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For the first time in our institutional history, the International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance (ICTMD) is launching a comprehensive fundraising initiative to mobilise concerted support for the future of the Council.

Our goal is to further develop our core mission in enhancing research, teaching, publication, public sector work, and education through the study of dance and music globally throughout the twenty-first century. The campaign will be implemented far and wide in 2024, and a formal inauguration will take place in January 2025 at the 48th ICTMD World Conference in Wellington, New Zealand. Ultimately, such a fundraising endeavour has to begin at the heart of our Council, with the membership of ICTMD.

As a passionate advocate for the rich tapestry of global dance and music traditions, we invite you to stand with us in supporting the vital work of ICTMD. For over seven decades, we have been dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and celebration of diverse cultural expressions worldwide. Now, more than ever, we need your help to continue this important mission.

Here are some key points that underscore the urgency of your support:

(a) Membership Fees Unchanged Since 2011: Despite the growing challenges and inflation over the years, our membership fees have remained unchanged since 2011. Membership fees sustain the basic operations of our Council but do not enable us to engage in innovative projects for which there is imminent need.

(b) Financial Support for Members: Since 2013, we have financially supported the travel of around 200 participants to each of our World Conferences. These conferences are invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the nurturing of a global network committed to the safeguarding of traditions of music and dance. Your donation will directly contribute to the success of future conferences and help us assist even more conference-goers.

(c) Global Representation: The Council is proud to be represented in a World Network of 133 (and growing) countries and regions, and through 27 active Study Groups, fostering a truly global perspective on the importance of traditions in music and dance. Your support will enable us to strengthen our presence in underserved areas, ensuring that every corner of the world is included in our mission to preserve and energise cultural heritage.

(d) One Person, Big Impact: It's astonishing but true—the ICTMD currently operates with just one dedicated salaried individual. Your donation will empower us to expand our team, allowing us to increase our outreach, enhance our programmes, and maximise our impact on the work we do.

Make a Difference!
Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly impact our ability to sustain and grow our initiatives. ICTMD’s organisational goals can only be achieved through our collective responsibility, and your support is instrumental in making this possible.

You can make a donation of any amount to the following funds:

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If you would rather donate from your bank account in Euro, please use the following information:

Name on the account: Društvo ICTM
Bank name: Wise Europe SA
Bank address: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels 1050, Belgium
Account number: 6001117
IBAN code: BE36 9676 0011 1781

ICTMD's address:
Društvo ICTM
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If you would like to donate via bank transfer in a different currency (USD, AUD, GBP, etc) please contact the Secretariat.

Thank you for standing with us in our mission to celebrate and enrich the traditions of dance and music that shape the cultural mosaic of the world we live in.