International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 11 (1979)

General Editor:  Israel J Katz

Table of Contents

  • ‘Editor's Preface’ by Israel J. Katz
  • ‘Alan P. Merriam (1923-1980)’ by Frank J. Gillis
  • ‘Basongye Musicians and Institutionalized Social Deviance’ by Alan P. Merriam
  • ‘"Let's Make It a Tradition"’ by Bertrand H. Bronson
  • ‘Antiphonal Performance in Roumanian Folk Music’ by Gisela Sulițeanu
  • ‘Judeo-Spanish Folk Poetry from Morocco (The Boas-Nahón Collection)’ by Samuel G. Armistead, Israel J. Katz and Joseph H. Silverman
  • ‘Reminiscent of Charles Seeger’ by Mantle Hood
  • ‘Charles Seeger's Leitmotifs on Latin America’ by Malena Kuss
  • ‘The Interdependence of Notation Systems and Musical Information’ by Dalia Cohen and Ruth Katz
  • ‘Ethnic Music in the United States: An Overview’ by Stephen Erdely
  • An Exagmination Round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress (Review Essay and Reminiscence). Review by Gilbert Chase

Book Reviews

  • Introduction to Shamisen Kumiuta by Willem Adriaansz. Review by Henry Burnett
  • Makam: Modal Practice in Turkish Art Music by Karl L Signell. Review by Loisibsen Al Faruqi


  • Timor/Chants des Ema by Brigitte Clamagirand. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Berbères du Maroc/Ahwach by Bernard Lortat-Jacob; Hassan Jouad. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Musique du Monde / Les Instruments traditionnels by S. Arom; M. Brandily; J. Brunet; D. Dournon; S. Dreyfus-Gamelon; GRM de l'INA; M. Helffer; G. Rouget; H. Zemp. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Laos/Misique pour le khène/Lam Saravane by Jacques Brunet. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Japon, Vol. 2: Shômyô/Chant liturgique bouddhique, séctê Tendai by Michel Lepage. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Iran, Vol. 1: Anthologie de la musique traditionnelle: sétâr et târ par Dariush Talâ'i by Jean During. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Vietnam/Ca Tru and Quan Ho by Trân Van Khê. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Hat Chèo/Vietnamese Traditional Folk Theatre by Trân Van Khê. Review by Tran Quang Hai
  • Polynesian Dances of Bellona (Mungiki) Solomon Islands by Jane Mink Rossen; Hugo Zemp. Review by Mervyn McLean

Publications Received

  • Errata: Accentuation in Qur'ānic Chant: A Study in Musical Tawāzun