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Minority Sounds in National Contexts as Seen by ICTM National And Regional Representatives

The ICTM National Committee for Slovenia, the University of Ljubljana, Imago Sloveniae, and the Scientific Research Center SAZU invite ICTM National and Regional Representatives to participate in the Symposium “Minority Sounds in National Contexts as Seen by ICTM National And Regional Representatives”. This is a conceptual novelty that aims to bring together the members of the ICTM World Network for a scholarly gathering. Depending on the number of participants, the organizers envision short individual presentations and extended time for discussion. The event will be linked to the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the music festival Nights in the Old Ljubljana Town. 

  • Date: 23–25 August 2018
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Submissions deadline: 15 December 2017 extended to 15 March 2018

The organizers of this event would like to thank all ICTM National and Regional Representatives who confirmed their active participation by the extended deadline of 15 March 2018. Some of them will present papers at the symposium, some will participate in the discussions about the past, present, and future of the ICTM World Network, and some will do both. The theme of the symposium will be complemented by free concerts within the 30th street festival Nights in the Old Ljubljana Town, entirely dedicated to minority cultures. Although the event in Ljubljana is not an official meeting of the Assembly of National and Regional Representatives as defined by the ICTM Statutes, it will provide the participants with a valuable opportunity to discuss the current status of the World Network and its potentials that could be further explored and developed. 

The expected date of arrival to Ljubljana is 22 August and the date of departure is 26 August 2018. For further inquiries please contact  Mojca Kovačič and Svanibor Pettan.