International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

The ICTM mailing list

The ICTM mailing list (aka ICTM Listserv and ICTM-L) is an important communication tool available for members of the Council. It is meant to provide an arena for discussion on topics of concern to ICTM members, thereby promoting the work of the Council and its Study Groups, National Committees, Liaison Officers, and individual members.

All ICTM members in good standing are welcome to participate in the mailing list. Joining is voluntary, and you can leave at any time.

To join the ICTM mailing list, please send an e-mail to with the word "Subscribe" (without the quotes) as the message subject. After your membership status has been confirmed by the Secretariat, you will be able to communicate with all other members who have joined the list. 

Using the list

List members are welcome to use the list to discuss any issues of interest with fellow list members. We are sure that you will find many ways to use the list and communicate with its growing, international membership.

  • To post to the list, send e-mail to Messages sent to the list will be seen by all list members.  
  • A reply to a post to the list will reach only to the individual poster; to post your reply to the whole list, please use the Reply to All option of your e-mail application.
  • File attachments are not allowed.
  • The list is not moderated, meaning postings will not be filtered or censored in advance. While we want discussions to be as free as possible, ICTM will not tolerate misuse of the list. Offenders will be warned about such misuse, and repeated offenders will be barred from the list. Please see Etiquette below for advice on these matters.
  • You must be an ICTM member in good standing to remain on the list. Every 1 April, those who have not renewed their membership will be removed from the list and will be unable to rejoin until they have renewed. Advance warning will be given about overdue memberships, so there will be ample time to renew.

For any questions concerning the usage of the list or ICTM membership, please write to Carlos Yoder, Executive Assistant of the Secretariat and technical administrator of the list, at


We imagine that the lively, good-natured communications that characterise ICTM events will also be the norm on its mailing list. However, the following guidelines should help to illustrate what is expected of list members and what is not:

  1. The list is not intended for private communications—do not post anything to the list that you would not want the whole world to see. 
  2. Do include a signature on all your postings to the list.
  3. While the list is a good place to make announcements, official announcements regarding ICTM activities must be submitted to the Bulletin for greatest circulation to members.
  4. While the list can be used to announce publications of interest to other list members, it should not be used for advertisements.
  5. While postings made to the list can be considered published documents, it is best to check with the author before referencing them. Authors may not have intended their comments to be used for widespread distribution.
  6. The list welcomes different opinions and debate, but personal attacks on individuals have no place here. Defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited.
  7. Offenders will be warned about inappropriate usage (see previous point), but repeated misuse will result in the person being barred from the list.