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Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 41 (2009)

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


Music Archaeology

  • ‘Music Archaeology: Some Methodological and Theoretical Considerations’ by Arnd Adje Both.
  • ‘New Developments in the Social History of Music and Musicians in Ancient Iraq, Syria, and Turkey’ by Sam Mirelman.
  • ‘Unearthing China’s Informal Musicians: An Archaeological and Textual Study of the Shang to Tang Periods’ by Ingrid Furniss.
  • ‘The Jew’s Harp in Western Europe: Trade, Communication, and Innovation, 1150–1500’ by Gjermund Kolltveit.
  • ‘Gongs, Bells, and Cymbals: The Archaeological Record in Maritime Asia from the Ninth to the Seventeenth Centuries’ by Arsenio Nicolas.
  • ‘Sounds of Death and Life in Mesoamerica: The Bone Flutes of Ancient Oaxaca’ by Sarah B. Barber, Gonzalo Sánchez, and Mireya Olvera.


  • ‘Competition as a New Context for the Performance of Balinese Gender Wayang’ by Mashino Ako.
  • ‘“Aboriginal Dances Were Always in Rings”: Music and Dance as a Sign of Identity in the Argentine Chaco’ by Silvia Citro and Adriana Cerletti.
  • ‘The Dance Identity of the Vlachs of Lailias Village and Its Transformations over Three Generations’ by Kalliopi Panopoulou.
  • ‘The Significance of Tantric Sects for Drum Practice in the Central Himalayas’ by Andrew Alter.
  • ‘A Bibliographic Survey of Kazakh and Kyrgyz Literature on Music’ by Feza Tansuğ.

Book Reviews

  • Turino, Thomas. Music as Social Life: The Politics of Participation. By Charles Keil.
  • Diamond, Heather A. American Aloha: Cultural Tourism and the Negotiation of Tradition. By Jay Mechling.
  • Laušević, Mirjana. Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America. By Ian MacMillen.
  • Simon, Artur. Ethnomusikologie: Aspekte, Methoden und Ziele. By Ricardo D. Trimillos.
  • Weiss, Sarah. Listening to an Earlier Java: Aesthetics, Gender, and the Music of Wayang in Central Java. By Sean Williams.
  • Baker, Geoffrey. Imposing Harmony: Music and Society in Colonial Cuzco. By Jonathan Ritter.
  • Aubert, Laurent, ed. Mémoire vive: Hommages à Constantin Brăiloiu Collection universelle de musique populaire enregistrée archives Constantin Brăiloiu (1913–1953), and Le fonds Brăiloiu. By François Picard.
  • Crook, Larry. Focus: Music of Northeast Brazil. By John Murphy.
  • Madrid, Alejandro L. Nor-tec Rifa! Electronic Dance Music from
    Tijuana to the World.
     By Barbara Alge.

Audio Reviews

Cross-regional collection

  • Out of Babylon: The Music of Bagdadi-Jewish Migrations into Asia and BeyondBy Essica Marks.


  • Éthiopie méridionale, Musique des Maale: Éloges et bénédictions / Southern Ethiopia, Music of the Maale: Praises and BlessingsBy Danny Mekonnen.
  • Mali. Le chant des chasseurs / Hunters’ SongsBy Cullen Strawn.

North America

  • The Best of Lydia MendozaBy Cathy Ragland.
  • Juan Reynoso: Genius of Mexico’s Tierra CalienteBy Cathy Ragland.

South America

  • Colombie: Nafer Durán, Roi du Vallenato / Colombia: Nafer Durán, King of VallenatoBy Michael Silvers.

Central Asia

  • Heroic Songs of Manas: Saiakbai Karalaev (1894–1971By Tanya Merchant.
  • Kazakhstan. Le Kobyz: L’ancienne viole des chamans / The Kobyz: The Ancient Viol of the ShamansBy Megan Rancier.

Southeast Asia

  • Laos. Molams et Mohkènes: Chant et orgue à bouche / Molams and Mokhenes: Singing and Mouth OrganBy Terry E. Miller.
  • Laos. Tiao Phün Muang: Musique de l’ancienne cour de Luang Prabang / Music of the Ancient Court of Luang PrabangBy Adam Chapman.
  • Music of Myanmar: Buddhist Chant in the Pāli TraditionBy Paul D. Greene.

West Asia

  • With Songs They Respond: The Diwan of the Jews from Central YemenBy Judith Cohen.

Australia and Oceania

  • Badu Nawul: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance from Badu Island, Torres Strait; Iama Wakai Tusi / Voices of Iama: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Iama/Yam Island, Torres StraitMabuygiw Awgadhaw Nawul: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Mabuiag Island, Torres StraitWarraber Au Bunyg Wakai: Traditional and Contemporary Music and Dance of Warraber/Sue Island, Torres Strait. By Paul Wolffram.


  • E vinniru du mari … Federicu / They Came from the Sea … Federicu Voci di Donne: Lavoro, festa e devozione nella tradizione siciliana. By Marcello Sorce Keller.

  • Songs about the World of Spirits: Shamanistic Song Traditions of the Pur River. Forest Nenets in the Siberian Taiga “Khynum—The Prayer”: Songs of the Nenets. By Richard Jones-Bamman.

  • Son Vuäinn: Skolt Sámi Leu’dd from the Kola Peninsula. By Richard Jones-Bamman.
  • Skopje Rifai Dervishes. Ilahi’s and Zikr Ceremony: For Centuries They Waited, for Years They Celebrated. By Irene Markoff.

Video Reviews

  • Drumming Out a Message: Eisa and Okinawan Diaspora in Japan. By Matt Gillan.
  • Siaka, an African MusicianBy Roderic Knight.
  • Folk Music of Pakistan, 1975–76By Gibb Schreffler.
  • Homemade Hillbilly JamBy Travis D. Stimeling.
  • The River of ExchangeBy Ricardo D. Trimillos.

Website Reviews

  • Review Essay: Blogs by Ethnomusicologists. By Barbara Alge.
  • Klingender Weihnachtskalender. Produced by the Österreichisches Volksliedarchiv. By Britta Sweers.
  • Scots-Irish Music. Produced by Sabine Glasgow and Dick GlasgowBy Gordon Ramsey.
  • The On-Line Musical Archives of the Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de JaneiroBy Carlos Sandroini.
Monday, November 30, 2009

In addition to articles on general themes, the 2009 Yearbook for Traditional Music contains a special section of articles concerning music archaeology, guest edited by Arnd Adje Both. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

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