International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 17 (1965)

General Editor: 

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Notes
  • The Seventeenth Annual Conference Held in Budapest


  • ‘Antoine-Elysée Adolphe Cherbuliez-von Sprecher’ by Maud Karpeles
  • ‘Marguerite d'Harcourt’ by Claudie Marcel-Dubois


Music, Books and Pamphlets

Song Collections and Anthologies
  • Folklore Tachirense by L. F. Ramon y Rivera; Isabel Aretz. Review by A. L. Lloyd
  • Traditional Ballads and Folk-Songs Mainly from West Virginia by John Harrington Cox; George Herzog; Herbert Halpert; George W. Boswell. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Twenty-One Folksongs from Prince Edward Island by Edward D. Ives. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Ancient Ballads Traditonally Sung in New England by Helen Hartness Flanders; Tristram P. Coffin; Bruno Nettl. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Hootenanny Song Book by Irwin Silber; Jerry Silverman. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Reprints from Sing out: The Folk Song Magazine. Vol. Six by Irwin Silber; Singing Cowboy by Margaret Larkin; Little Boxes and Other Handmade Songs by Malvina Reynolds. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Song Book. Review by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
  • Songs the Whalemen Sang by Gale Huntington. Review by Peter Kennedy
  • Folk Song in Israel by Michal Smoira-Roll. Review by Ruth Rubin
  • Des Dülkener Fiedlers Liederbuch by Hans Zurmühlen. Review by Ruth Harvey
  • Aeldre og nyere Norske Fjeldmelodier by Ludvig M. Lindeman; Øystein Gaukstad; O. M. Sandvik. Review by Erik Dal
  • Vieilles Chansons des Vallées Vaudoises du Piémont by Federico Ghisi. Review by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
  • Favourite French Folk Songs by Alan Mills. Review by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
  • Folk Songs for Voice and Guitar by Cecil J. Sharp; H. E. D. Hammond; Richard L. Best; Lee Haring. Review by Victoria Kingsley
  • Jeles Napok Dalai by György Kerényi. Review by Otto Karolyi
  • Pammelia. Deuteromelia. Melismata by Thomas Ravenscroft; Mac-Edward Leach. Review by Claude M. Simpson, Jr.
Books on Music and Musical Instruments
  • Musicology by Frank Ll. Harrison; Mantle Hood; Claude V. Palisca. Review by Willard Rhodes
  • Aboriginal Music Making. A Study of Central Australian Music by Catherine J. Ellis. Review by Paul Collaer
  • Voices of a People. The Story of Yiddish Folk Song by Ruth Rubin. Review by Karel Salomon
  • Das böhmische Musikantentum by Michael Komma. Review by Jaroslav Markl
  • Bauernklagen. Untersuchungen zum sozialkritischen deutschen Volkslied by Hermann Strobach. Review by Erik Dal
  • Värmländska kulturtraditioner by Gunnar Turesson. Review by Erik Dal
  • Negro Folk Music, U. S. A. by Harold Courlander. Review by Robert A. Black
  • On the Trail of Negro Folk-Song by Dorothy Scarborough. Review by Robert A. Black
  • Musik aus dem Tetrachord by Gerhard Möbius. Review by Fritz Bose
  • The Dulcimer Book by Jean Ritchie. Review by Anthony Baines
  • The Art of the Folk-Blues Guitar by Jerry Silverman. Review by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
  • La Guitarrería Popular de Chiquinquira by Andrés Pardo Tovar; Jesús Bermúdez Silva. Review by Victoria Kingsley
  • Les Instruments de Musique au Niger by Tolia Nikiprowetzky. Review by Jean Jenkins
Dance and Dance Music
  • Iroquois Music and Dance: Ceremonial Arts of Two Seneca Longhouses by Gertrude P. Kurath. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • Narodne Igre. Vol. VIII by Ljubica S. Jankovic. Review by Joan Lawson
  • Istarski Narodni Plesovi by Ivan Ivančan. Review by Felix Hoerburger
  • English Folk Dancing Today and Yesterday by Douglas Kennedy. Review by May Gadd
  • Traditional Dancing in Scotland by J. F. Flett; T. M. Flett. Review by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw
  • Danzas de Euskal Erri. Tomo I by Gaizka Barandiaran. Review by Gertrude P. Kurath
  • La Tarantella Napoletana. Storia e Leggende by Renato Penna. Review by Roger Pinon
  • Hur Svenska latar kom till by Nils Andersson; Olof Andersson; Mats Rehnberg. Review by Erik Dal
  • A Wessex Tune Book; Folk Dances from a Manuscript Book Belonging to the Family of Thomas Hardy by Elma Sherman. Review by Margaret Dean-Smith
  • R. V. W. A Biography of Ralph Vaughan Williams by Ursula Vaughan Williams; The Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams by Michael Kennedy; Ralph Vaughan Williams. Review by Elizabeth Poston
  • Zoltán Kodály by Percy M. Young. Review by Frank Howes
  • Zenetudományi Tanulmányok Bartók Béla Emlékére (Musicological Studies in Memory of Béla Bartók) by Bence Szabolcsi; Dénes Bartha. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Ludvik Kuba, zakladatel Slovanské hudební folkloristiky (Ludvik Kuba, the Founder of Slavic Musical Folkloristics) by Josef Stanislav. Review by Josef Brožek
  • Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Erich Seemann by Rolf Wilhl Brednich. Review by Ernst Hilmar
  • Studia ethnomusicologica eurasiatica by Ernst Emsheimer. Review by Anthony Baines
  • Zoltano Kodály Octogenario Sacrum; Congressus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum Budapestini Habitus 20-24.IX.1960 by Gyula Ortutay. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Liszt-Bartók. Report of the Second International Musicological Conference, Budapest, 1961 by Z. Gárdonyi; B. Szabolcsi. Review by Otto Karolyi
  • The British Traditional Ballad in North America by Tristram P. Coffin. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Native American Balladry by G. Malcolm Laws,. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Folk Music Research in Hungary by Lajos Vargyas. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • The Béla Bartók Archives. History and Catalogue by Victor Bator. Review by David Clegg
  • Catalogo Sommario delle Registrazioni 1948-1962. Review by Marie Slocombe
  • Gramophone Record Libraries: Their Organisation and Practice by Henry F. J. Currall. Review by Marie Slocombe
  • Glaubenswelt und Folklore der Sibirischen Völker by V. Diószegi. Review by Fritz Bose
  • Buying The Wind by Richard M. Dorson. Review by Christina Hole
  • Il Maggio by Sesto Fontana. Review by Bianca Maria Galanti
  • Larry Gorman, The Man Who Made the Songs by Edward D. Ives. Review by Evelyn K. Wells


  • Revista de Etnografie şi Folclor, Anul IX, Nos. 1-3. Review by A. L. Lloyd
  • Izvestiya na Instituta za Muzika, Kniga IX. Review by A. L. Lloyd
  • Ethnographia, Vol. LXXIII, fasc. 1 to 4. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Ethnographia, Vol. LXXIV, fasc. 1. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Néprajzi Közlemények. Vol. VI, no. 3-4; Néprajzi Közlemények. Vol. VII, no. 1. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Magyar Zene Vols. III, IV and V. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • A Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Nyelv-és Irodalomtudományi Osztályának Közleményei. A Kodály-ülésszak aktái. Vol. XX. Review by John S. Weissmann
  • Narodna Umjetnost Knjiga 2 by Maja Bošković-Stulli. Review by Barbara Krader
  • Studia Fennica. Revue de linguistique et d'éthnologie finnoises. Tomes X et XIe. Review by Greta Dahlström
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Vol. XII. Review by Doris Stockmann
  • Volkstanz. Rundbrief der Fachgruppe Volkstanz im Arbeitskreis für Tanz im Bundesgebiet. Jahrgang, 1963, Nummern 1-2; Volkstanz. Rundbrief der Fachgruppe Volkstanz im Arbeitskreis für Tanz im Bundesgebiet. Jahrgang, 1964, Nummer 1. Review by Roger Pinon
  • Tanz. Werkblatt des Arbeitskreises für Tanz im Bundesgebiet. 1 and 2, 1964. Review by Roger Pinon
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musik des Orients. Mitteilungen. Nos. 1-3. Review by Dieter Christensen
  • Annuaire XIII, 1959-1960. Review by Wolfgang Suppan
  • Nederlands Volksleven. 13 (3), 1963; Nederlands Volksleven. 13 (4), 1963; Nederlands Volksleven. 14 (1), 1964; Nederlands Volksleven. 14 (2), 1964. Review by Ernst Heins
  • Folklore, Vols. 74 and 75 by Christina Hole. Review by E. J. Nicol
  • Scottish Studies. Vol. 7, Part 2, 1963. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Ethnomusicology. Vol. VII, No. 3 by Bruno Nettl; Ethnomusicology. Vol. VIII, Nos. 1 and 2 by Bruno Nettl. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Abstracts of Folklore Studies, Vol. 1, Nos. 1-4 (1963) by Donald M. Winkelman; Abstracts of Folklore Studies, Vol. II, No. 1 (1964) by Donald M. Winkelman. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 77, No. 303 by John Greenway. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Western Folklore, Vol. XXIII, Nos 1 and 2 by Wayland Hand. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Midwest Folklore, Vol. VIII, No. 3 by W. Edson Richmond. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • Colorado Folksong Bulletin, Vol. III by Ben Gray Lumpkin. Review by Maud Karpeles
  • Boletín del Instituto de Folklore, Vol. IV, No. 4. Review by Norman Fraser


  • Der Neue Melodienkatalog des Deutschen Volksliedarchivs by J. Lansky; Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Pául Járdányi
  • Aufgaben und Ziele der deutschen musikalischen Volksliedforschung by Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Fritz Bose
  • All This for a Song? by Bertrand Harris Bronson. Review by Frank Howes
  • Über die Anwendung der graphischen Dynamik- und Rhythmusaufzeichnungen bei der Untersuchung der Musikfolklore by Dušan Holý; Otakar Pokorný. Review by Bruno Nettl
  • The Quest for Norms in Ethnomusicology by Mantle Hood. Review by Ernst Heins
  • Zu den Theorien über die Beziehungen zwischen Musikstil und Umwelt by Kurt Reinhard. Review by Fritz Bose
  • Über gregorianisches Melodiengut im rheinischen Volkslied by Ernst Klusen. Review by Benjamin Rajeczky
  • Geistliche Volkslieder aus der Karpato-Ukraine by Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Benjamin Rajeczky
  • Igranje za Mrtve i Jugoslaviji by Ljubica S. Jankovic. Review by Joan Lawson
  • Determination of Motive Types in Folklore by Gy. Martin; E. Pesovar. Review by Douglas N. Kennedy
  • Vorderasien und Ägypten im musikalischen Austausch by Hans Hickman. Review by B. Schiffer
  • Koptische Musik by Hans Hickmann. Review by B. Schiffer
  • Les Mélodies Traditionnelles Françaises de Structure Archaïque by Maguy P. Andral. Review by Paul Collaer
  • Tanz und Jugend by Kurt Petermann. Review by Felix Hoerburger
  • The Development of Music in Africa by Hugh Tracey. Review by A. M. Jones
  • La nouvelle Lyre Malmédienne, ou la Vie en Wallinie malmédienne reflétée dans la chanson folklorique by Roger Pinon. Review by Wolfgang Suppan
  • Zur Interpretation des Lochamer-Liederbuches by Walter Salmen. Review by Wolfgang Suppan
  • Contributi di Ricerca Testuale e Melodica: Donna Lombarda e Testamento dell'Avvelenato by P. Donatangelo Lupinetti. Review by Norman Fraser
  • Zur Ulinger-Ballade by Wolfgang Suppan. Review by Erik Dal
  • Balladen om riddar Olof och älvorna by Alfhild Forslin. Review by Erik Dal


  • The Demonstration Collection of E. M. von Hornbostel and the Phonogrammarchiv by E. M. von Hornbostel; Kurt Reinhard; George List. Review by B. Schiffer
  • Niger. La Musique des Griots by Tolia Nikiprowetzky. Review by Jean Jenkins
  • Musiques Dahoméennes by Charles Duvelle. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Basutoland by François Ellenberger; Bamboulas de la Guadeloupe by Fazil Cemil. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Les hommes bleus. Folklore du grand sud marocain by Jean Mazel. Review by Gilbert Rouget
  • Nouvelle Guinée by J. Villeminot; B. Villeminot; Nouvelle Guinée. No. 2. Sépik by J. Villeminot; B. Villeminot. Review by Dieter Christensen
  • La République de Guinée by Leo Sarkisian. Review by A. M. Jones
  • Ozark Folksongs and Ballads Sung by Max Hunter of Springfield, Missouri by Sandy Paton; Mary Celeste Parler; Vance Randolph. Review by Peter Kennedy
  • Green Fields of Illinois by Archie Green. Review by Evelyn K. Wells
  • "The Rambling Irishman." Tom Brandon of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada by Edith Fowke; Sandy Paton. Review by Peter Kennedy
  • William Kimber by Peter Kennedy; Kenneth Loveless; Russell Wortley. Review by E. J. Nicol
  • Erratum