International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 16 (1984)

General Editor:  Dieter Christensen

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editors' Prefaces’ by Adelaida Reyes Schramm and Dieter Christensen

In Memoriam

  • ‘Klaus P. Wachsmann’ by Dieter Christensen


  • ‘Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Conference of the ICTM New York City, August 8-15, 1983
  • ‘Communication, Music, and Speech about Music’ by Steven Feld
  • ‘Music and Complex Societies: Control and Management of Musical Production’ by Bernard Lortat-Jacob
  • ‘Klezmer Music: An American Ethnic Genre’ by Mark Slobin
  • ‘Voice Physiology and Ethnomusicology: Physiological and Acoustical Studies of the Swedish Herding Song’ by Anna Johnson
  • ‘Central European Jews in Israel: The Reurbanization of Musical Life in an Immigrant Culture’ by Philip V. Bohlman and Gila Flam
  • ‘Dance among the Urban Gypsies of Romania’ by Robert Garfias
  • ‘Aural Learning in Gidayū-Bushi: Music of the Japanese Puppet Theatre’ by Motegi Kiyoko

Book Reviews

  • Musik in Afrika by Artur Simon. Review by Veit Erlmann
  • An Annotated Glossary of Arabic Musical Terms by Lois Ibsen al Faruqi. Review by Scheherazade Quassim Hassan
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Music by Robert Falck; Timothy Rice. Review by Bonnie C. Wade
  • Old Jewish Folk Music: The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski by Mark Slobin. Review by Ellen Koskoff
  • Hebridean Folksongs III. Waulking Songs from Vatersay, Barra, South Uist, Eriskay, and Benbecula by J. L. Campbell; Francis Collinson. Review by James Porter
  • A Musicológica Kamayurá: Para uma antropologia da comunicação no alto Xingu by Rafael José de Menezes Bastos. Review by Anthony Seeger
  • C'était la plus jolie des filles: Répertoire des chansons d'Angélina Paradis-Fraser by Donald Deschênes. Review by Jay Rahn
  • Nineteenth Century Hawaiian Chant by Elizabeth Tatar. Review by Hugo Zemp
  • Traditional Music in Modern Java. Gamelan in a Changing Society by Judith Becker. Review by Aline Scott-Maxwell
  • Ethnic Recordings in America. Review by Ann Briegleb Schuursma
  • The Musical Tradition of Iraqi Jews: Selection of Piyyutim and Songs by Amnon Shiloah. Review by Philip V. Bohlman
  • Dance and Music in South Asian Drama: Report of Asian Traditional Performing Arts 1981 by Richard Emmert; Hasumoto Izumi; Matsushita Hitoshi; Okada Maki. Review by Stephen Slawek
  • Bikmaus, Vol. IV, no. 3 by Don Niles. Review by Vida Chenoweth
  • Os índios e nós: estudos sobre sociedades tribais brasileiras by Anthony Seeger. Review by Dulce Martins Lamas
  • Boletim da sociedade brasileira de musicologia by Antonio Alexandre Bispo. Review by Joseph Donovan

Record Reviews

  • Yodel of Appenzell, Switzerland by Hugo Zemp. Review by Maguy P. Andral
  • Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America Played on Fiddle and Uillean Pipes by James Morrison; Tom Ennis; Reg Hall; Tony Engle. Review by Frederic Maguet
  • The Art of the Highland bagpipe by John Burgess; Tony Engle. Review by Frederic Maguet
  • Ringing Strings. Fiddle Music of Norway-Shetland by Hauk Buen; Knut Buen; Tom Anderson; Vidar Lande; L. Y. Daliot. Review by Frederic Maguet
  • Music of the Kaluli by Steven Feld. Review by Hugo Zemp
  • Children of the Heav'nly King by The Blue Ridge Parkway Folklife Project; Charles K. Wolfe. Review by Paul Roland
  • Chants liturgiques des églises orientales/Noëls maronites. Review by Jacques Cheyronnaud
  • Slovak Instrumental Folk Music Anthology by Oscar Elschek; Institute of Arts of the Slovac Academy of Sciences (Bratislava). Review by Annie Goffre
  • La musique à Marie-Galante by Claudie Marcel-Dubois; Maguy Pichonnet-Andral; Annie Goffre; Société d'histoire de la Guadeloupe; Association des Amis de l'Ecomusée de Marie-Galante; Association des Amis des Musées et des Monuments de la Guadeloupe. Review by: Jean Benoist
  • The Mandailing People of Sumatra by Margaret J. Kartomi; H. Kartomi; The Angkola People of Sumatra by Margaret J. Kartomi; H. Kartomi. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • The Art of the Balalaïka by the Odessa Balalaïkas. Review by Annie Goffre
  • Scottish Traditional Cassette Series by Peter Cooke. Review by Frederic Maguet
  • Les Traditions rituelles des Bonpos tibétains by Ricardo Canzio; Priscilla V. Ellis. Review by Mireille Helffer

ICTM Reports

  • ‘Second International Colloquium "Historical Approaches to Orally Transmitted Music: Perspectives and Methodologies," Held at Schloss Wiepersdorf, German Democratic Republic, April 17-24, 1984.’ by Tilman Seebass
  • ‘Music in the Life of Man: Theoretical and Practical Foundations for a World History’ by Barry S. Brook and David Bain
  • Corrigenda: A Comparison of Tozanryu and Kinkoryu Shakuhachi Arrangements for Sankyoku Gasso Made from Identical Originals