International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

General Editors of Traditions of Music and Dance and its predecessors

Fiftenn individuals have edited the scholarly journal of the Council, variously called the Journal of the International Folk Music Council (1949–68), the Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council (1969–80)the Yearbook for Traditional Music (1981–2024), and Traditions of Music and Dance (2025–present). 

The most issues were edited by Dieter Christensen (19 1/2), while Maud Karpeles edited 13 1/2. In addition to these long-term editing commitments, both of them simultaneously served as what we would today call the Secretary General. The move of the Secretariat to Canada in 1969 ended the UK editorship of the Journal of the International Folk Music Council, and brought a new name and philosophy to it.

Traditions of Music and Dance continues to reflect the tremendous variety of approaches to the study of music and dance.

Name Country Years  ▾
Karpeles, Maud UK 1949-1961
Picken, Laurence UK 1961-1963
Karpeles, Maud UK 1964
Crossley-Holland, Peter UK 1965-1968
Ringer, Alexander L. USA 1969-1970
Haywood, Charles USA 1971-1973
Nettl, Bruno USA 1974-1976
Katz, Israel J. USA 1977-1979
McLeod, Norma USA 1980-1981
Christensen, Dieter USA 1982-2001
Wild, Stephen Australia 2001-2005
Niles, Don Papua New Guinea 2006-2013
Szego, C. K. Canada 2014-2017
Lee, Tong Soon Singapore 2018-2022
Ó Briain, Lonán Ireland 2023-present