International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 16 (1964)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Notes
  • East and West in Music
  • ‘Address by Zoltán Kodály at the Opening Ceremony’ by Zoltán Kodály
  • Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Conference, Jerusalem, 1963/li>

Ethical and Aesthetical Criteria of Value in Music Today

  • ‘Musique et Humanité’ by Luigi Dallapiccola
  • ‘Valeurs ethiques et spirituelles en musique’ by Alain Daniélou

Preservation and Renewal of Folk and Traditional Music

  • ‘Preservation and Renewal of Traditional Music’ by Peter Crossley-Holland
  • ‘Acculturation and Musical Tradition’ by George List
  • ‘A Propos du Folklore "Reconstruit"’ by Diego Carpitella
  • ‘Continuity and Change in Traditional Folklore’ by Mihai Pop
  • ‘La musique Arabe en Israël: sa préservation, sa rénovation’ by Shlomo Hofman
  • ‘Oriental Elements in Israeli Song’ by Herzl Shmueli

Folk and Traditional Music as a Creative Element in Modern Music

  • ‘Bartók's Melodies in the Style of Folk Songs’ by Lajos Vargyas
  • ‘Traditional and Contemporary Idioms of African Music’ by J. H. Kwabena Nketia
  • ‘Traditional Elements as a Creative Source for Composition’ by Toshiro Mayuzumi
  • ‘La musique Israélienne contemporaine et les traditions ethniques’ by A. Urijah Boskovitch

Polyphony in Folk and Art Music

  • ‘Some Remarks on European Folk Polyphony’ by Ernst Emsheimer
  • ‘Comment entendre la musique populaire?’ by Jacques Chailley
  • ‘The Bourdon of the East. Its Regional and Universal Trends’ by Edith Gerson-Kiwi
  • ‘Haphazard Assembly as a Pre-Musical Form of Polyphony’ by Felix Hoerburger
  • ‘Chansons polyphoniques de l'Epire du nord’ by Spyridon Peristeris
  • ‘Remarks on Hindemith's Contrapuntal Technique’ by Hans Tischler

Liturgies of Orient and Occident

  • ‘Relations of Spanish Folk Song to the Gregorian Chant’ by Higini Anglès
  • ‘Psaume Hébraïque et séquence Latine’ by Günter Birkner
  • ‘The Hasidic Nigun. Ethos and Melos of a Folk Liturgy’ by Hanoch Avenary
  • ‘Jewish and Gentile Folk Song in the Balkans and Its Relation to the Liturgical Music of the Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria’ by Nikolay Kaufman
  • ‘Traditions of Biblical Cantillation and Ekphonetics’ by Leo Levi
  • ‘Hebrew Recitative-Types in Hungary’ by Bence Szabolcsi
  • ‘Samaritan Chant’ by Johanna Spector

Improvization and Ornamentation in Eastern and Western Music

  • ‘La migration du style mélismatique oriental vers l'Occident’ by Paul Collaer
  • ‘L'improvisation et l'Ornementation en Orient et en Occident’ by Z. Hacobian
  • ‘Les parallèles orientaux de l'interpretation des chansons populaires hongroises’ by László Vikár
  • ‘L'ornementation dans la musique des Touareg de L'aïr’ by Tolia Nikiprowetzky

The Migration of Musical Instruments

  • ‘Human Migration and African Harps’ by Klaus Wachsmann
  • ‘Les chemins de la culture instrumentale en Hongrie’ by Balint Sarosi
  • ‘Le Tambour Bourdonnant’ by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • ‘Wood Music of the Chopi’ by Hugh Tracey

Ways and Means of Tone Production in Art and Folk Music and Their Resulting Notational Problems

  • ‘The Synthesis, Perception, and Specification of Musical Time’ by Milton Babbitt
  • ‘An Extension of Tone-Row Techniques Through Electronic Pitch Control’ by Myron Schaeffer
  • ‘Transcription and Transnotation in Ethnomusicology’ by Avigdor Herzog
  • ‘An Investigation into the Tonal Structure of the Maqamat’ by Dalia Carmi-Cohen
  • ‘The Notation for Continuous Gradual Change of Pitch’ by Ehr Lin
  • Other Communications
  • Closing Session


  • ‘Arnold A. Bake’ by J. R. Marr and Maud Karpeles
  • ‘Miodrag A. Vasiljević’ by Vinko Žganec
  • ‘John Powell’ by Sidney Robertson Cowell


Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads with Their Texts, According to the Extant Records of Great Britain and America. Vol. II by Bertrand Harris Bronson. Review by D. O'S.
  • The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore. Volume II, Folk Ballads by Frank C. Brown; The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore. Volume III, Folk Songs by Frank C. Brown; The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore. Volume V, The Music of the Folk Songs by Frank C. Brown. Review by W. R
  • English County Folk Songs by Cecil J. Sharp. Review by S. J
  • Reedycja Dorobku Oskara Kolberga (The Collected Works of Oscar Kolberg) by J. Burszta; Oskara Kolberga. Review by J. S. and T. Korian Terlecka
  • Hrvatske Narodne Popijevke iz Koprivnice i Okoline by Vinko Žganec. Review by B. K
  • Verklingende Weisen. Lothringer Volkslieder. Fünfter Band by Angelika Merkelbach-Pinck. Review by E. S. (1)
  • Le rossignol y chante by Marius Barbeau. Review by R. P
  • Jongleur Songs of Old Quebec by Marius Barbeau. Review by R. P
  • Vive la Canadienne by Hélène Baillargeon. Review by P. S.-S
  • Chanteying Aboard American Ships by Frederick Pease Harlow. Review by P. K
  • Filles et Garçons by William Lemit. Review by P. S.-S
Books on Music
  • Folk Songs of Ghana by J. H. K. Nketia. Review by A. M. J
  • Der Volksgesang in der Altmark. Von der Mitte des 19. bis zur Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts by Doris Stockmann. Review by E. D
  • Úvod do Štúdia Slovenskej L'udovej Hudby by Alica Elscheková; Oskár Elschek. Review by B. K
  • Česká Dudácká Hudba by Jaroslav Markl; Dudy a Dudáci by Jaroslav Markl. Review by E. S. (2)
  • Die Struktur der korsischen Lamento-Melodik by Wolfgang Laade. Review by F. B
  • Studi sul canto lirico monostrofico popolare italiano by Maria Laghezza Ricagni. Review by B. M. G
  • Música indígena otomí by Vicente T. Mendoza. Review by N. F
  • Cantos navideños en el folklore venezolano by Isabel Aretz. Review by N. F
  • An Introduction to Folk Music in the United States by Bruno Nettl. Review by E. K. W
  • La tradition populaire de danse en Basse-Bretagne by Jean Michel Guilcher. Review by B. M. G
  • Sword Dance and Drama by Violet Alford. Review by D. K
  • Folk Dancing by Reginald Nettel. Review by E. N
  • Storia della Danza Popolare e d'Arte by Gianfranco D'Aronco. Review by R. P
  • Danças do norte e do sul by Zaïde Maciel de Castro. Review by R. P
  • Der fahrende Musiker im europäischen Mittelalter by Walter Salmen. Review by R. H
  • The Broadside Ballad: A Study in Origins and Meaning by Leslie Shepard. Review by E. K. W
  • Les Traditions du Mariage en Syrie. Review by A. S
  • Escôrço do folclore de uma comunidade by Alceu Maynard Araújo. Review by N. F
  • Flower in My Ear: Arts and Ethos of Ifaluk Atoll by Edwin Grant Burrows. Review by F. B
  • Türkische Musik by Kurt Reinhard. Review by D. S
  • International Musicological Society Report of the Eighth Congress, New York, 1961. Review by W. R
  • Choral Method. I, II and III by Zoltán Kodály. Review by F. W
  • The Influence of the Meiji Period on Japanese Children's Music by Elizabeth May. Review by C. J. D
  • Vaughan Williams by A. E. F. Dickinson. Review by F. H. (2)
  • The Science of Folk-Lore by Alexander H. Krappe. Review by C. H


  • Studia Musicologicá Vol. II, Nos. 1-4 by Zoltán Kodály; Studia Musicologicá Vol. III, Nos. 1-4 by Zoltán Kodály; Studia Musicologicá Vol. IV, Nos. 1-2 by Zoltán Kodály. Review by J. S. W
  • Revista de Folclor, Anul VII, Nos. 3-4. Review by A. L. L
  • Izvestiya na Instituta za Muzika, Kniga VIII. Review by A. L. L
  • Slovenski Etnograf (Slovenian Ethnographer), Letnik XV by Boris Orel; Milko Matičetov. Review by B. K
  • Narodna Umjetnost (Folk Art), Knjiga 1 by Zoran Palčok. Review by B. K
  • Annuaire des Archives de Folklore de l'Académie d'Athènes. Tome XIII-XIV by George Spyridakis. Review by S. M
  • Slovenský Národopis (Slovak Ethnography), No. 1, 2-3, Vol. XI by Božena Filová. Review by E. V. de B
  • Valašsko, Vol. VIII by H. Peroutka. Review by E. V. de B
  • Český Lid (The Czech People), Nos. 4 and 5, Vol. 49; Český Lid (The Czech People), Nos. 2 and 3, Vol. 50. Review by E. V. de B
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Vol. XI. Review by W. S
  • Österreichische Musikzeitschrift, Vol. 18, No. 2 by Elisabeth Lafite. Review by W. S
  • Annuaire, XII, 1958-1959. Rapports d'Activité, Inédits de Jules Vandereuse. Review by C. H
  • Cahiers du Folklore Wallon, No. 8. Review by R. P
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vol. IX, No. 3 by Russell Wortley. Review by B. L
  • Recorded Sound, Vol. 2, Nos. 10/11. Review by M. S
  • ARV. Vol. 17 by Dag Strömbäck. Review by E. D
  • Finlands Svenska Folkdiktning, VIII-Lekar och Spel. Review by A. F
  • Ethnomusicology by Bruno Nettl. Review by P. C
  • Journal of American Folklore by Richard M. Dorson. Review by M. K
  • Southern Folklore. Vol. XXVI, No. 2 by Alton C. Morris; Southern Folklore. Vol. XXVII, No. 1 by Alton C. Morris. Review by M. K
  • African Music by Hugh Tracey. Review by A. M. J
  • Yakutiye. Review by C. S. M


Music and Songs
  • Un chromatisme africain by Gilbert Rouget. Review by R. B
  • Une chant-fable d'un signe divinatoire (Dahomey) by Gilbert Rouget. Review by R. B
  • Die Musik der Borana by Kurt Reinhard. Review by K. P. W
  • Melodiestile am mittleren Sepik (Neuguinea) by Dieter Christensen. Review by F. B
  • Cantos Negros de la Fiesta de San Juan by Luis Felipe Ramón y Rivera. Review by N. F
  • El Canto de los Trovadores en una Historia Integral de la Música by Carlos Vega. Review by N. F
  • Song Structure and Social Structure by Alan Lomax. Review by P. C
  • Vestiges de la métrique ancienne dans le folklore Bulgare by Stoyan Djoudjeff. Review by P. C
  • Jubilare sine verbis by Walter Wiora. Review by B. R., Charlotte Lloyd and A. L. Lloyd
  • Morris by Margaret Dean-Smith. Review by B. L
  • Der Volkstanz als kulturelle Ausdrucksform der südosteuropäischen Völker by Richard Wolfram. Review by K. P
  • La Curieuse Odyssée d'une Ronde Française en Wallonie-La Boulangère by Rose Thisse-Derouette. Review by R. P
  • Danze Popolari del Friuli by Antonio Cornoldi. Review by R. P
  • Narodna orska umetnost u oblasti Titovog Užica by Milica Ilijin; Narodne igre u okolini Beograda by Milica Ilijin; Olivera Mladenović. Review by F. H. (1)
  • The Sarabande -- A Dance of American Descent by Robert Stevenson. Review by G. K
  • Die Harfner der Plattenseegegend by János Manga. Review by A. B
  • Die Streichleier von Dansk by Ernst Emsheimer. Review by A. B
  • Studies in Pibroch by R. L. C. Lorimer. Review by A. B
  • Das Krahlsche Geigenspielbuch als deutsche Volksliedquelle by Jan Raupp. Review by D. S
  • Communication on Copyright by Maud Karpeles. Review by E. K. W
  • Shakespeare and the Ballad by Helen Sewell. Review by M. K
  • Kalevala and the Rise of Finnish Nationality by W. R. Mead. Review by E. D


  • Den medeltida balladen (The Medieval Ballad) by Matts Arnberg. Review by N. S
  • Antologia Muzicii Populare Romîneşti. Review by A. L. L
  • Horton Barker-Traditional Singer by Sandy Paton; Frank Profitt Sings Folk Songs by Sandy Paton; Frank Warner; Frank Profitt of Reese, North Carolina by Sandy Paton; Joseph Able Trivett of Butler, Tennessee by Sandy Paton; Edna Ritchie of Viper, Kentucky by Sandy Paton. Review by M. K
  • Paddy Tunney by Diane Hamilton. Review by P. K
  • The Roving Journeymen: Traditional English Songs Sung by the Willett Family by Bill Leader; Paul Carter. Review by P. S.-S
  • Tōhoku min'yōshū, Fukishima-ken (Folk Songs of Tōhoku Area, Fukushima Prefecture) by The Japan Broadcasting Corporation; Takeda Jū-Ichirō. Review by C. J. D
  • Sekai minzoku ongaku shūsei (Collection of World Folk Music). Review by C. J. D
  • Japanese Folk Dances by Tōru Yanagita. Review by C. J. D
  • La musique des Griots, Vol. 1-Sénégal by Tolia Nikiprowetzky. Review by K. P. W
  • Musique Centrafricaine by Charles Duvelle; République Centrafricaine by Charles Duvelle; Chants et danses du Gabon by J. Guillard. Review by K. P. W
  • Erratum