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A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Submission guidelines for the Bulletin of the ICTMD

The following guidelines are given to ICTMD National/Regional Representatives and ICTMD Study Group Chairs to facilitate the publication of their submissions in the Bulletin of the ICTMD.

1. General Guidelines

  1. Write your submissions (reports, announcements, calls for participation, etc.) in English, and italicize any foreign terms (and/or translate, if appropriate).
  2. Limit your submissions for the Announcements and Reports sections to a maximum of 1,500 words (including bibliographical citations).
  3. Please include at least one image to illustrate your submissions. You are welcome to send more images, but it may not be possible to include them all. However, all images will be uploaded to the ICTMD Online Picture Gallery in due course.
  4. When formatting bibliographic citations, please adhere to either the Chicago Manual of Style or the Turabian Citation Guide.
  5. Do not submit scholarly articles to the Bulletin, but do consider submitting them to the Yearbook for Traditional Music.
  6. Only Chairs of affiliated ICTMD Study Groups and ICTMD National/Regional Representatives (e.g., appointed Liaison Officers and/or Chairs of National/Regional Committees) are eligible to submit materials to the Bulletin.
  7. Only submit images for which you hold copyright, or that are specifically protected by an attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license (such as Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0) or equivalent. 

Submissions to the Bulletin will be generally distributed between three sections: AnnouncementsReports, and Featured Publications by ICTMD Members.

2. Guidelines for Announcements

  1. The Announcements section of the Bulletin is reserved for upcoming events (i.e., occurring after the Bulletin’s publication date). Calls for participation, preliminary symposium programmes, and other news about future events belong here. All types of ICTMD-related announcements are also welcome on the ICTMD mailing list.
  2. This section is further divided in two subsections: Announcements – ICTMD and Announcements – Related Organisations. As the Bulletin is primarily a means for communicating ICTMD information, the inclusion of announcements from other organisations will only be considered if time and space allow it.
  3. Announcements having deadlines occurring before the Bulletin’s publication date will not be accepted.
  4. To maximize visibility online, calls for participation, preliminary programmes, and other announcements are not published in the Bulletin in full, but are abridged and linked to their respective full versions online. Please submit only the URL of the full announcement’s webpage, which the Bulletin will link to. 
  5. Submissions for this section should be written in either the third person (‘The Study Group welcomes…’) or first person plural (‘We invite all participants...’).

3. Guidelines for Reports

  1. The Reports section of the Bulletin is reserved for information about events that have already taken place (and more specifically, taken place since the previous report). Reports on symposia from Study Groups, activity reports from National/Regional Representatives, minutes of past meetings, results from Study Group elections, and any other type of reporting of events which happened in the past belong here.
  2. This section is further divided in three subsections: Reports from National and Regional Representatives, Reports from Study Groups, and Other Reports. The latter of these subsections is reserved for reports written by ICTMD members serving on international bodies with which the Council has special relationships and/or interests, such as UNESCO and RILM.
  3. Reports from National and Regional Representatives should focus on events from the fields of ethnomusicology and/or ethnochoreology within a particular country or region that have occurred since the last report. They should not list the activities of a single institution or individual. Likewise, Study Group reports should relate the activities of the Study Group as a whole, not list members’ activities that are unrelated to the Study Group.
  4. National and Regional Representatives should submit their reports at least once every three years, but not more often than once a year. 
  5. All reports included in the Bulletin have a byline (e.g., ‘by Jane Doe, Chair of National Committee’) and a photo of the author. Please include this photo with your report.
  6. Submissions for this section should be written in the third person (‘In April, the National Committee met …’).
  7. Reports from Study Groups should not include in their body text the minutes of Study Group meetings. Instead, minutes should be published on the Study Group’s website first, and then linked from the report. 
  8. Reports should not include lists of publications in their body text. Instead, lists of publications should be published on the respective website of the Country/Region/Study Group first, and then linked from the report. 

4. Guidelines for Featured Publications by ICTMD Members

This section is reserved for any publications (e.g., monographs, edited volumes, CDs, films/videos, etc.) by ICTMD members only. In order to be included in this section, submissions should include:

  • Full name of author(s)
  • Full title of publication in the language of publication or transliterated
  • A short blurb in English (70–100 words) describing the publication
  • Cover image in JPEG format
  • Publisher, city, and year of publication (or comparable details for audiovisual publications)
  • Company and release number (for audiovisual materials)
  • Language(s) of the publication
  • For print materials: format (e.g., paperback, hardback, electronic download), number of pages, and features (photos, transcriptions, DVDs, etc.), ISBN/ISSN
  • For audio materials: medium (e.g., CD, vinyl, cassette, streaming, etc.), total running time, additional accompanying materials (e.g., booklets, liner notes, links to downloads, transcriptions, etc.)
  • For audiovisual materials: medium (e.g., DVD, Blu-Ray, videocassette, streaming, etc.), total running time, format (e.g., PAL, NTSC, 4:3, 16:9, etc.), resolution (e.g.: 720p, 1080p, 4k, etc.), subtitles.
  • Price (if applicable)
  • Direct hyperlink to purchase/download page (preferred), or e-mail address of publisher/editor.


For example, according to the guidelines listed above, if you would like to submit a call for participation, a country report, and two featured publications, you should divide your submission accordingly (e.g., with page breaks, subtitles, or any other dividers).

All submissions should be sent via e-mail to the Editor (, in any of the following formats: Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Rich Text Format (RTF).

The submission deadlines are

  • 15 December for the January issue
  • 15 March for the April issue, and
  • 15 September for the October issue.

Established on 18 August 2013. Latest revision: 27 August 2023.