International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 20 (1988)

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Dieter Christensen
  • ‘The International Folk Music Council/International Council for Traditional Music: Forty Years’ by Erich Stockmann
  • ‘The International Folk Music Council and 'The Americans': On the Effects of Stereotypes on the Institutionalization of Ethnomusicology’ by Dieter Christensen
  • ‘The IFMC/ICTM and the Development of Ethnomusicology in the United States’ by Bruno Nettl
  • ‘Traditional Music and Cultural Identity: Persistent Paradigm in the History of Ethnomusicology’ by Philip V. Bohlman
  • ‘Publications and Their Influence on the Development of Ethnomusicology’ by K. Peter Etzkorn
  • ‘The Rise of Ethnomusicology: Sources on Indian Music c.1780 - c.1890’ by Joep Bor
  • ‘Aesthetics as Iconicity of Style, or 'Lift-up-over Sounding': Getting into the Kaluli Groove’ by Steven Feld
  • ‘Anthropological and Psychological Approaches to the Study of Music Theory and Musical Cognition’ by John Baily
  • ‘Examining Movement in the Context of the Music Event: A Working Model’ by Judy Van Zile
  • ‘Cultural Engagement: The Case of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra’ by Marcia Herndon

Country Reports

  • ‘Development and Balance of Peruvian Ethnomusicology’ by Raul R. Romero
  • ‘"In Search of a Lost World": An Overview of Documentation and Research on the Traditional Music of Portugal’ by Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco and Maria Manuela Toscano

ICTM Reports

  • ‘ICTM Colloquium on Film and Video’ by John Baily
  • ‘First Meeting of the ICTM Study Group on Maqam’ by Harold Powers

Book Reviews

  • Musiksoziologie by Christian Kaden. Review by Marcello Sorce Keller
  • Music, Communication, Ideology by Michael Jenne; Michael Fleming. Review by Henry Kingsbury
  • Beiträge zur Volksmusik in Vorarlberg und im Bodenseeraum by Walter Deutsch; Erich Schneider. Review by Philip V Bohlman
  • Das korsische Volkslied: Ethnographie und Geschichte, Gattungen und Stil by Wolfgang Laade. Review by Marcello Sorce Keller
  • Ubatuba nos Cantos das Praias (Estudo do Caiçara Paulista e de sua Produção Musical) by Setti Kilza. Review by Maria Elizabeth Lucas
  • Music, Ritual and Falasha History by Kay Kaufman Shelemay. Review by Uri Sharvit
  • Native South American Discourse by Joel Sherzer; Greg Urban. Review by Jonathan D Hill
  • Culture musicali by Diego Carpitella. Review by Tilman Seebass
  • Brasilien. Einführung in Musiktraditionen Brasiliens by Tiago de Oliveira Pinto. Review by Judith Seeger and Axel Hesse
  • Alyawarra Music: Songs and Society in a Central Australian Community by Richard M. Moyle. Review by Marina Roseman

Record Reviews

  • Korean Traditional Music, vol. 6-11. Review by Keith Howard
  • The Gyutö Monks: Tibetan Tantric Choir. Review by Mireh le Helffer
  • La Collection universelle de musique populaire enregistrée, éditée par Constantin Brailoiu (1951-1958) by Jean-Jacques Nattiez; Laurent Aubert. Review by John Blacking
  • Musik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance nach der heute noch lebendigen Spielpraxis im Mittelmeeraum. Review by Ali Jihad Racy
  • Rwanda: Musique traditionelle by J. Gansemans. Review by Monique Brandily

Audio Reports

  • Recordings of Traditional Music in South Africa. Review by Veit Erlmann
  • Recordings and Films by Daniel Kachamba (1947-1987). Review by Gerhard Kubik

Film / Video Reviews

  • Cuyagua by Paul Henley. Review by Gerhard Kubik
  • Amir: An Afghan Refugee Musician's Life in Peshawar, Pakistan by John Baily; The Royal Anthropological Institute; The National Film and Television School; Lessons from Gulam: Asian Music in Bradford by John Baily; The Royal Anthropological Institute; The National Film and Television School. Review by Hugo Zemp