International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 41 (2009)

In addition to articles on general themes, the 2009 Yearbook for Traditional Music contains a special section of articles concerning music archaeology, guest edited by Arnd Adje Both. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


Music Archaeology

  • ‘Music Archaeology: Some Methodological and Theoretical Considerations’ by Arnd Adje Both.
  • ‘New Developments in the Social History of Music and Musicians in Ancient Iraq, Syria, and Turkey’ by Sam Mirelman.
  • ‘Unearthing China’s Informal Musicians: An Archaeological and Textual Study of the Shang to Tang Periods’ by Ingrid Furniss.
  • ‘The Jew’s Harp in Western Europe: Trade, Communication, and Innovation, 1150–1500’ by Gjermund Kolltveit.
  • ‘Gongs, Bells, and Cymbals: The Archaeological Record in Maritime Asia from the Ninth to the Seventeenth Centuries’ by Arsenio Nicolas.
  • ‘Sounds of Death and Life in Mesoamerica: The Bone Flutes of Ancient Oaxaca’ by Sarah B. Barber, Gonzalo Sánchez, and Mireya Olvera.


  • ‘Competition as a New Context for the Performance of Balinese Gender Wayang’ by Mashino Ako.
  • ‘“Aboriginal Dances Were Always in Rings”: Music and Dance as a Sign of Identity in the Argentine Chaco’ by Silvia Citro and Adriana Cerletti.
  • ‘The Dance Identity of the Vlachs of Lailias Village and Its Transformations over Three Generations’ by Kalliopi Panopoulou.
  • ‘The Significance of Tantric Sects for Drum Practice in the Central Himalayas’ by Andrew Alter.
  • ‘A Bibliographic Survey of Kazakh and Kyrgyz Literature on Music’ by Feza Tansuğ.

Book Reviews

  • Turino, Thomas. Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation. By Charles Keil.
  • Diamond, Heather A. American Aloha: Cultural Tourism and the Negotiation of Tradition. By Jay Mechling.
  • Laušević, Mirjana. Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America. By Ian MacMillen.
  • Simon, Artur. Ethnomusikologie: Aspekte, Methoden und Ziele. By Ricardo D. Trimillos.
  • Weiss, Sarah. Listening to an Earlier Java: Aesthetics, Gender, and the Music of Wayang in Central Java. By Sean Williams.
  • Baker, Geoffrey. Imposing Harmony: Music and Society in Colonial Cuzco. By Jonathan Ritter.
  • Aubert, Laurent, ed. Mémoire vive: Hommages à Constantin Brăiloiu Collection universelle de musique populaire enregistrée archives Constantin Brăiloiu (1913–1953), and Le fonds Brăiloiu. By François Picard.
  • Crook, Larry. Focus: Music of Northeast Brazil. By John Murphy.
  • Madrid, Alejandro L. Nor-tec Rifa! Electronic Dance Music from
    Tijuana to the World.
     By Barbara Alge.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collection

  • Out of Babylon: The Music of Bagdadi-Jewish Migrations into Asia and BeyondBy Essica Marks.


  • Éthiopie méridionale, Musique des Maale: Éloges et bénédictions / Southern Ethiopia, Music of the Maale: Praises and BlessingsBy Danny Mekonnen.
  • Mali. Le chant des chasseurs / Hunters’ SongsBy Cullen Strawn.

North America

  • The Best of Lydia MendozaBy Cathy Ragland.
  • Juan Reynoso: Genius of Mexico’s Tierra CalienteBy Cathy Ragland.

South America

  • Colombie: Nafer Durán, Roi du Vallenato / Colombia: Nafer Durán, King of VallenatoBy Michael Silvers.

Central Asia

  • Heroic Songs of Manas: Saiakbai Karalaev (1894–1971By Tanya Merchant.
  • Kazakhstan. Le Kobyz: L’ancienne viole des chamans / The Kobyz: The Ancient Viol of the ShamansBy Megan Rancier.

Southeast Asia

  • Laos. Molams et Mohkènes: Chant et orgue à bouche / Molams and Mokhenes: Singing and Mouth OrganBy Terry E. Miller.
  • Laos. Tiao Phün Muang: Musique de l’ancienne cour de Luang Prabang / Music of the Ancient Court of Luang PrabangBy Adam Chapman.
  • Music of Myanmar: Buddhist Chant in the Pāli TraditionBy Paul D. Greene.

West Asia

  • With Songs They Respond: The Diwan of the Jews from Central YemenBy Judith Cohen.

Australia and Oceania

  • Badu Nawul: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance from Badu Island, Torres Strait; Iama Wakai Tusi / Voices of Iama: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Iama/Yam Island, Torres StraitMabuygiw Awgadhaw Nawul: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Mabuiag Island, Torres StraitWarraber Au Bunyg Wakai: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Warraber/Sue Island, Torres Strait. By Paul Wolffram.


  • E vinniru du mari … Federicu / They Came from the Sea … Federicu Voci di Donne: Lavoro, festa e devozione nella tradizione siciliana. By Marcello Sorce Keller.

  • Songs about the World of Spirits: Shamanistic Song Traditions of the Pur River. Forest Nenets in the Siberian Taiga “Khynum—The Prayer”: Songs of the Nenets. By Richard Jones-Bamman.

  • Son Vuäinn: Skolt Sámi Leu’dd from the Kola Peninsula. By Richard Jones-Bamman.
  • Skopje Rifai Dervishes. Ilahi’s and Zikr Ceremony: For Centuries They Waited, for Years They Celebrated. By Irene Markoff.

Video Reviews

  • Drumming Out a Message: Eisa and Okinawan Diaspora in Japan. By Matt Gillan.
  • Siaka, an African MusicianBy Roderic Knight.
  • Folk Music of Pakistan, 1975–76By Gibb Schreffler.
  • Homemade Hillbilly JamBy Travis D. Stimeling.
  • The River of ExchangeBy Ricardo D. Trimillos.

Website Reviews

  • Review Essay: Blogs by Ethnomusicologists. By Barbara Alge.
  • Klingender Weihnachtskalender. Produced by the Österreichisches Volksliedarchiv. By Britta Sweers.
  • Scots-Irish Music. Produced by Sabine Glasgow and Dick GlasgowBy Gordon Ramsey.
  • The On-Line Musical Archives of the Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de JaneiroBy Carlos Sandroini.