja)
14:30 Ruard William Absaroka (UK) Alienation And Ethnomusicology, Revisited
15:00 Wu Yuan-Rong (CN) A Map To Classical Aesthetics: The Metamorphosis Of Traditional Aesthetics
15:30 Ardian Ahmedaja (AT) The Designation Of Concepts In Studies On Multipart Music
16:00 Rui Pedro Pereira de Oliveira (PT) Music To My Eyes: The Documentary Film As An Ethnomusicological Research-Publishing Medium
IC11 125 Pilgrimage, Migration And Processions: Sonic Journeys And Moral Meaning (NR) (Alessandra Ciucci)
14:30 Giovanni Giuriati (IT) Circulation Of Sounds: Performing Sonic Spaces In Processional Music
15:00 Margarethe Adams (US) Liquid Modernity And Shifting Belief: Music And Shrine Pilgrimage In Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
15:30 Francesca Cassio (US) “Carry Me Across The World Ocean”. Sikh Diaspora And Spiritual Journey
16:00 Alessandra Ciucci (US) Sound, Memory, And The Ethical Horizon Of Migration Across The Mediterranean (Morocco-Italy)
IC12 335 Modernity And Musical Creativity (CM) (Jill Ann Johnson)
14:30 Saleem Zoughbi (PS) & Reem Handal (PS) The Composition Of Classical Music Driven By Traditional Music In The Orient: Occidentalism Versus Orientalism.
15:00 Jill Ann Johnson (SE) Explaining New Musical Landscapes: Explorations Of Non-Dichotomous Approaches (Sweden)
15:30 Lukas Park (AT) Hua'er King Zhu Zhonglu: Expanding Stylistic Boundaries Through Individual Singing Techniques
IC13 128 Assembly Of ICTM National And Regional Representatives
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
ID1 304 History And Preservation Of Sound (SE) (Gisa Jähnichen)
17:00 Gisa Jähnichen (DE) Contextual Sound Preservation Of Musical Life
17:30 Alla Sokolova (RU) Indifference And Self-Restriction As Mechanisms Of Identity Preservation Of The Musical And Sound Environment (Adyghea, Russia Case Study)
18:00 Yang Jiaojiao (CN) The Clash Between The Nomads And Yijing: The Role Of The Kazakh Folk Musician Aqїn In Bagua Town, Xinjiang
ID2 (empty session)
ID3 425 Shanghai City Soundscapes (SE) (Xiao Mei)
17:00 Xiao Mei (CN) Documenting Shanghai's Living Spaces Via Community Engagement
17:30 Li Ya (CN) Perceptions Of Shanghai: The Experience Of Individual Jiangnan Sizhu Musicians
18:00 Jiao Ying (CN) The Analysis Of Soundscape Evolution Along The Huangpu River
ID4 301 Negotiating Creativity Within The Irish Traditional Performing Arts: Case Studies From The Irish World Academy Of Music And Dance (CM) (Catherine Foley)
17:00 Catherine Foley (IE) Conformity, Confrontation And Negotiation Of Aesthetic Fields In Irish Traditional Step Dance Practices At The Irish World Academy
17:30 Niall Keegan (IE) Will I Need A Degree For This Session? The Negotiation Of Aesthetic, Institution And Tradition Within Traditional Music Programmes At The Irish World Academy
18:00 Sandra Joyce (IE) “He That Sings A Lasting Song Thinks In A Marrow-Bone” (Yeats) Traditional Song And Creativity At The Irish World Academy
ID5 403 Turkish Bodies In Motion (DB) (Alyssa Mathias)
17:00 Sevi Bayraktar (TR) Choreographies Of Urban Resistance
17:30 Alyssa Mathias (US) “Lose Weight With Dance!”: Shaping Turkish Women’s Bodies To The Global Sounds Of Zumba Fitness
18:00 Sebnem Sozer Ozdemir (TR) Traditional Performing Arts In Turkey As A Means For Transmitting "Adab": The Act Of "Mesk"
ID6 CH Workshop
17:00 Trần Quang Hải (FR) Siberian Overtone Singing
ID7 238 Film (Zhang Ying)
17:00 Zhiyi Cheng (CN) Sounding Nomads In Northern China (45 minutes)
ID8 202 LP And CD Album Art (VR) (Atesh Sonneborn)
17:00 Clare Suet Ching Chan (MY) From Oral Tradition To Audio-Visual Culture: Indigenous Orang Asli Folktales Of Malaysia – Narration, Dialogue, And Music In A CD.
17:30 Nicola Bizzo (IT) Apology Of Album Covers: A Short Manifesto
ID9 332 Ritual, Minorities, And Identity In Music And Dance (NR) (Judith Cohen)
17:00 Mike Anklewicz (CA) Ritual And Liminality In The Contemporary Klezmer Scene
17:30 Paromita Kar (CA) Recontextualization Of Rituals In Odissi Dance
18:00 Jessica Roda (CA) The Artification Of Sephardic Music By Famous International Artists: Françoise Atlan And Yasmin Levy Experiences
ID10 333 Genetic And Cultural Evolution: What We Could Learn By Traditional Musics. Which Method To Use? (NR) (Sylvie Le Bomin)
17:00 Sylvie Le Bomin (FR) The Evolution Of Musical Gabonese Heritage
17:30 Susanne Fürniss (FR) Methodological Considerations On The Research Of Historical Testimonies In Orally Transmitted Music Of Today
18:00 Evelyne Heyer (FR) Genetic And Linguistic Evolution Of Central Asia Populations. And What About Music?
ID11 125 Reconceptualizing Tradition (NR) (Saida Daukeyeva)
17:00 Nargiza Khinkov-Aitbayeva (KZ) «Kui» Genre In Symphonic Music Of Gaziza Zhubanova (On Example Of «Zhiger» Symphony)
17:30 Batyrlan Abenov (KZ) The Cultural Heritage Of Kui Art Of Nurgisa Tlendiev
18:00 Alibi Abdinurov (KZ) Popular Genres Of Modern Symphonic Music Composers Of Kazakhstan
ID12 (empty session)
ID13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Music Of The Turkic-Speaking World
Evening Concert in Zhambyl Hall
Music of the Great Steppes: From Master to Apprentice
19:00 Songs, dances and instrumental tunes performed solo, in ensembles, and orchestral arrangements by members of staff and undergraduates of KAZNUA on Western and Kazakh traditional instruments will be followed by a performance by the world famous violinist, Rector of KAZNUA, Professor Aiman Mussakhajayeva.

Friday, 17 July 2015

IIA1 304 The Sounds Of Religious Ceremonies I (SE) (Jonathan Charles Kramer)
9:00 Qi Kun (CN) Representing Complex By Simple: The Study Of Funeral Ritual Sounds In A Village Of Hunan Province In Central China
9:30 Sebanti Chatterjee (IN) Making Of A Choral Repertoire In Shillong: Sounds In Translation
10:00 Jonathan Charles Kramer (US) Gongs, Drums, And Firecrackers: How The Music/Noise Dichotomy Sonically Shapes Ritual Time
10:30 Nailia Glasunova (RU) Zikr: The Original Basis And Paradoxes Of Modern Tradition (Uzbekistan)
IIA2 404 The Influence Of Political, Social, And Cultural Changes To The Traditional Music In Asia (NR) (Tsai Tsung-Te)
9:00 Tsai Tsung-Te (TW) Transculture And Identity: Historical And Social Environment Of Chinese Indonesian Wayang Potehi
9:30 Zhou Yun (CN) Tradition And Changes Of Han-Buddhism Music In The Contemporary China
10:00 Chen Ching-Yi (TW) Imagined Nation: National Music (Guoyue) And Postcolonial Cultural Politics In Contemporary Taiwan
10:30 Wei Xin-Yi (TW) The Vestige Of Silk Road And Modern Variation: Case Study On A “Mysterious Role” Of Tibetan Opera
IIA3 425 Music In The Post-Soviet Turkic World (PG) (Liesbet Nyssen)
9:00 Liesbet Nyssen (NL) Soviet Cultural Policies Pertaining To Khakas Post-Soviet Revivalist Folk Music Making
9:30 Nailya Almeeva (RU) Song Folklore Of The Kryashen People Of The Volga Region As A Self-Identity Factor Of An Ethnic Community (On The Problem Of Regional Variations Of The Turkic Speaking Culture)
10:00 Yamashita Masami (JP) Consciousness As Turkic-Speaking People From Discourses Of Sakha Folk Music
10:30 Kalmurza Kurbanov (UZ) Qyssakhan: Performer Of Written And Oral Literature And His Role In Karakalpak Society
IIA4 301 Sounding Islam In Central Asia: Power, Experience And Meaning (SE) (Saida Daukeyeva)
9:00 Saida Daukeyeva (KZ) Voicing A Way To The Afterlife: Controversy Over Lamentation In Kazakh Funeral And Commemorative Rituals
9:30 Rachel Harris (UK) Internet Rumours And The Changing Sounds Of Uyghur Religiosity
10:00 Guzel Sayfullina (NL) Abystai – The Keepers Of Religious Musical-Poetical Traditions In The Culture Of Tatar Muslims
IIA5 (empty session)
IIA6 CH Workshop
9:00 Ncebakazi Mnukwana (ZA) An Emergent Model Into The Teaching Of Iingoma Zamgqirha, Traditional Healer's Musical Arts
IIA7 238 Film (Dave Wilson)
9:00 Roberta R. King (US) [un]Common Sounds: Pursuing Music, Peacebuilding, And Interfaith Dialogue (58 minutes)
IIA8 202 Kazakh Musical Instruments In Contemporary Context (NR) (Gulnara Kuzbakova)
9:00 Bazaraly Muptekeev (KZ) The Value Of Oral And Traditional Heritage Of Kazakhstan And The Great Silk Road
9:30 Zhumabek Kadirkulov (KZ) History Mangistau Kui Originates From "Aksak Кoulan"
10:00 Korlan Kartenbayeva (KZ) The Kazakh Musicologists And Ethnographers Who Contributed In A Development Of National Music Instruments
10:30 Danara Akhmetzhanova (KZ) Pazyryk Harp From The Point Of View Of Ethnomusicology And Musical Archaeology
IIA9 332 Methodological Reflections On Empowerment And Community Engagement. Strategies In Applied Ethnomusicology From A Comparative Perspective (NR) (Britta Sweers)
9:00 Mary Elizabeth Saurman (TH) Carving New Paths Of Transmission Processes Through Community Engagement In Music And Other Expressive Arts
9:30 Patricia Opondo (ZA) Performance As An Analytical Framework In Applied Ethnomusicology Projects
10:00 Ana Flavia Miguel (PT) New Ways Of Engaged Ethnomusicology: Experiences In Portugal
10:30 Todd Saurman (TH) Reflections On Reflexivity In Applied Ethnomusicology
IIA10 333 Technology, Mediation And Popular Music – An Actor-Network-Theory’s Perspective (NR) (Chu Meng Tze)
9:00 Sun Chun-Yen (TW) A Mountain Love Song Between Cross Cultural Couples: A Study Of The Origin And Imagined Identity Of “The Maiden Of Malan”
9:30 Kuo Ta Hsin (TW) Karaoke As Mediator: Lǎo Gē老歌 Saxophone Amateur Musical Practice In The City Of Taichung, Taiwan
10:00 Zeng Yu Hang (TW) Creative Motivation Of Taiwanese Doujin Composition Teams -- A Case Study Of “Vvv! Productions” With Hatsune Miku Music
10:30 Chu Meng Tze (TW) Creating Rock Band Wave In Taiwan – Neighborhood-Based Musical Instrument Store As Mediator
IIA11 125 Recontextualizing Kazakh Epic Tradition (NR) (Meruert Kurmangaliyeva)
9:00 Gulmira Musagulova (KZ) The Implementation Of Recitation In Kazakh Epos
9:30 Zhangul Kozhahmetova (KZ) Revisiting The Musical And Structural Organization Of Kazakh Aytys
10:00 Ulday Imangaliyeva (KZ) Kazakh Epos "Kyz Zhibek": History And Modernity.
10:30 Alma Dossanova (KZ) Aitys In The Context Of Preservation Of National Traditions Of The Kazakh
IIA12 335 The Sound Environment Of Ritual Music In Asia (SE) (Giovanni Giuriati)
9:00 Zhang Fang (CN) Ask For “Qi Gu Niang”--The Ritual Soundscape Of A Village Western Hunan (China)
9:30 Roslyn Dunlop (AU) Maulelo, A Multimedia Ritual Performance From East Timor And Its Relevance To The Society It Originated From Today
10:00 Inderjit N Kaur (US) Privileging Sound: Authenticity, Authority, And Aesthetics In Sikh Sacred Music
10:30 Ho Li-Hua (TW) Who's Who? The Groups, Creators and Performers of Para-liturgical Music-Dance in Taiwan
IIA13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Audiovisual Ethnomusicology
11:00 Tea And Coffee Break
IIB ZH PLENARY SESSION: The Creators Of Music And Dance (Ricardo D. Trimillos)
11:30 Edwin Seroussi (IL) Moshe Cordova: Turkish Jewish Composer In Exile
12:00 Heejin Kim (KR) South Korean Composers And The Post-War Singing Movements: Debates On The Politics Of Musical Idioms
12:30 Jakari Sherman (IE) Invisible Influence: A Study Of The Creators Of Choreography Within African-American Fraternity And Sorority-Style Competitive Stepping
13:00 Lunch
IIC1 304 Roundtable: ICTM And Its Sister Societies (NR)
14:30 Svanibor Pettan (SI), Chair Panellists: Dinko Fabris/IMS (IT), Goffredo Plastino/IASPM (UK), Donald DeVito/ISME (US), Urmimala Sarkar/WDA (IN)
IIC2 404 Music In Art, Museums, And Manuscripts (VR) (Tamila Dzhani-Zade)
14:30 Paul Michael Taylor (US) Observations On Presenting And Preserving Music In Museums And Libraries
15:00 Anne Caufriez (BE) The French Ballad "The Song Of Roland", A Example Of Creativity In Traditional European Music
15:30 Maryam Gharasou (IR) Zâr In Persian Gulf (Iran)
16:00 Silvia Rocío Ramirez Castro (CO) Safeguarding Traditional Musical And Chorographical Expressions In Colombia
IIC3 425 Conflicts, Coalitions, And Contests: The Inter-Regional Cultural Politics Of Throat-Singing (Xöömei) In Tuva, Mongolia, And Inner Mongolia (PG) (Charlotte D’Evelyn)
14:30 Robert O. Beahrs (US) Claiming An “Epicenter” For Circa-Altai Xöömei: The Politics Of Nomadic History, Ethnography, And Ethnic Particularity In Post-Soviet Tuvan Throat-Singing Scenes
15:00 Charlotte D'Evelyn (US) Overcoming Categories: Xöömei Practitioners In Inner Mongolia, China
IIC4 301 Musical Creativity Between Tradition And Modernity (CM) (Richard Kent Wolf)
14:30 Bo-Wah Leung (CN) Creativity In Cantonese Opera In Hong Kong Since Mid-20th Century
15:00 Anna Yates (KR) The Individual In P’ansori: Finding The Contemporary In Tradition
15:30 Angela Koufou (UK) Understanding Greek Musical Culture During The Interwar Years (1922-1940)
16:00 Huang Wan (CN) An Unsealed “Time Capsule”: Decoding The Vocal “Style” In Okinawan Folksong Singing By “Argentinian-Uchinanchu”
IIC5 403 Dancing Bodies And Space As Boundary Markers (DB) (Andrée Grau)
14:30 Georgiana Gore (FR) Dancing Bodies And Shifting Spaces
15:00 Andrée Grau (UK) Dance, Spatiality, And The Hierarchy Of Places: A Crosscultural Enquiry
15:30 Ann David (UK) Transformation Through Ritual: Bodies As Sacred Space
16:00 Elina Djebbari (UK) Afro-Cuban Music And Couple Dance In 1960’S Mali: Youth, Modernity And Political Empowerment
IIC6 CH Workshop (Saida Yelemanova)
14:30 Alexander Djumaev (UZ) and Otanazar Matyakubov (UZ) Uzbek Traditional Music With Nodira Permatova (Voice), Nabijon Kadirov (Ghijak), Mirgiyos Muhiddinov (Doira) of Freghana-Tashkent Tradition and Rustam Boltaev (Tanbur, Tar, Dutar, Doira), Shuhrat Razakov (Dutar, Tanbur, Tar, Doira), Ochilboi Matchanov (Dutar, Tar, Doira, Voice) of Khoresm Maqam Tradition
IIC7 238 Films (Zita Skorepova)
14:30 Jana Belišova (SK) Audiovisual Capturing Of Lament Songs Of Slovak Roma In The Context Of Their Life Stories (20 minutes)
  Sashar Zarif (CA) Dance Of Mugham - Sama Of Rast (Azerbaijan) (18 minutes)
IIC8 202 Multiperspectival Scholarly Approaches To Music And Dance: A Case Study Of Intangible Cultural Heritage In The Republic Of Macedonia (NR) (Velika Stojkova Serafimovska)
14:30 Velika Stojkova Serafimovska (MK) ICH Or Identity––What Are We Safeguarding?
15:00 Ivona Opetcheska-Tatarchevska (MK) Ambiguity In The System For The Safeguarding Of Intangible Cultural Heritage In Macedonia
15:30 Dave Wilson (US) Who Safeguards Which Heritage And Why?: State-Sponsored Ritual As Intangible Cultural Heritage
IIC9 332 Traditional Kazakh Music In Contemporary Context (NR) (Gulnara Kuzbakova)
14:30 Khalikberghen Abilzhanov (KZ) Present State Of Our Cultural Heritage (Musical-Ethnographic Materials On East Kazakhstan Region)
15:00 Zarina Makanova (KZ) The Music Ethnographic Description Of Turgay Region Of Kazakhstan
15:30 Lyudmila Belozyor (KZ) On Influence Of Folklore In Kazakh Culture
IIC10 333 Traditional Musical Instruments In Contemporary Context (NR) (Oh-Sung Kwon)
14:30 Sachi Amano (JP) The Meaning Of The Key In Nohkan Tunes : Analysis Through Scores Based On Finger Hole Pattern, Frequency And Overtone Mode
15:00 Oh-Sung Kwon (KR) The True Nature Of The Yatga, The Zither Of Mongolia
15:30 Yunkyong Jin (KR) A Comparative Study Of Music Played By Korean And Chinese Double Reed Instrument
IIC11 125 Music In The Context Of Political Geographies (PG) (J. Lawrence Witzleben)
14:30 Razia Sultanova (UK) The Soviet Union’s Influence Upon Music In The Turkic Speaking World
15:00 John Morgan O'Connell (UK) The Pulse Of Asia: Musical Diffusion And Environmental Determinism In The Turkic World
15:30 Amin Aghaie Koohi (IR) Musical Traditions Of Qashqai Tribe
16:00 Susana Sardo (PT) How To Overthrow Menaces With Music? The Case Of A Cape Verdean Community In Lisbon (Portugal)
IIC12 (empty session)
IIC13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Iconography Of The Performing Arts
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
IID1 304 Musical Expressions Of Identity In East Asia (DB) (J. Lawrence Witzleben)
17:00 Shih Yingpin (UK) Breaking With Tradition: The Identity Crisis Of The Taiwanese Beiguan Community
17:30 Masaya Shishikura (JP) Transcending Musical Bodies: Embodiment Of Multiple Bonds Of The Ogasawara Islands (Japan)
18:00 Wang Xianyan (CN) The Identity Of Folk Guchui (Wind And Percussion Ensemble) Musicians In Contemporary China
IID2 404 Bodies Moving And Dance In Time And Space (DB) (Keith Howard)
17:00 Shan Chuah (MY) Travelling Through Time And Space When The Refugee Monks Dance (Tibet)
17:30 Keith Howard (UK) Colluding With The Enemy? The Impact Of North Korea On Recent South Korean Innovations In Dance And Dance Notation
18:00 Mohammad Reza Azadehfar (IR) & Maryam Shariari (IR) Say Body Movements, Don’t Call It Dance: Lamentation Ritual Ceremonies In Dashtestan In Sothern Iran
IID3 425 Music And Political Geography In Asia (PG) (Hilarian Francis Larry)
17:00 Tanner Jones (US) Military Expansion On The 'Island Of Peace': Protest Through Shamanic Ritual (South Korea)
17:30 Suzuki Seiko (FR) Okinawan Folksong And ‘Forbidden Song’: Rô Takenaka’s Musical Theory
18:00 Hilarian Francis Larry (SG) The Political, Cultural And Musical Impact Of Western Colonisation On The Young-Nation States In Lautan Melayu (The Malay Sea)
IID4 301 Biographies Of Individual Musicians (CM) (Naila Ceribašić)
17:00 Cassandre Balosso-Bardin (UK) Xeremiers De Sa Calatrava, From Heyday To Unemployment: A Life Dedicated To The Xeremies, The Mallorcan Bagpipes
17:30 Gulnara Saitova (KZ) Chokan Walikhanov – The Life And Folkways Of Eastern Turkestan Women: Information From Kashgaria Travel Notes
IID5 (empty session)
IID6 128 Workshop
17:00 Lesley Hall (UK) Scottish Cèilidh Dances
IID7 238 Films (Yukako Yoshida)
17:00 Gao Hejie (CN) From Tradition To Legend: A Story Of Kecak Dance In Bali Island (30 minutes)
17:00 Naresh Kumar (IN) Blind Musicians At Sikh Shrines (India) (30 minutes)
IID8 202 Composition Creativity And Tradition (NR) (Gulnara Abdirakhman)
17:00 Bayan Mukusheva (KZ) & Fatima Nurlybayeva (KZ) The Meaning Of Folk Traditions In Development Of Kazakh Piano Music
17:30 Vladimir Manyakin (KZ) Concerning The “New Musical And Creative Kinds” Of Kazakhstan
18:00 Marianna Ostankovich (KZ) Formation Of A European Style School Of Composition In South Kazakhstan
IID9 332 Central Asian Music: Interrogating The Concept Of Tradition (Faroghat Azizi)
17:00 Faroghat Azizi (TJ) Dance Parts In Cyclic Forms Of Tajik Traditional Music
17:30 Roza Amanova (KG) Kyrgyz Kyuis For Komuz
18:00 Sa'dullo Karimov (TJ) Dance Rhythms In A Tajik Falak
IID10 333 Music Creators and Agency (CM) (Shzr Ee Tan)
17:00 Ning Ying (CN) Ethnic Group·Political Boundary· Identity:Tracing The Transmission Roots And Branches Of Yanbian Pansori In The China-Korea Transnational Context
17:30 Shzr Ee Tan (UK) Hipsters, Nostalgia And Heritage Branding: Musical Revivals In Singapore
18:00 Anda Beitāne (LV) The Role Of Individual Creators In The Local Multipart Music Practices In North-Eastern Latvia
IID11 125 Traditional Kazakh Music In Contemporary Context (NR) (Saniya Bazheneyeva)
17:00 Toizhan Yeginbayeva (KZ) Issues Of Studying The Musical Heritage Of Abay Kunanbayev
17:30 Almagul Smetova (KZ) Traditional Vocal School Of Pavlodar Region (Kazakhstan)
18:00 Saniya Bazheneyeva (KZ) Creators Of Music Are The Guardians Of Tradition
IID12 335 Theory And Practice Of Central Asian Music (NR) (Saida Yelemanova)
17:00 Otanazar Matyakubov (UZ) On The Theory And Practice Of The Central Asian Maqomat
17:30 Ilyas Kozhabekov (KZ) Genesis And Structure Of Rhythm-Metric System Of Kazakh Traditional Song
18:00 Iroda Dadadjanova (UZ) Transitions Of Musical Transmission In Uzbek Ssr: Female Performers With The Political Context Of The Time
IID13 108 Inaugural Meeting Of ICTM Study Group Chairs
Evening Concert in Zhambyl Hall
Festival of Young Kazakh Musicians
19:00 Instrumental, vocal music, and dances will be performed by 12-to-17-year-old musicians, the winners of the recent Festival of Creative Youth of Kazakhstan "Children in the Rhythm of the World," held in Kazakhstan under the auspices of UNESCO.
Evening Concert in Chopin Hall
Korean Traditional Dance and Music with performers from Dankook University, Seoul
19:00 TBA

Saturday, 18 July 2015

IIIA1 304 Modern Soundscapes (SE) (Tom Solomon)
9:00 Elnora Mamadjanova (UZ) Expending The Boundaries And Extending Horizons: Musical Heritage Of Central Asia In Contemporary Context
9:30 Fikri Soysal (TR) Bozlaks: A Turkic Folk Songs From Central Anatolia
10:00 Zakiya Sapenova (KZ) & Christopher Williams (KZ) The New Kazakh Cultural Diplomacy: International Listener Perceptions Of Kazakh Music
10:30 Zuzana Jurková (CZ) Three Musical Tales of Prague
IIIA2 404 Music Traditions of the Turkic-speaking World (NR) (Irene Markoff)
9:00 Özlem Doğuş Varlı (TR) & Köksal Öztürk (TR) Re-Construction Of Music And Dance In New Geographies And Governments In A Territories Of Macahel
9:30 Zulfiya Muradova (UZ) The New Research Data On Ancient Frictional Chordophones Of The Central Asian Region
IIIA3 425 Music In Post-Soviet Caucasus (PG) (Alexander Djumaev)
9:00 Alla Bayramova (AZ) Azerbaijani Traditional Musicians In Literature And In Museum Collections
9:30 Tamila Dzhani-Zade (RU) Civilizational Layers Of Azerbaijanian Music Culture In The Twentieth Century
10:00 Caroline Bithell (UK) Polyphony, Tourism And The Turn To Europe: Singing Encounters And The Politics Of Heritage In Post-Soviet Georgia
10:30 Elena Spirin (FR) The Path To National Identity: Western And Georgian Features In Giya Kancheli’s Cycle Of Seven Symphonies
IIIA4 301 Creating Identity Through Musical Creativity (CM) (Galina Sychenko)
9:00 Lorenz Beyer (DE) How Do Individual Musicians Influence Regional Identity? Labrassbanda And Die Cubaboarischen – Two Case Studies From Upper Bavaria
9:30 Zita Skorepova (CZ) From Czech Refugees To Austrians With Czech Roots: Determinants Of Musical Creativity Of Contemporary Viennese Czechs
10:00 Galina Sychenko (RU) Epics, Melodies, Creativity (V.E. Tannagashev’s Case Study)
10:30 Zhang Ying (CN) Ethnic Identity And Cultural Memory:Study On Torgut Mongolia Urtin Duu (Long-Song) Of Xinjiang Province
IIIA5 403 Ritual And Music In Asia (DB) (Christine Yun-May Yong)
9:00 Christian Daniel Koehn (DE) Ne-En Lobong - Music, Dance, And The Construction Of Socio-Cultural Realities Among The Moken Sea Nomads (Burma/Thailand)
9:30 Christine Yun-May Yong (US) Shifting Angin: Contemporary Practice Of The Main Puteri In Kelantan, Malaysia
10:00 Guan Bingyang (CN) Lonely Loudness: “Kylin Whip”And Soundscape In Modern Chinese City
IIIA6 CH Workshop
9:00 Seola Kim (US) Different Approaches To Create Ajaeng (Korean Bowed Zither) Music From Composers And Performer-Composers
IIIA7 238 Film (Robert O. Beahrs)
9:00 Liu Guiteng (CN) Voices Around The Xar Moron River: A Study On Mongolia Laiqing Ritual Music In Horqin (45 minutes)
9:45 Gulzada Omarova (KZ) & Kaiyrgazy Tolen (KZ) Folklore Expeditions In Mongolia (30 minutes)
IIIA8 202 Recontextualizing Tradition (NR) (Meruert Kurmangaliyeva)
9:00 Elena Babakova (KZ) Realization Of Elements Of Kazakh Traditional Music Culture In Contemporary Feast Rites
9:30 Riza Almukhanova (KZ) Magical Attributes In The Traditional Musical Culture
10:00 Baglan Babizhan (KZ) Traditional Song Culture Of Kazakhs And Instrumental Accompaniment
10:30 Pernebek Shegebayev (KZ) Monodiya And "Polyphony" In The Kazakh Music For Dombra
IIIA9 332 Dance And Choreography In Changing Contexts (NR) (Gulnara Kuzbakova)
9:00 Lyazzat Ukeyeva (KZ) Revival Of The National Traditions In Creative Activity Of Bulat Ayukhanov
9:30 Aygul Kulbekova (KZ) Traditional Culture In The Context Of National Choreography
10:00 Irina Bakayeva (KZ) National Music Of The Dance Scenes In “Tomiris” Opera By A. Serkebayev
10:30 Toigan Izim (KZ) The Role Of Folklore And Other Arts In The Development Of Kazakh Dance
IIIA10 333 Music And Identity In History And Society (NR) (János Sipos)
9:00 Ekaterina Pyatkova (CA) Evoking Cultural Identity Through The Elements Of Traditional Music In Russian Folk Metal
9:30 Scott Valois Linford (US) Jola Music And The Ambiguation Of Identity Production (Senegal/Gambia)
10:00 János Sipos (HU) A Monograph Of The Kyrgyz Folksongs – The Result Of A Long Fieldwork Series
10:30 Rakhat-Bi Abdyssagin (KZ) Ethnicity Through The Prism Of Modernity
IIIA11 125 Rethinking, Reconstructing And Reinventing Musical Pasts And Future (NR) (Don Niles)
9:00 Don Niles (PG) & Carlos Yoder (AR/SI) From IFMC To ICTM To What? Considering The Council’s Past While Moving Into The Future
9:30 Maria Sonevytsky (US) Crimean Tatar Anthems And Indigenous Memory, Past And Present
10:00 Imani Sanga (TZ) Zilipendwa Music, New Social Media and the Public Sphere: Meanings Generated by YouTube Users on Zilipendwa Music of Mbaraka Mwinshehe and Marijani Rajab
IIIA12 335 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Musics Of East Asia
IIIA13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Musics Of The Slavic World
11:00 Tea And Coffee Break
IIIB ZH PLENARY SESSION: Visual Representation Of Music Cultures (Keith Howard)
11:30 Barley Norton (UK) Ethnomusicological Filmmaking And Theorizing
12:00 Donna Lee Kwon (US) Glimpses Beyond The Curtain: Making Sense Of North Korean Musical Performance In The Age Of Social Media And Youtube
12:30 Wim van Zanten (NL) The Validity Of Visual Representations Of Music Of The Baduy Minority Group In West Java
13:00 Lunch
IIIC ZH 42nd ICTM General Assembly
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
IIID1 304 Roundtable: ICTM And UNESCO: Briefing On ICTM Quadrennial Report To UNESCO On Activities Related To Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, And Discussion On Further Prospects
17:00 Naila Ceribašić (HR), Chair Panellists: Sanubar Baghirova (AZ), Velika Stojkova Serafimovska (MK), Tan Sooi Beng (MY), Stephen Wild (AU), Wim van Zanten (NL)
IIID2 404 Composers And Their Compositions Today (CM) (Ulrich Morgenstern)
17:00 Rita Seumanutafa (AU) Fatupese: A Composer Of Pese Fa'asamoa
17:30 Kapambwe Lumbwe (ZM) Singing Knowledge, Tradition, Culture And Politics Beyond Ethnic And National Boundaries: The Music Of Chitwansombo A Royal Musician Among The Bemba Of Zambia
18:00 Ulrich Morgenstern (AT) Berthold Eppensteiner. A Folk Musician And Composer From The Mostviertel (Lower Austria). Traditional Practice – Cultural Activism – Media Usage
IIID3 425 Music And Political Geography In Europe And Asia (PG) (Lonán Ó Briain)
17:00 Tatjana Markovic (AT) Ottoman Imperial Legacy In Serbian Music At The Fin De Siècle: Sevdalinka, From Folk To Classical Music
17:30 Judith E. Olson (US) Hungarian Dance In Transylvania: A Study In Conflicting Transnational Identities
18:00 Lonán Ó Briain (IE) Sounding Ethnicity: Musical Articulations And Manipulations Of Identity In Vietnam
IIID4 301 Creativity And Experience In Dance (CM) (Andrée Grau)
17:00 María Gabriela López Yánez (EC) Understanding An Ecuadorian Dance Style As Affective Experience
17:30 Kendra Stepputat (AT) Some Lead, Some Follow – Exploring The International Tango Argentino Performing Arts Scene Through The Study Of Key Individuals
18:00 Debanjali Biswas (IN) Dancing The Detritus: New Choreographies In A Time Of Violence
IIID5 403 Latin American Song And Dance Traditions (DB) (Miguel Ángel García)
17:00 Logan Elizabeth Clark (US) Sirens And Sones: Maya Marimba Music And Sonic Interaction In South Los Angeles
17:30 Marita Fornaro Bordolli (UY) The People And “The Others”: Their Body Representation In Hispanic-Uruguayan Murga
18:00 Daniel Orlando Díaz Benavides (PE) Peruvian Folk Dances: From Challenges And Singularities
IIID6 CH Workshop
17:00 Aiza Reshetnikova (RU) How To Introduce Music and Folklore in Museums and Galleries Exhibitions
IIID7 238 Film (Katie Freeze)
17:00 Li Zhan Ping (CN) The Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" In Tibetan Life (60 minutes)
IIID8 202 Music Education In Kazakh History And Society (NR) (Gulshat Shanbatyrova)
17:00 Gulshat Shanbatyrova (KZ) Some Observations On Kazakh Music Education: Requirement To Encourage 21St Century Skills Implementation In Teaching Practice
17:30 Kamila Dossanova (KZ) Tolerance Education By Means Of Kazakh Traditional Musical Art
18:00 Gulzhannat Dukembay (KZ) Cultural Heritage Of Modern Kazakhstan – Patriotic, Moral And Cultural Education Of Young Generation Through National Music (On The Example Of Creating A Musical-Pedagogical Complex For Traditional Music)
IIID9 332 Genesis And Evolution Of Musical Language Of Kazakh Traditional Song (NR) (Saida Yelemanova)
17:00 Saida Yelemanova (KZ) On The Musical Language Of Kazakh Traditional Songs
17:30 Gulnar Abdirakhman (KZ) Kazakh Traditional Song In The Soviet Period Of Society Development
IIID10 333 Global–Local Interactions (NR) (George Murer)
17:00 Yukako Yoshida (JP) Globalization Of Performing Arts And Its Materiality: How Japanese Performers Treat Balinese Gamelan Instruments And Masks
17:30 Alena Libanska (CZ) Czech-Balkan Counterpoint: Balkan Music In The Czech Republic
18:00 George Murer (US) Coastal Affinities: The Musical Embrace Of Urban Hadramawt In Kuwait
IIID11 125 Engendering Musical Identities (DB) (Heather MacLachlan)
17:00 Marko Kölbl (AT) Cultural Empowerment And Gender Agency. Ethnomusicological Perspectives
17:30 Heather MacLachlan (US) The Gay And Lesbian Choral Movement And Social Change In America
IIID12 335 Marginal Voices: Sounding New Fantasies And Anxious Futures (Tony Dumas)
17:00 Tony Dumas (US) Can I Play With Madness?: Myth And Mysticism In Flamenco From Carmen To Flametal
17:30 Natalie Sarrazin (US) Techno-Global Identities: Musical Networks And Negotiations Among Delhi Youth
18:00 Victor A. Vicente (HK) “Here We Are Again Now” – The Immigrant Experience In Portuguese Popular Song
IIID13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: African Musics
Evening Concert in Zhambyl Hall
Contemporary Kazakh Symphonic Music
19:00 By Tles Kazhgaliev, Erkegali Rahmadiev, Serik Erkimbekov, Serik Abdinurov and others.

Sunday, 19 July 2015 — Day IV: Excursions

Monday, 20 July 2015

VA1 304 Central Asian Soundscapes (SE) (Saule Utegalieva)
9:00 Saule Utegalieva (KZ) Phenomenon Of Sound In Instrumental Music Of Turkic Peoples Of Central Asia: Experience And Perspectives Of Study
9:30 Meruyert Kurmangaliyeva (KZ) The Sound And Music In Ethnosystem Kazakh Traditional Society.
10:00 Umitzhan Jumakova (KZ) Music For The Kazakh Folk Instruments In Contemporary Culture
10:30 Ongarbek Taskarin (KZ) House Museum Of Shafer’s Recorded Music.
VA2 404 Changing Modes of Musical Transmission (VR) (Leonardo D'Amico)
9:00 Damascus Kafumbe (US) Notating Musical Texts Of The Kawuugulu Ensemble Of Buganda, Uganda
9:30 Leonardo D'Amico (IT) Watching Music. The Transmission Of Musical Knowledge: From The Oral-Aural To The Oral-Aural-Visual Process Communication.
10:00 Laura Ellestad (NO) Kappleiks And House Parties: Norwegian Folk Fiddle In North American Contexts, 1910-1970
10:30 Gretel Schwörer-Kohl (DE) Lahu Prophets In Northern Thailand And Myanmar As Creators And Innovators Of Dance And Music
VA3 425 Displacing And Emplacing Identities In Music And Dance Performances (DB) (Wim van Zanten)
9:00 Hannah Balcomb (US) Confronting/Reinscribing The White Argentine Imaginary: The Paradox Of The Argentine “Indian”
9:30 Kai Viljami Åberg (FI) Finnish “Gypsy Dance” As A Stereotype: Mystery, Secrecy, Passion And Sex
10:00 Shahanum Md Shah (MY) The Malay Gamelan: Changing Landscapes
10:30 Atinuke Adenike Idamoyibo (NG) Music, Dance and Physicality: The Consequence of a Sensitive Ethical Cultural Interaction
VA4 301 Individual Creativity In Southeastern Europe, Turkey, And Georgia (CM) (Leslie Rosalind Hall)
9:00 Mirjana Zakić (SR) Music Creators In Contemporary Instrumental Practice Of Serbia
9:30 Danka Lajić Mihajlović (SR) The Guslar: Personality Within Tradition Of Performing Epic Songs
10:00 Tamaz Gabisonia (GE) Creator's Competencies Of Oral Tradition In Georgian Ethnic Music
10:30 Leslie Rosalind Hall (CA) Creators Of Classical Turkish Music
VA5 403 Performing Arts Of The Muslim Communities In Southeast Asia (DB) (Mohd Anis Md Nor)
9:00 Sumarsam (US) Expressing And Contesting Java-Islam Encounters In The Performing Arts
9:30 Lawrence Ross (MY) Gendang Silat: Martial Arts Music, Ethnicity, And Religion In Post-Independence Malaysia
10:00 Mohd Anis Md Nor (MY) Zapin As Ritualized Dhikr: Silent Remembrance Of God Through Music And Dance
10:30 Ricardo D. Trimillos (US) Discussant
VA6 128 Workshop
9:00 Özgü Bulut (TR) Turkic Rhythms Through Body Music
10:00 Cenk Güray and Ali Fuat Aydin (TR) Tracing the Performance of the Turkish Baglama
VA7 238 Film (Oli Wilson)
9:00 Tony Lewis (AU) Garamut Making In Baluan (Papua New Guinea) (90 minutes)
VA8 202 Roundtable: Negotiating Personal And Professional: Ethnomusicologists And Uncomfortable Truths (NR)
9:00 Margaret Sarkissian (US), Chair Panellists: Svanibor Pettan (SI), Rebecca Miller (US), Anne K. Rasmussen (US)
VA9 332 Interrogating The Concept Of Tradition (NR) (Violetta Iunusova)
9:00 Violetta Iunusova (RU) & Alexander Kharuto (RU) Computer Analysis Of Performance Style In Oriental Traditional Music.
9:30 Zilia Imamutdinova (RU) Computer Research Methods In Relation To The Sacral Tradition Of The Qur’ānic Recitation
10:00 Reem Handal (PS) & Saleem Zoughbi (PS) Impact Of Socio-Historic Intonation Of Cultures On Arab Music: A Case Of Varying Globalization
10:30 Sabina Ayazbekova (KZ) Place Of Music In Turkic Civilization: From Space To Humankind
VA10 333 Rethinking Historical Sources In Musical Practices (NR) (Stephan Shearon)
9:00 Stephen Shearon (US) Pre-1920 Foundations Of Gospel Song In The American South
9:30 Li Wai Chung (HK) Gurmat Sangit Revival: Modernization, Media, And Meanings Of Sikh Religious Music
10:00 Jonathan W Johnston (US) Defining The Art Of Worship In The Apostolic And Protestant Churches Of Armenia: Static Eastern Ideology Vs. ‘Progressive Pseudo-Cultic’ Western Decadence
10:30 Yanfang Liou (TW) The Construction Of Dynamic Network And Symbolic Functions In Tibetan Buddhist Music: The Case Study Of Thrangu Tara Abbey Nunnery
VA11 125 Cultural Politics In Changing Contexts (NR) (Megan Rancier)
9:00 Megan Rancier (US) The Spirit Of Tengri: Contemporary Ethnic Music And Cultural Politics In Kazakhstan
9:30 Heeyoung Choi (US) Influence Of Performing Arts On Nationalism And Cultural Interaction Between Ethnic Groups: Music And Dance Of Korean Immigrants In Hawai‘I During The Early 20th Century
10:00 Marcia Ostashewski (CA) Integrating Emerging Technologies In Community-Engaged Research In Cape Breton: New Opportunities, New Challenges
10:30 Gordon Ramsey (UK) 'Step In Style': Class, Taste, Skill, And Political Identity In Ulster Marching Bands
VA12 335 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Applied Ethnomusicology
VA13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Multipart Music
11:00 Tea And Coffee Break
VB ZH PLENARY SESSION: Sound Environments: From Natural And Urban Spaces To Personal Listening (Miguel Ángel García)
11:30 J. Martin Daughtry (US) Sound, Violence, And The Limits Of Musical Efficacy In Wartime Iraq
12:00 Elizabeth Tolbert (US) Meaningful Music, Unmediated Sound: An Evolutionary History
12:30 Ruth Davis (UK) Sound Archives, Music Collecting, And Fluctuating Political Geographies: Robert Lachmann’s Oriental Music Archive In Mandatory Palestine
13:00 Lunch
VC1 304 European Sonic Ecologies (SE) (Ana Hofman)
14:30 Marija Dumnić (SR) Producing Representative Sound Environments: “Old Urban Music” In Skadarlija (Serbia)
15:00 Ivana Medić (SR) Reculturization Projects In Savamala (Serbia)
15:30 Britta Sweers (CH) The Sonic Representation Of Traditional And Modern Identity In The Public Urban Context In Bern, Switzerland
16:00 Mojca Kovačič (SI) Noise Versus Music: The Perception Of The Sound Of Bell Ringing In Ljubljana
VC2 404 Music After Conflict, Catastrophe And Crisis (Irene Markoff)
14:30 Gillian Howell (AU) Sound Relief? Musical Interventions In Conflict-Affected Settings
15:00 Oshio Satomi (JP) Musics That Build Ties Among People: Analysis Of Musical Activities Related To The Great East Japan Earthquake
15:30 Erica Haskell (US) The Role Of Applied Ethnomusicology In Post-Conflict And Post-Catastrophe Communities
VC3 425 Diasporas And Music I (PG) (Jennifer C. Post)
14:30 Shakhym Gullyev (TM) Turkmen Traditional Music Out Of Turkmenistan
15:00 Tom Solomon (NO) Music In The Norway-Azerbaijan Connection: Imagined Geographies And Histories
15:30 Jennifer C Post (US) Music And New Mobilities: Travel And Kazakh Musical Production In Mongolia
16:00 Rimantas Sliužinskas (LT) Tartar Community And Their Musical Folklore Dissemination In Contemporary Klaipeda City (Lithuania)
VC4 (empty session)
VC5 403 Performing (Dis)Ability (DB) (Louise Wrazen)
14:30 Anthea Skinner (AU) "I Love My Body": Depictions Of Sex And Romance In Disability Music Culture
15:00 Park Ilwoo (KR) The ‘Lived Body’ As Different Meanings In Musical Performance: The Normal And Abnormal Bodies Of Irish Fiddle Players And The Korean Pianist With 4 Fingers
15:30 Yohanes Don Bosko Bakok (ID) The Role Of Gamelan Music Accompaniment For Deaf Students In Ramayana Dance And Drama Performance. A Case Study In Deaf School Of Dena Upakara Wonosobo, Indonesia
16:00 Louise Wrazen (CA) Spiraling To Redefine (Dis)Ability: A Case Study In Arts Programming For Children
VC6 CH Workshop
14:30 Meruert Kurmangaliyeva (KZ) and Saida Yelemanova (KZ) The Art of Traditional Kazakh Singing with Erkin Chukmanov, Yerlan Ryskali, Tolganbay Sembayev, Kairat Kakimov, Aigul Kossanova & Rysty Suleimenova
VC7 238 Film (M. Emin Soydaş)
14:30 Alex Kreger (US) "Before March 1St, After March 1St": The Life And Music Of Mansur Bildik (Turkey) (47 minutes)
VC8 202 Music, Sound And Society (NR) (Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek)
14:30 Meng Meng (CN) The Study On The Artistic Features And Social Function Of Lusheng In Danzahi Paiya Village Of China
15:00 Sylvia Bruinders (ZA) Music And Subjectivity: Constructing Respectable Subjectivities Through A Musical Practice
15:30 Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja (FI) Ganggangsullae: An Excellent Mediator For “Unity In Diversity” In The Korean Society
16:00 Marc-Antoine Camp (CH) Images And Values In Describing Musical Excellence
VC9 332 Diasporas And Music II (PG) (Hande Sağlam)
14:30 Babak Nikzat (AT) Halāl Or Harām? The Role Of Islamic Instructions For Music In Daily Life Of Moslem Communities In Diaspora: A Case Study Of The Turks’ Musical Life In Styria/Austria
15:00 Hande Sağlam (AT) Is It Music Or Not? Meaning And The Function Of Music For Islamic People From Turkey In Styria / Austria
VC10 333 Ritual Music (NR) (Teng Zhen)
14:30 Mitra Jahandideh (IR) Music And Rituals Of Iranian Zoorkhaneh
15:00 Rui Zijing (CN) Shanxi Yulin Zheng Music Research (China)
15:30 Teng Zhen (CN) Deep Structural Analysis Of The Donjing Music In Dali (China)
16:00 Bryan Levina Viray (PH) Embodying Knowledge Through The Body Senses: Putong Ritual And Its Practices In Village Communities Of Marinduque, Philippines
VC11 125 New Perspectives On Rock And Pop Music (NR) (Klaus Näumann)
14:30 Klaus Näumann (DE) Rock Music In Belarus: Research Challenges, Issues And Problems Of A Non Native Speaker
15:00 Andrew Terwilliger (US) Where Ethnos Fear To Tread: Criticizing Our Aversion To The Electronic And The Erotic
15:30 Daniyar Ismailov (UK) The Establishment Of Grime: London's Distinctive Underground Subculture
16:00 Nanako Taki (JP) Maya Rock and Political Identity after the Peace Accord in Guatemala
VC12 (empty session)
VC13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Ethnochoreology
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
VD1 304 Naming The Creators Of Traditional Music And Dance In East Asia (CM) (Sheen Dae-Cheol)
17:00 Keisuke Yamada (JP) Agency, Creativity, And Cultural Literacy: An Ethnographic Depiction Of An Oyama-Ryu Tsugaru Shamisen Player
17:30 Colleen Christina Schmuckal (JP) Shamisen Essence Within Japanese Modern Music: An Analysis Of Kinichi Nakanoshima’s Banshiki-Chou
18:00 Sheen Dae-Cheol (KR) Sejong The Great (Reigned 1418~1450): The Greatest Music Creator In The History Of Korean Music
VD2 404 Music In Ottoman And Persian Miniatures (VR) (Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek)
17:00 Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek (PL) Representations Of Musical Figures In The Ottoman Costume Album. Collection Of Stanislaus Ii August Poniatowski, Poland’s Last King
17:30 Helene Eriksen (US) Persian Miniatures And The Development Of Neo Classical Persian Art Dance
18:00 M. Emin Soydaş (TR) Using Visual Depictions As Sources For The Reconstruction Of Ottoman Kopuz And Şeşhane
VD3 425 New Perspectives On Mediated Music (NR) (Aoyagi Takahiro)
17:00 Patrick E. Savage (JP) Cantometrics Goes Digital: Automated Analysis of Thousands of Global Music Recordings
17:30 Judith A. Gray (US) New Sounds From Old Sound Carriers
18:00 Shrinkhla Sahai (IN) Alaap On The Airwaves: Indian Classical Music On Web Radio And Digital Technologies
VD4 301 Music And Sound Cartographies In Neoliberal Contexts (PG) (Samuel Araújo)
17:00 Ana Hofman (SI) “Sing As You Think, Write As You Feel”: Researching (Self)Emancipatory Musical Alliances Under Neoliberalism
17:30 Deise Lucy Oliveira Montardo (BR) Music And Politics In The Alto Rio Negro, In Northwestern Brazilian Amazonia
18:00 Samuel Araújo (BR) Sounds Of Neoliberal Peace; Sound Praxis And The Commodification Of Social Life
VD5 403 Inscription And Creators In Dance Traditions (CM) (Sherry Johnson)
17:00 Kristin Harris Walsh (CA) The New Reality Of “Old Style” Step Dance: Incorporation And Inscription In Irish Sean-Nós Step Dance
17:30 Galina Tavlai (RU) Belorussian Round Dance In The Context Of Comparative Musicology
VD6 CH Workshop
17:00 Amanjol Ismagulov (KZ) Traditional Kuy from the Aktobe Region of Kazakhstan with Abdulkhamit Raimbergenov, Zhumabay Zhansugurov, Nurbolat Zhanamanov, Dzhaylau Assylkhanov & Edil Basygara
VD7 238 Film (Ruth Davis)
17:00 Sanubar Baghirova (AZ) Azerbaijan: The Ancient Arts Of Mugham And Ashiq In The 21st Century (90 minutes)
VD8 202 Roundtable: African Musics In Higher Education: Experiences And Challenges (NR)
17:00 Jean Ngoya Kidula, Chair (KE/US) Panellists: Marie Agatha Ozah (US), George W. K. Dor (US), Roberta King (US), Patricia Opondo (ZA)
VD9 332 Roundtable: The Performance Of Spirits – An Auditory Anthropology Of Creating Movement And Sound
17:00 Bernd Brabec de Mori (AT), Chair Panellists: Esteban Arias (FR), Nora Bammer (AT), Cornelia Gruber (AT), Matthias Lewy (BR), Wei-Ya Lin (AT)
VD10 333 Compositions, Creativity And Tradition (NR) (Gulnara Kuzbakova)
17:00 Liu Hsin-Yuan (TW) From Dance Song To Opera Aria: The Spread And Variation Of A Tune Family In South-East China And Taiwan
17:30 Gulnara Kuzbakova (KZ) Genre Synthesis In Contemporary Musical Culture Of Kazakhstan
18:00 Jittapim Yamprai (US) Siamese Musical Identity In The Seventeenth French Baroque Composition: A Reconstructing Of Siamese-French Musical Authenticity
VD11 125 Kazakh Song Letters During World War II (Alla Sokolova)
17:00 Gulnar Alpeissova (KZ) Kazakh Song Letters From World War II: The Outline Of The Problem
17:30 Zhanar Shaikenova (KZ) Kazakh Song Letters From World War II: On The Issue Of Genre Identification
18:00 Alya Alpeissova (KZ) Kazakh Song Letters From World War II: Historical And Cultural Phenomenon
VD12 335 Embodying The Political (DB) (Anna Hoefnagels)
17:00 Anna Hoefnagels (CA) Sisters In Spirit And Song: Singing For Justice For Missing And Murdered Aboriginal Women In Canada
17:30 David Verbuč (CZ) Between Discourse And Embodiment: Politics And Aesthetics Of Socio-Musical Participation At Diy (“Do-It-Yourself”) Live Shows In The US
18:00 Thede Kahl (AT) & Ioana Nechiti (AT) Djangar, Healing Cure For A Dying Culture? Kalmykia (Russia)
VD13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Music And Dance Of Oceania
Evening Concert in Zhambyl Hall
Music of City, Village, and Steppe
19:00 Music of the Turkic-speaking World: Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek, and Uyghur musicians perform classical vocal and instrumental genres of traditional music.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

VIA1 304 Pacific Mobilities I (DB) (Stephen Wild)
9:00 Monika Stern (FR) Digital Developments And Music Circulations In Port Vila (Vanuatu)
9:30 Dan Bendrups (AU) Easter Island Music Online: Mobility And Mobilization
10:00 Kirsty Gillespie (AU) Stories And Their Songs: The Role Of The Sung Refrain In Lihir Oral Literature
VIA2 404 Embodied Expressions Of Identity In North America (DB) (Judith Cohen)
9:00 Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin (CA) Beyond The Body Politic Of Musical Diaspora: Navigating The Liminal And Hybrid Spaces Of Canada’s Celtic Soundscape
9:30 Bryan Burton (US) Our Music, Our Dance, Our Identity: Two Native American Case Studies
VIA3 425 Music And Cultural Politics In The Turkic World I (PG) (Chuen-Fung Wong)
9:00 Chuen-Fung Wong (HK) The Politics Of Virtuosity: Technicality, Minority Virtuosi, And Modern Uyghur Music In Post-1949 China
9:30 Latofat Tolibjonova (UZ) The Music Industry In Uzbekistan: Globalization, Technology And Changes
10:00 Ali Fuat Aydin (TR) The Change Of Intervals In Hicaz Maqam In The Zeybek Melodies From Aydin
VIA4 301 The Cultural Work Of Dance Performances In Eastern Europe (DB) (Colin Quigley)
9:00 Colin Quigley (IE) Shifting Identifications In Traditional Music/Dance On The Central Transylvanian Plain.
9:30 Könczei Csilla (RO) ”We Are The Thunder Team!” Keeping And Constructing Social Status And Network Through The Borica Dance Ritual In “Seven Villages” (Hétfalu) In Brașov County, Romania
10:00 Andreja Vrekalić (HR) "Keep Calm And Just Dance": About The Experience Of The Body Through Music (Croatia)
10:30 Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg (US) Wedding As A Stage: Examples From The Bulgarian Urban Wedding Scene
VIA5 403 Embodiment In East And Southeast Asian Theatrical And Courtly Performances (DB) (Haekyung Um)
9:00 Indija Mahjoeddin (AU) The Schematic Space Of Randai: Understanding Circularity In A West Sumatran Music Theatre.
9:30 Takanori Fujita (JP) Patron-Amateurs And Ascetic Practices In The Lesson Of Dance And Song Of Noh Drama
10:00 Hirama Michiko (JP) Eating, Drinking, Wearing, Listening, Watching, And Performing In The Ancient Japanese Court
10:30 Muhammad Fazli Taib Bin Saearani (MY) The Interpretation And Creation Of Gender’s Embodiment In Classical Dance Of Yogyakarta Style: Analysis On Role Of Formal And Non-Formal Institutions (Indonesia)
VIA6 CH Workshop
9:00 Andre Rodrigues (CA) Choro And Waltz–Builders Of The Music Of Seresteiros In The Brazil Guitar Reperoire
VIA7 Film (Trần Quang Hải)
9:00 Trần Quang Hải (FR) Trần Quang Hải: The Vietnamese Musician
VIA8 202 Between Tradition And Modernization (NR) (Alla Bairamova)
9:00 Baigonys Aiganym (KZ) Turk Totems In Animated Films Of Kazakhstan
9:30 Ahyoung Yoon (KR) Korean Traditional Musical ‘Miso’ With High Quality And Sophistication
10:00 Robert Amos Chanunkha (MW) Indigenous Malawian Music Metaphors: The Case Of Vimbuza, Nyau, Nyeranyera, And M’bwiza
10:30 Mohamed Adam Sulaiman Abualbashar (SD) Beja Absolute Music
VIA9 332 Roundtable: Theorizing Gender In Ethnomusicology (NR)
9:00 Barbara L. Hampton, Chair (US) Panellists: Susan Thomas, Anne Rasmussen (US), Marko Kölbl (AT), Barbara L. Hampton (US), Elizabeth Tolbert (US)
VIA10 333 Regional, National And Transnational Perspectives On Music (NR) (Jacqueline P. Ekgren)
9:00 Jacqueline P Ekgren (NO) Norwegian Stev, A Key To The Singing-Reciting Style (Kveding) In Norway And Iceland: How Performance Of Norwegian Stev Compares And Contrasts With Icelandic Rimur
9:30 Wang Xiaodong (CN) The Structure Of Music Inheritance, A Case Study Of Lai Qing Mongolian In Keerqin
10:00 Sun Kezhen (CN) The Sound of the Silk Road: The Preexistence and Life of “Huaer” in Zhangjiachuan
VIA11 125 Performance, Power, And Identity: Case Studies From Ghana (NR) (Daniel Avorgbedor)
9:00 Joshua Amuah (GH) Stylistic And Compositional Trends In Contemporary Choral Music In Ghana: Three Case Studies
9:30 Nii Dortey (GH) Re-Defining African Traditional/Folk Theatre In Ghana: Saka Acquaye’s Folk Operas
10:00 Edward Nanbigne (GH) Power And Conflict: Music Creativity And Performance Among The Dagaaba Of Northwestern Ghana
10:30 Daniel Avorgbedor (GH) Invention, Resistance, And Resiliency: The Pan-African Orchestra In Context
VIA12 335 Roundtable: The Transformation Of The Notion Of “Zuoqu” From The Traditional To The Contemporary: Creativity In Chinese Instrumental Music (NR)
9:00 Ho-Chak Law, Chair (HK) Panellists: Kingpan Ng (HK), Sharon Chan (HK), Shin En Liao (HK)
VIA13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Mediterranean Music Studies
11:00 Tea And Coffee Break
VIB ZH PLENARY SESSION: Music, Dance, The Body, And Society (Catherine Foley)
11:30 Anthony Seeger (US) The End Of Mourning: Water, Body Paint, And The Reintegration Of Mourning Bodies Among The Kïsêdjê Of Mato Grosso, Brazil
12:00 Urmimala Sarkar (IN) A Corporeal Reading Of The Nachni: Social Absence Versus Performative Presence
12:30 Haekyung Um (UK) K-Pop Cover Dance In Cosmopolitan London And Global Youth Culture In The Making
13:00 Lunch
VIC1 304 Sound Analysis (SE) (Violetta Yunusova)
14:30 Nikolay Burtsev (RU) Modern Theory Of Music And Music Of Khomus
15:00 Mahmud Salah Agarahim Oglu (AZ) Expression Of Heart – Beating, Pulse And Natural Sounds On The Tambourine Musical Instrument
15:30 Ann G. Alyabyeva (RU) Computer Research Of Balkarian And Karachai Vocal Tradition
16:00 Zdravko Blažeković (US) Organological Work Of Franjo Ksaver Kuhač And His Classification Of The Sound Sources From 1882
VIC2 404 Music On The Internet I (VR) (Elizabeth A. Clendinning)
14:30 Great Lekakul (UK) The Effects Of Youtube On Prachan And Thai Music Culture
15:00 Elizabeth A. Clendinning (US) Audiovisual Representation And Relevance Online: A Balinese Case Study
15:30 Kobinata Hidetoshi (JP) Sangeet On The Internet - As A New Research Subject And Tool
16:00 Olga Pashina (RU) Non-Material Cultural Heritage Of The Peoples Of The Russian Federation On The Internet: Forms Of Presentation And Feedback
VIC3 (empty session)
VIC4 301 Creators Of Revivals And Applications (CM) (Rebecca Miller)
14:30 Chao Hao-Ming Nancy Chin (TW) Transmission, Reconstruction, Creation Of The Tang Court Music And Dance: Comparative Study Of The Performance Between China, Japan And Korea
15:00 Deirdre Morgan (UK) Hidden Creators: The Role Of Blacksmiths In The International Jew’s Harp Revival
15:30 Mayco A Santaella (MY) Applied Fieldwork As An Alternative Research Methodology: Three Case Studies From Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
16:00 Manfred Bartmann (AT) Making Music Of Speech: Experimental Approaches (Applied Ethnomusicology, Prosody, Interculturalism)
VIC5 403 Encounters With Musical Modernity In East Asia (CM) (Mu Qian)
14:30 Alison Tokita (JP) Globetrotters And Performance Circuits In East Asia, 1900-1945
15:00 Mu Qian (UK) Constructing Chinese Folk Music In Washington D.C.: The China Programme Of 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival
15:30 Ai Fujimoto (JP) Kawachi Ondo; A “Traditional” Bon Dance With The Tide (Japan)
16:00 Aoyagi Takahiro (JP) Capitalizing On Tradition: Wa As A Theme For Popular Music In The Modern-Day Japan
VIC6 CH Workshop
14:30 Ted Levin (US) Music And Development: The Aga Khan Music Initiative. Aikanysh Mamyralieva And Student Komuz Ensemble Of Kerege-Tash Village (Issyq-Qul, Kyrgyzstan); Ensemble Ustatshakirt (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) With Bek Alagushev, Aizada Kasabolotova, Samat Köchörbaev, Kutman Sultanbekov; Abdulhamit Raiymbergenov And Students Of Muragher Programme (Astana, Kazakhstan), Sirojiddin Juraev (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
VIC7 238 Film (Bryan Levina Viray)
14:30 Terada Yoshitaka (JP) & Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes (PH) Two Films On Kalinga Music From The Philippines (50 minutes)
VIC8 202 Roundtable: Sustainable Futures For Music Cultures: An Ecological Approach (NR)
14:30 Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco (PT), Chair Panellists: Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco (PT), Anthony Seeger (US), Dan Bendrups (AU), Keith Howard (UK), Catherine Grant (AU), Huib Schippers (AU)
VIC9 332 Musical Creativity Between Tradition And Modernity (NR) (Wang Min Erh)
14:30 Wang Min Erh (TW) Expressing Chinese Music Through Symphonization: A Case Study On The Debate Of Chinese Orchestra Modernization From1980’S To 1990’S
15:00 Bernardo Thiago Paiva Mesquita (BR) Modernization Of Carimbo
15:30 Wong Ting Yiu (HK) A Chinese Musical Genre That Was Not ‘Improved’ In The Early Twentieth Century China — The Modernization Of Cantonese Instrumental Music In Shanghai
16:00 Chalermsak Pikulsri (TH) Lao Music In The New Economic Mechanism (NEM) Age
VIC10 333 Dance And Music In Changing Contexts (NR) (Jean Kidula)
14:30 Juan Felipe Miranda Medina (NO) A Musical And Choreological Insight Into The Zapateo Criollo: Analyzing An Afro-Peruvian Tap Dancing Performance
15:00 Mumbua Kioko (KE) Rhythm Integration In Gonda Drumming: A Giriama Dance
15:30 George Dor (US) Foregrounding The Agency Of Creators Of Traditional Music And Dance Genres In ICTM
16:00 Aizhan Berdibay (KZ) The Diversity Of Musical And Poetic Form Songs Zhayau Musa As A Result Of Cross-Cultural Interaction
VIC11 125 Creating Identity Through Musicking And Singing (NR) (Miguel Ángel García)
14:30 Reinhard Straub (TW) Singing In A Tonal Language: A Case Study Of Minnan Language/Lam-Koan (Nanguan) Music
15:00 Teja Klobčar (SI) Hidden In Plain View: The Musicking Of Slovenian Kantavtorji
15:30 Larisa Khaltaeva (RU) Modal Thinking In Bourdone Multi Voices Of Turkic-Mongolian Tradition
16:00 Miguel Ángel García (AR) Words For Sounds In Pilaga Society
VIC12 335 Music, Theory And Methodology (Valentina Suzukei)
14:30 Valentina Suzukei (RU) Methodological Problems Of The Ethnomusicology (On Example Of The Tuvan Music Culture)
15:00 Marina Dubrovskaya (RU) To The Research Of Methodology Of Traditional Musical Culture In The Aspect Of The Religions Syncretism
15:30 Karomatullo Rahimov (TJ) The Specialties Of Compositional Structure Of Canonical Model Of Tajik Version Of The Epos Gurughli
16:00 Dauresh Akhmetbekova (KZ) Kazakh Song Of Masses: Genesis, Typology And History
VIC13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Music And Minorities
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
VID1 304 Chinese Soundscapes (SE) (Xiao Mei)
17:00 Rong Liu (CN) Soundscape And Cultural Ecology Construction:Based On Fenghuang Of Western Hunan Province
17:30 Xu Xin (CN) Natural Soundscape And The Sound Of Music: The Acoustic Eco-System In Biphonic Music Of The Nomadic And Hunting Ethnic Groups In North China
VID2 (empty session)
VID3 425 Music And Politics In Kyrgyzstan (PG) (Don Niles)
17:00 Kalyiman Umetbaeva (JP) Transition Of Komuz In Kyrgyzstan
17:30 Kanykei Mukhtarova (CA) Kyrgyz Opera And National Identity
VID4 301 The Study Of Choreographers (DB) (Egil Bakka)
17:00 Muzaffer Sümbül (TR) The Choreography Of An Adana Folk Dance And Its Choreographer: An Ethnographic Research On Gel Gel Dance And Mustafa Bal
17:30 Egil Bakka (NO) Choreography And Choreographers In The Nordic Folkdance Movements
VID5 403 Pacific Mobilities II (DB) (Kirsty Gillespie)
17:00 Jane Freeman Moulin (US) 'Ori Tahiti Moves: Japanese Bodies In A Tahitian Space
17:30 Raymond Ammann (CH) Metaphysical Mobility In Melanesian Song Texts
18:00 Oli Wilson (NZ) ‘South Sea Island’ Music In Port Moresby And The Central Province Of Papua New Guinea
VID6 CH Workshop
17:00 Raushan Maldybayeva (KZ) The Kazakh Traditional Art of Dombra Kuy with Jumabek Kadirkulov, Jangaly Juzbayev, Bazaraly Muptekeyev, Kayrolla Sadvokasov, Tolep Togzhan & Rustem Nurkenov
VID7 238 Films (George Dor)
17:00 Angeline Yegnan-Touré (FR) Le Gbofé En Péril (Ivory Coast) (13 minutes)
  Thabile Noxolo Buthelezi (ZA) An Ethnographic Study Of Amahubo Omkhosi Womhlanga (South Africa) (20 minutes)
VID8 202 Rethinking, Reconstriucting And Reinventing The Kazakh Musical Pasts (NR) (Meruert Kurmangaliyeva)
17:00 Fatima Nurlybaeva (KZ) Formation Of Ethnomusicology In Kazakhstan (1920-1940)
17:30 Dina Mosienko (KZ) "They Are By Nature Inherent In All Their Being And Their Way Of Life Penetrating Music": Foreign Researchers On Kazakh Music
18:00 Galiya Begembetova (KZ) Vocal Performance In First Kazakh Operas
VID9 332 Rethinking, Reconstructing, And Reinventing Kazakh Music (NR) (Gulnara Kuzbakova)
17:00 Dana Zhumabekova (KZ) The Premiereof The Rhaspsody For Violin And Orchestra By Myroslav Skorik
17:30 Tatiana Kharlamova (KZ) Genre Tendencies In The Composers, Works Of Kazakhstan 90s Of 20th Century
18:00 Sarah Kuzembay (KZ) The Genre «Bata» In The Traditional Folklore Music Of Kazakh’s People
VID10 333 Music Education In Kazakh History And Society (NR) (Megan Rancier)
17:00 Layra Maimakova (KZ) & Aigul Sagatova (KZ) Methodical Aspects Of Ethno-Cultural Education Of Future Teachers Of Music
17:30 Dmitriy Kovalev (KZ) The Willingness To Implement The Ethno-Cultural Study In Pedagogical System Of Kazakh School Education
18:00 Negmetulla Karimov (KZ) The Viola School Of Kazakhstan
VID11 125 Crossing Borders: Mariachi Music The United States And Ecuador (NR) (Lauryn Salazar)
17:00 Jessie M. Vallejo (US) Mariachi Music In Ecuador
17:30 Lauryn Salazar (US) Mariachi Competitions In The United States
18:00 Leonor Xochitl Perez (US) Women In Mariachi Music
VID12 335 BFE High Tea
17:00 Event Sponsored By The British Forum Of Ethnomusicology, With Tea From London And Display Of Issues Of The Ethnomusicology Forum Journal.
VID13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Performing Arts Of Southeast Asia
Evening Concert in Zhambyl Hall
Legends of the Great Steppe: From Epic to Instrumental Kui
19:00 The concert is dedicated to the great Khakas Khaidji storyteller and epic performer Semen Kadyshev (1885-1977). To commemorate his memory the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY announced the year 2015 as the Year of Semen Kadyshev. Kazakh and other Turkic traditional musicians will play Kobys, Chatkhan, Homus, Sybyzgi, Dombra, performing Terme and epics.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

VIIA1 (empty session)
VIIA2 (empty session)
VIIA3 (empty session)
VIIA4 301 Individual Creators' Encounter With The Modern (CM) (Yves Defrance)
9:00 Gay Jennifer Breyley (AU) Creator Or Created? Iran’s Pop Queen Googoosh
9:30 Jeffrey P Charest (UK) Creative Freedom In The Confines Of The State: Ndue Shyti's Musical Innovations In Enver Hoxha's Communist Albania, And Beyond
10:00 Rebecca Dirksen (US) "It’s The Monsters Who Make History": Musical Confrontations Of Loss, Exile, And Death In Haitian Composer Carmen Brouard’s Symphonic Poem Baron La Croix
VIIA5 (empty session)
VIIA6 Workshop (empty session)
VIIA7 238 Film (Don Niles)
9:00 Aray Rakhimzhanova (UK) Kara Zhorga Is A Meaningful Dance Practice Within Kazakh Diaspora In China (25 minutes)
9:45 Bayan Abisheva (KZ) The Image Of The Horse In The Music Of The Kazakhs And Other Turkic-Mongol Peoples (20 minutes)
VIIA8 202 Music Education In Kazakh History And Society (NR) (Nefen Michaelides)
9:00 Gaini Yessembekova (KZ) New Direction Of "Bolashak" International Scholarship: Training Of Staff For Cultural Field And Arts
9:30 Tatiyana Rudneva (KZ) On Establishment Of Kazakh Professional Vocal School
10:00 Gulzada Khussainova (KZ) Ethno-Cultural Createasphere’s Formation Of Future Teachers Of Music
VIIA9 332 Roundtable: Bibliographic Control Of Ethnomusicology In Kazakhstan (NR)
9:00 Zdravko Blažeković (US) and Valeriya Nedlina (KZ), Chairs Panellists: Valeriya Nedlina (KZ), Tamara Jumalieva (KZ), Dinko Fabris (IT), Saule Utegalieva (KZ), Gulmira Musagulova (KZ)

10:00Sevil Farhadova (AZ)Mugham Study From Oriental Batin-Zahir (Intrinsic-Extrinsic) Approaches

VIIA10 333 Mugham And Festivals In Changing Contexts (NR) (Alla Bairamova)
9:00 Suraya Agayeva (AZ) Azerbaijani Mugham In The Past And Present In The New Encyclopedia Of Azerbaijani Mugham
9:30 Narmin Qaralova (AZ) Comparative Analysis Of Azerbaijan And Iranian Dastgah “Shur”
VIIA11 125 Creating, Sustaining And Safeguarding Musical Communities (NR) (David Harnish)
9:00 David Harnish (US) The Challenges Of Music Sustainability In Lombok (Indonesia)
9:30 Irfan Zuberi (IN) Qawwālī: From The Khānaqāh To The Dargāh & From The Filmī To The Techno
10:00 Paul Vivian Koerbin (AU) Players In The ‘Web Of Poetic Tradition’: Interpreting Self-Naming In Turkish Alevi Sacred And Secular Sung Poetry
10:30 Meilu Ho (US) Ghazal – Malay Identity in Waves of Sounds Across the Indian Ocean
VIIA12 335 Interrogating The Concept Of Chinese Tradition In Contemporary Context (Jonathan Stock)
9:00 Guowen Lu (CN) & Li Zi The Adaptation And Dissemination Of Chinese Kazak Folk Songs
9:30 Adjourn (no paper)
10:00 Yang Shuo (CN) Old Lijiang Meets The New World: A Case Study Of Musical Transculturation At The Coart Festival In Lijiang, Yunnan
VIIA13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Maqām
11:00 Tea And Coffee Break
VIIB ZH PLENARY SESSION: New Research (Saule Utegalieva)
11:30 Valentina Kholopova (RU) Russian Study On The Theory Of Musical Content
12:00 John Lawrence Witzleben (US) Han Chinese Musical Renderings Of The Silk Road
12:30 Ihor Macijewski (RU) The Structure Of The Universe In Music And Spatial Arts Of Nomadic People
13:00 Lunch
VIIC1 (empty session)
VIIC2 404 Tradition and Modernity in African Music (Barbara L. Hampton)
14:30 Essele Kisito (CM) Structuring Funeral Ceremonies Through Sound. Permanencies And Changes Of Acoustic Expressions Among The Beti-Eton From Southern Cameroon
15:00 Aggrey Nganyi Wetaba (KE) The Women Of Traditional Music And Dance Performance Of Busia, Kenya: An Enigmatic Group Of Musical Prowess And Preservation
15:30 Alvin Petersen (ZA) Singing Our Praises In Honour Of Nelson Mandela – Musical Creativity On An Unprecedented Scale
16:00 Nhlakanipho Ngcobo (ZA) Protest Song, A Tool Of Questioning The Quality Of Democracy In South Africa
VIIC3 425 Transnational Perspectives On Central Asian Music (PG) (Alexander Djumaev)
14:30 Elena Shishkina (RU) Traditional Musical Heritage Of The Ethnic Groups Of Eurasian Steppes
15:00 Nurbanu Zholdassova (KZ) Comparative Analysis Of The Kazakh Kuy For Kyl-Kobyz “Kazan” And The Bashkir Kuy Kuray “Kazandy Algan Koy:” Origin And Genre Features
15:30 Amangeldi Kuzeubay (KZ) Existing Problems With Preservation And Dispersion Of Kazakh Traditional Music
16:00 Mayra Turlybekkyzy Dauletbak (KZ) Abay’s “Ayttym Salem Kalamkas” Song In Jazz
VIIC4 301 European Music in Comparative Perspectives (NR) (Essica Marks)
14:30 Essica Marks (IL) Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach And His Impact On Jewish Liturgical Music Today
15:00 Yeonok Jang (KR) A Comparative Study Of Trancelike States Experienced By Performers Of Korean P’ansori, Spanish Flamenco, Persian Gusher And Algerian Rai
15:30 Rob Schultz (US) Community And Competition In The Songs Of The Sicilian Carrettieri
VIIC5 403 What Traditions Do About Modernity (CM) (Yves Defrance)
14:30 Jennifer Kim Newsome (AU) Supporting Indigenous Performers And Performance: A Case Study And Model From South Australia
15:00 Daniel Tércio (PT) & Sophie Coquelin (PT) From A Dance Archive To The Body As Archive: How To Deal With Intangibility?
15:30 Yves Defrance (FR) The French Quadrille Today, A Case Of Social Discrimination
VIIC6 CH Workshop
14:30 Bolat Ospanov (KZ) Traditional Epic of the Syr (Kyzyl-Orda) Region of Kazakhstan with Almas Almatov, Ruslan Akhmetov, Bidas Rustembekov, Aibek Tanirbergenov, Tolep Togzhan, Demeu Zholymbetov & Elmira Zhanabergenova
VIIC7 238 Film (Rebecca Dirksen)
14:30 Jeff Roy (US) (Con)Figuring "Third Gender" Performativity Through Documentary Filmmaking (54 minutes)
VIIC8 202 Cultural Heritage In Contemporary Context (NR) (Britta Sweers)
14:30 Alexander M. Cannon (US) Emergent Creativity And Cultural Heritage In Southern Vietnamese Traditional Musi
15:00 Matthew Gillan (JP) Hearing The Okinawan Singing Voice In Context
15:30 William Tallotte (UK) Analysing Musical Improvisation In Context: A Case Study Of South Indian Temple Music
16:00 John Napier (AU) Exemplifying A Subjunctive Life: Shifting Social And Performer-Audience Relationships In A North Indian Folk Performance
VIIC9 (empty session)
VIIC10 202 Singing And Creating Identity Through Musical Creativity (NR) (Evert Bisschop Boele)
14:30 Evert Bisschop Boele (NL) Singing Like A Sailor. Some Theoretical And Methodological Remarks On Studying A Dutch Shanty Choir.
15:00 Kezhen Sun (CN) The Song On The Silk Road: The Preexistence And This Life Of “”Huaer” In Zhangjiachuan County
15:30 Ke Wei-Ting (TW) The Study Of Register Alternation From Real Voice To Falsetto In Taiwan Singing Style
VIIC11 125 Scholarly Concepts And Artistic Interpretations Of Music And Performance (NR) (Marziet Anzarokova)
14:30 Inna Smailova (KZ) Features Of Formation Of Graphic Culture In The Kazakh Feature Film
15:00 Alma Utekesheva (KZ) "Kiz Zhibek": The Poetic Tradition Of The National Epic In The Film
15:30 Marziet Anzarokova (RU) “Tleperysh” In Russia And In Turkey: Professional Artistic Interpretation As A Generator Of Cultural Transformations
VIIC12 (empty session)
VIIC13 108 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting: Music And Gender
16:30 Tea And Coffee Break
VIID ZH Closing Ceremony
17:00 Invitation To The 44th World Conference And Farewell
Gala Closing Concert in Zhambyl Hall
19:00 TBA