International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 42 (2010)

Articles for the 2010 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 40th World Conference, held in Durban, South Africa, in July 2009 and hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The guest editor for this issue is Wim van Zanten. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


  • ‘The Gendered Sound of South Africa: Karen Zoid and the Performance of Nationalism in the New South Africa’ by Nicol Hammond.
  • ‘Can We Dance Together? Gender and Performance Space Discourse in Égwú Àmàlà of the Ogbaru of Nigeria’ by Marie Agatha Ozah.
  • ‘Daughters of Tradition, Mothers of Invention: Music, Teaching, and Gender in Evolving Contexts’ by Louise Wrazen.
  • ‘“There Is Power”: Contemporizing Old Music Traditions for New Gospel Audiences in Kenya’ by Jean Ngoya Kidula.
  • Mhande Dance in the Kurova Guva Ceremony: An Enactment of Karanga Spirituality’ by Jerry Rutsate.
  • ‘Ethnomusicological Theory’ by Timothy Rice.
  • ‘Performing in the Shadows: Learning and Making Music as Ethnomusicological Practice and Theory’ by J. Lawrence Witzleben.
  • ‘Writing a Dance: Epistemology for Dance Research’ by Egil Bakka and Gediminas Karoblis.

Book Reviews

  • Brasseaux, Ryan André. The Emergence of an American-Made Music. By Chris Goertzen.
  • Williams, Sean. Focus: Irish Traditional Music. By Suzel Ana Reily.
  • Brinner, Benjamin. Playing Across a Divide: Israeli–Palestinian Musical Encounters. By Amy Horowitz.
  • Ragland, Cathy. Música Norteña: Mexican Migrants Creating a Nation between Nations. By Ric Alviso.
  • Drüppel, Birgit. Re-counting Knowledge in Song: Change Reflected in Kaulong Music. By Kirsty Gillespie.
  • Looper, Matthew G. To Be Like Gods: Dance in Ancient Maya Civilization. By Arnd Adje Both.
  • de Ferranti, Hugh. The Last Biwa Singer: A Blind Musician in History, Imagination and Performance. By Jay Keister.
  • Christensen, Dieter, and Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco. Traditional Arts in Southern Arabia: Music and Society in Sohar, Sultanate of Oman. By Scheherazade Qassim Hassan.
  • Cooper, David. The Musical Traditions of Northern Ireland and Its Diaspora: Community and Conflict. By Lonán Ó Briain.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collections

  • Collection universelle de musique populaire / The World Collection of Folk Music: Archives Constantin Brăiloiu (1913–1953). By Philip Yampolsky.
  • Mountain Echo: Jew’s Harps around the World. By Mark van Tongeren.


  • Swaziland: Chants des Swazi / Swaziland: Songs of the Swazi. By Angela Impey.

North America

  • Borders y bailes. By Cathy Ragland.
  • Classic Appalachian Blues from Smithsonian Folkways. By Robert Carl Metil.
  • Son de mi tierra. By Randall Kohl.

South America

  • Pérou: Musique des Awajún et des Wampis—Amazonie, vallée du Cenepa / Peru: Music of the Awajún and Wampis—Amazonia, Cenepa Valley. By Anthony Seeger.
  • ¡Y que viva Venezuela! Maestros del joropo oriental. By Robert Carroll.

East Asia

  • Dörvön Berkh—Four Shagai Bones: Masters of Mongolian Overtone Singing. By Mark van Tongeren.
  • Sounds from Wartime Taiwan (1943): Kurosawa and Masu’s Recordings of Taiwan Aboriginal and Han Chinese Music. By Helen Rees.

Southeast Asia

  • Bali 1928 Volume 1: Gamelan Gong Kebyar. Music from Belaluan, Pangkung, Busungbiu. The Oldest New Music of Bali. By Sonja Lynn Downing.
  • Songs from the Uma: Music from Siberut Island (Mentawai Archipelago), Indonesia. By Margaret Kartomi.

West Asia

  • Kulmus Hanefesh: A Musical Journey into the Hassidic Niggun. By Ellen Koskoff.
  • The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun, Vol. 2. By Eckhard Neubauer.
  • Azerbaïdjan: Le kamantcha d’Elshan Mansurov / Azerbaijan: The Kamancha of Elshan Mansurov, and Azerbaïdjan: Anthologie des ashiq / Azerbaijan: Anthology of Ashiq. By Stephen Blum.
  • A Song of Dawn: The Jerusalem Sephardi Baqqashot at the Har Tzyion Synagogue. By Judah M. Cohen.

Australia and Oceania

  • Ae tinil wen Lir / Music of Lihir. By Mary Lawson Burke.


  • Bulgarie: Musique de tradition pastorale / Bulgaria: Music of the Shepherds’ Tradition and Bulgarie: L’art de la gadulka / Bulgaria: The Art of the Gadulka. By Timothy Rice.
  • Grèce. O skáros: Musiques pour flûtes / Greece. O skáros: Flute Music. By Michael G. Kaloyanides.

Video Reviews

  • Le salaire du poète / The Poet’s Salary. By Mary Lawson Burke.
  • On the Rumba River. By Frank Gunderson.
  • Tambours et djembes du Burkina Faso / Drums and Djembes of Burkina Faso. By Eric Charry.
  • Sidney Bechet: Treat It Gentle; The Life and Times of a Jazz Master. By Jeremy Yudkin.
  • Sufi Soul: The Mystic Music of Islam. By D. A. Sonneborn.
  • Breaking the Silence: Music in Afghanistan. By Razia Sultanova.

Website Reviews

  • Review Essay: Ethnomusicology’s Presence in Social Networking. By David W. Kanter.
  • Born to Groove. Produced by Charles Keil and Patricia Campbell. By Tom Wagner.
  • EVIA Digital Archive: Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis. Project directed by Ruth M. Stone and Lester Monts. By Lúcia Campos.
  • The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Online Indexes. Produced by the English Folk Dance and Song Society. By Gordon Ramsey.
  • Cecil Sharp’s Appalachian Diaries 1915–1918. Produced by the English Folk Dance and Song Society. By Gordon Ramsey.
  • Irish Traditional Music Archive. Produced by the Irish Traditional Music Archive. By Gordon Ramsey.
  • The James Koetting Ghana Field Recording Collection. Produced by the Graduate Program in Ethnomusicology of the
    Music Department of Brown University. By Alvin Petersen.