International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Honorary Members

An Honorary Membership is the highest honour that the Council can give to one of its members. It is bestowed on individuals to recognise their outstanding contributions to the work of the Council, often through a combination of activities such as being an Officer or Ordinary Member of the Executive Board, serving as Secretary General, editing Council publications, chairing Study Groups, convening a Colloquium or World Conference, etc.

The Executive Board recommends individuals for honorary membership to the General Assembly for endorsement. Further information can be found in the Memorandum on Honorary Memberships

  Name Country Honorary member since  ▾
Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco Castelo-Branco, Salwa El-Shawan Portugal 2023
Ursula Hemetek Hemetek, Ursula Austria 2023
Ricardo D. Trimillos Trimillos, Ricardo D. USA 2023
Stephen Wild Wild, Stephen Australia 2019
Adrienne Kaeppler Kaeppler, Adrienne L† USA 2015
Marianne Bröcker Bröcker, Marianne†   Germany 2013
JH Kwabena Nketia Nketia, J. H. Kwabena† Ghana 2013
Barbara Barnard Smith Smith, Barbara Barnard† USA 2013
Trần Văn Khê Trần Văn Khê† Vietnam 2013
Wim van Zanten van Zanten, Wim The Netherlands 2013
Dieter Christensen Christensen, Dieter†  Germany/USA 2007
Krister Malm Malm, Krister Sweden 2007
Anothony Seeger Seeger, Anthony USA 2007
Eric Stockmann Stockmann, Erich†  Germany 1997
Alice Moyle Moyle, Alice† Australia 1995
Claudie Marcel-Dubois Marcel-Dubois, Claudie†  France 1987

† Member is now deceased