International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

ICTM Musics of East Asia Operating Procedures

Executive Committee
1. Executive Committee members must be current ICTM members who are active in East Asian music research.
2. In the nomination and election of Executive Committee members, the following factors should be taken into consideration: scholarly work, commitment to the Study Group, ability to communicate and present in both English and the language of their research area, ability to represent their scholarly communities, and ability to mobilize interest in the Study Group.
3. In order to prevent the Study Group from being dominated by any region or group and to prevent any region from being marginalized, the following rules have been established:
            a) The Executive Committee shall normally consist of seven members.
            b) The main regions of East Asian music research are understood to consist of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
            c) The Executive Committee must include at least four members residing in East Asia, including at least one member from each of the following regions: China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.
            d) At least one Executive Committee member must reside outside of East Asia.
            e) No more than two Board members may be from any single area.
4. Executive Committee members will serve a single four-year term, beginning and ending in even years. A Board member will be eligible for re-election after leaving the Board for a two-year period.
5. Terms of the Executive Committee members will be staggered, so that at each symposium of the Study Group, either three or four new members will be elected. If an Executive Committee member must leave the Executive Committee before the end of their term, the Executive Committee will co-opt a temporary member to serve until the next election. In the formative years of the Study Group, six members will continue to serve until 2010, at which time three members will leave and four new members will be elected.
6. Executive Committee members will choose a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary, each for two-year terms. Beginning in 2010, the Vice-Chairperson will be chosen either from among the new Executive Committee members, or from among the continuing Executive Committee members, and this individual will automatically become Chairperson after two years.
7. The Executive Committee will appoint a Nominating Committee of three people. The Nominating Committee will invite nominations from the members of the Study Group, and may also make their own nominations. 
8. Only current ICTM members who have been a registered participant in at least one of the previous symposia of the Study Group (not including ICTM World Conferences) will be eligible to vote in the election of Executive Committee members.
9. Votes may be submitted by either email or post.
(Approved by the Executive Committee on 20 December 2007, last revised August 2016)