International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 18 (1966)

General Editor: 

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Notes

Regional Studies

  • ‘La musique populaire au Vietnam. Ses attaches avec la musique de tradition savante ou la musique rituelle’ by Trân Văn Khê
  • ‘Heterophony in Chinese Folk Music’ by Robert T. Mok
  • ‘Mehrstimmigkeit in der Volksmusik Jugoslaviens’ by Cvjetko Rihtman


  • ‘A Finno-Ugric Flute Type?’ by Ernst Emsheimer
  • ‘The Musical Bow at Palenque’ by George List


  • ‘Grundsätzliches zu den Choralhandschrift-Katalogen des RISM (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales)’ by Benjamin Rajeczky
  • ‘The Use of the Indian Traditional Method in the Classification of Melodies’ by Alain Daniélou
  • ‘Methods of Classification of Folk-Tunes’ by Alica Elscheková


  • ‘Arne Björndal’ by O. M. Sandvik
  • ‘Henry Dixon Cowell. March 11th, 1897. December 10th, 1965’ by William J. Mitchell
  • ‘Bonifacio Gil García’ by M. García Matos and Norman Fraser
  • ‘Vicente T. Mendoza’ by Robert Stevenson
  • ‘Juan Bautista Plaza’ by Isabel Aretz and Norman Fraser
  • ‘Carlos Vega’ by Isabel Aretz and Barbara Krader


Music, Books and Pamphlets

Song Collections and Anthologies
  • Saint-Pierre et Miquelon: Une mission folklorique aux Îles by Carmen Roy. Review by Samuel Baud-Bovy
  • Investigación Folklórica en México. Volumen II by Baltasar Samper. Review by Norman Fraser
  • Favorite Spanish Folksongs by Elena Paz. Review by Norman Fraser
  • Canti Popolari Istriani by Giuseppe Radole. Review by Paul Collaer
  • Canti popolari religiosi baresi. Trascrizioni musicali e illustrazioni by Alfredo Giovine. Review by Carmelina Naselli
  • Bosanske narodne pjesme IV. (Bosnian Folk Songs, Vol. 4) by Vlado Milošević. Review by Cvjetko Rihtman and Obren Vukomanović
  • Edelrauten und Stoanröser Steirerlieder by Viktor Jabornik; Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Erik Dal
  • Norske religio̵se folketoner II (Norwegian Religious Folk Tunes II) by H. A. Brorson; M. C. Volquartz; O. M. Sandvik. Review by Benjamin Rajeczky
  • Levin Christian Wiedes vissamling by Jan Ling. Review by Erik Dal
  • Danses Populaires de Wallonie, Fascicules 4, 5, et 6 by Rose Thisse-Derouette. Review by Jean-Michel Guilcher
  • Cancionero Infantil Universal by Bonifacio Gil. Review by Norman Fraser
  • Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music. Part Second by Irving Lowens. Review by Allen P. Britton
On Music
  • Die Musik der Ellice-Inseln by Dieter Christensen; Gerd Koch. Review by Alice Moyle
  • Musik in Rwanda, Ein Beitrag zur Musikethnolgie Zentralafrikas by Robert Günther. Review by Klaus P. Wachsmann
  • Africa and Indonesia: The Evidence of the Xylophone and Other Musical and Cultural Factors by A. M. Jones. Review by Gerhard Kubik
  • Ocherki po istorii muzyki narodov SSSR. Vypusk 2. Muzykal'naia Kul'tura Azerbaidzhana, Armenii i Gruzii (Studies of the History of the Music of the Peoples of the USSR. Part 2. The Musical Culture of Azerbaidzhan, Armenia and Georgia) by Viktor Mikhailovich Beliaev. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Muzykal'naia Fol'kloristika v Uzbekistane; Pervye Zapisi [Vol. I]. Muzykal'no-Etnograficheskie Materialy. (Folk Music in Uzbekistan; The First Records. [Vol. I] Ethnomusicological Materials) by August Eichhorn. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Geschichte der ungarischen Musik by Bence Szabolcsi. Review by Alexander L. Ringer
  • Cancionero Taurino (Popular y profesional). Tomo I by Bonifacio Gil. Review by Norman Fraser
  • English Folk Songs: Some Conclusions by Cecil J. Sharp; Maud Karpeles. Review by Elizabeth Poston
  • Games and Songs of Children by William Wells Newell. Review by Margaret Dean-Smith
  • Twentieth Century Church Music by Erik Routley. Review by Margaret Dean-Smith
  • Die Anfänge des Streichinstrumentenspiels by Werner Bachmann. Review by Erich Stockmann
  • The Preservation of Traditional Forms of the Learned Music of the Orient and the Occident by William Kay Archer. Review by Fritz Bose
  • African Music: A Briefly Annotated Bibliography by Darius L. Thieme. Review by A. M. Jones
  • The George Pullen Jackson Collection of Southern Hymnody: A Bibliography by Paul J. Revitt. Review by Allen P. Britton


  • Epetiris tou Laographikou Archeiou. Tomos XV-XVI. Review by Samuel Baud-Bovy
  • Bulletin d'Analyses de la Littérature Scientifique Bulgare by Académie Bulgare des Sciences. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Studia Musicologica. Vol. VI, Nos. 1-2, 3-4 by Z. Kodály. Review by Otto Karolyi
  • Ethnographia, Vol. LXXIV, fasc. 2 to 4; Ethnographia, Vol. LXXV, fasc. 1 to 4. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Magyar Zene (Hungarian Music), Vol. V, fascs. 4 to 6; Magyar Zene (Hungarian Music), Vol. VI, fascs. 1 to 4. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Slovenski Etnograf, Letnik XVI-XVII. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Narodno Stvaralaštvo (Folklore), Svezak 1-8 by Dušan Nedeljković. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Tradizioni II (numéroté 1) 1-4 by Gianfranco D'Aronco. Review by Roger Pinon
  • Lares, Anno XXX, Fasc. 1-2 by Paolo Toschi. Review by Roger Pinon
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Band XIII by K. M. Klier; L. Nowak; L. Schmidt. Review by Erik Dal
  • Deutsches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde, Zehnter Band, Teil II by Wilhelm Fraenger. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • Jahrbuch des Deutschen Heimatbundes, 1964. Review by Wolfgang Suppan
  • Resonanzen, 1964, 8. Rundbrief der Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Musik Nordrhein-Westfalen by Bruno Tetzner. Review by Erik Dal
  • Hembygden, Nos. 4, 5-6; Nos. 1, 2. Review by Greta Dahlström
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vol. IX, No. 4 by Russell Wortley. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Revista Musical Chilena, Año XVIII. Review by Norman Fraser
  • Ethnomusicology by Bruno Nettl. Review by Gilbert Rouget
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 77, No. 305 by John Greenway; Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 78, No. 307 by John Greenway. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Western Folklore. Vol. XXIII, No. 3 by Wayland D. Hand; Western Folklore. Vol. XXIII, No. 4 by Wayland D. Hand. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Southern Folklore. Vol. XXVIII, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 by Alton C. Morris. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • African Music. Vol. 3, No. 2 by Hugh Tracey. Review by David Rycroft


  • Music in the Culture of the Jíbaro Indians of the Ecuadorian Montana by George List. Review by Fritz Bose
  • A Survey of Ethnic Folkmusic across Western Canada by Kenneth Peacock. Review by Josef Brožek
  • Le style vocal dans les pays méditerranéens by Marius Schneider. Review by Paul Collaer
  • Russland by Guido Waldmann. Review by David Clegg
  • La Loki Djili des Tsiganes Kêlderaš by André Haidu. Review by Otto Karolyi
  • Oblici kratkog napjeva u narodnoj tradiciji Bosne i Hercegovine" (Formes de la mélopée courte dans la tradition populaire de Bosnie-Herzégowine) by Cvjetko Rihtman. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Tradicionalna muzika Imljana" (Musique traditionnelle d'Imljani) by Cvjetko Rihtman. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Die Lage der Volksmusikforschung in den deutschsprachigen Ländern. Ein Bericht über die Jahre 1945 bis 1964 by Felix Hoerburger; Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Erik Dal
  • Aus dem Nachlass des Volksliedforschers Viktor Jabornik by Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Erik Dal
  • Contribution à l'étude du folklore poético-musical des pâtres en Wallonie by Roger Pinon. Review by Wolfgang Suppan
  • "The Meaning of the Corpus Christi Carol." "The Burden and the Scottish Variant of the Corpus Christi Carol" by Richard Leighton Greene. Review by Frank Howes
  • Xylophone Playing in Southern Uganda by Gerhard Kubik. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Tons de la langue en gun (Dahomey) et tons du tambour by Gilbert Rouget. Review by David Rycroft
  • Phonotactique du chant populaire by Alan Lomax. Review by David Rycroft
  • Ein halbes Jahrhundert deutscher Volksliedforschung by Josef Lansky; Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Erik Dal
  • The Challenge of Folk Lore by Stith Thompson. Review by Douglas N. Kennedy


  • Hungarian Folk Music. Review by Otto Karolyi
  • Folk Music of Bulgaria by A. L. Lloyd. Review by Erich Stockmann
  • English Shepherd and Farming Songs by Bob Copper; Ron Copper; Peter Kennedy. Review by Douglas N. Kennedy
  • Harry Cox. "Traditional English Love Songs" by Peter Kennedy. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, North Carolina by Sandy Paton; Lee S. Haggerty. Review by Douglas N. Kennedy
  • Old Love Songs and Ballads from the Big Laurel, North Carolina by Peter Gott; John Cowen. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Afrique Noire: Panorama de la Musique Instrumentale by Charles Duvelle; Claude Ernoult; Francis Péré. Review by Paul Collaer
  • Northern Congo (1) (Sudanic) by Hugh Tracey. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Inde du Nord: Rāgas du matin et du soir by Chatur Lal; Ram Narayan. Review by N. A. Jairazbhoy
  • Cachemire Vallées Himalayennes. Expédition Lotus by J. Biltgen; G. Thomas; F. Tissot. Review by N. A. Jairazbhoy
  • Songs and Dances of Nepal by Caspar Cronk; George List. Review by N. A. Jairazbhoy
  • Musique du moyen-orient by Deben Bhattacharya. Review by Alexander L. Ringer
  • Murut Music of North Borneo by Ivan Polunin. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • The Art of the Didjeridu by Trevor Jones
  • Arnhem Land Popular Classics by L. M. West
  • Songs of Aboriginal Australia and Torres Strait by George List. Review by Paul Collaer