International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 14 (1962)

General Editor:  Laurence Picken

Table of Contents

  • Erratum: Le Role de la Radio Concernant le Recueil la Valorification et la Circulation du Folklore
  • ‘La musique à l'époque de la peinture paléolithique’ by Walter Wiora
  • ‘Philologie et Folklore Musical: Les chants de pâtres avant leur émergence folklorique’ by Roger Pinon
  • ‘Buddhist Dirges on the North Pacific Coast’ by Marius Barbeau
  • ‘Songs of the Salish Indians of British Columbia’ by Graham George
  • ‘Song in Hopi Culture, Past and Present’ by George List
  • ‘The Bon-Odori in Hawaii and in Japan’ by Barbara B. Smith
  • ‘Musical Terms in a Chinese Dictionary of the First Century’ by Laurence Picken
  • ‘The Hocket-Technique in African Music’ by J. H. Kwabena Nketia
  • ‘The Music of Mauritania’ by Tolia Nikiprowetzky
  • ‘Rhythmic and Melodic Elements in Negro Music of Venezuela’ by Luis Felipe Ramón and Luis Felipe Rivera
  • ‘The Hammered Dulcimer in Ellis County, Kansas’ by S. J. Sackett
  • ‘Satirical Songs in Maine and the Maritime Provinces of Canada’ by Edward D. Ives
  • ‘Noah in British and American Folksong’ by Francis Lee Utley
  • ‘Chants de mer de l'ancienne et de la nouvelle France’ by Geneviève Massignon
  • ‘The Repertoire of a Traditional Gaelic Singer in the Outer Hebrides: With Reference to Versions of Her Songs Known in Canada’ by Francis Collinson
  • ‘Les variantes folkloriques et les conditions de leur survivance’ by Ovidiu Varga

Publications Received

Music, Books, Pamphlets

  • Norske religiose folketoner I-(Norwegian Religious Folk Tunes I) by O. M. Sandvik. Review by B. R.
  • Tōhoku Min'yō-shu, Yamagata-ken (Folk Songs of the Tōhoku Area, Yamagata Prefecture) by Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai. Review by E. H.-S.
  • Nippon Min'yō Taikan, Chūbu-hen (Chūōkōchi Tōkai Chihō) (A Survey of Japanese Folk Songs of the Chūbu Area), Vol. 2 by The Japan Broadcasting Corporation. Review by E. H.-S.
  • Chantons un peu (Thirty French Folk Songs for Young Folk) by Alan Mills; Arthur Morrow. Review by P. S.-S.
  • The Singing Island (A Collection of English and Scots Folksongs) by Peggy Seeger; Ewan MacColl. Review by P. S.-S.
  • American Favourite Ballads by Pete Seeger. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Caneuon Traddodiadol y Cymry (Traditional Songs of the Welsh) by W. S. Gwynn Williams. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Norsk Folkemusikk (Norwegian Folk Music) by Olav Gurvin. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Songs of the Russian North by A. S. Abramski. Review by J. J.
  • Folk Songs of Daghestan by G. Gasanova. Review by J. J.
  • A Yacre of Land by Ralph Vaughan Williams; Imogen Holst; Ursula Vaughan Williams. Review by M. K. (1)
  • Makedonski borbeni narodni pesni (Macedonian Fighting Folk Songs) by Vasil Hadžimanov. Review by B. K.
  • Chansons Populaires de l'Ancien Hainaut by Roger Pinon. Review by A. A. B.
  • Songs of The Civil War by Irwin Silber. Review by H. C.
  • Cancionero Popular de la Provincia de Madrid. Vol. III by Juan Tomas Pares; Jose Romeu Figueras. Review by N. F.
  • Lithuanian Folk Songs in America. Narrative Songs and Ballads. A treasury of Lithuanian Folklore. V by Jonas Balys; Vladas Jakubenas. Review by D. V.
  • Shanties from the Seven Seas by Stan Hugill. Review by P. S.-S.
Books and Pamphlets on Folk Music and Instruments
  • Bausteine zu einer Geschichte der Melodie by Bence Szabolcsi. Review by B. N.
  • Folk Singers and Folk Songs in America: A Handbook of Biography, Bibliography, and Discography by Ray M. Lawless. Review by E. K. W.
  • Musica Folklorica de Chile by Carlos Vega. Review by B. G. G.
  • An Introduction to Folk Music in the United States by Bruno Nettl. Review by M. K. (1)
  • Pennsylvania Songs and Legends by George Korson. Review by M. K. (1)
  • El Cancionero Infantil de Hispano America by Ana Margarita Aguilera. Review by V. K.
  • Los Cantares Tradicionales de Baudo by Andrés Pardo Tovar. Review by V. K.
  • The Drum and the Hoe-Life and Lore of the Haitian People by Harold Courlander. Review by F. B.
  • Achmadjan Umurzakov by T. Visgow; A. Sandel; Omar Otarov by T. Schevler; Attai Ogonbayev by V. Vinogradov; Giorgi Murga by B. Kotliarov. Review by J. J.
  • Christmas and Its Carols by Reginald Nettel. Review by M. D.-S.
  • Gusli zvonchatyie (The Singing Psaltery) by F. V. Sokolov. Review by A. B.
  • El Guitarrón en el Departamento de Puente Alto by Raquel Barros; Manuel Dannemann. Review by A. B.
  • Holland as Seen in the English Country Dance 1713-1820 by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw. Review by M. K. (1)
  • Jaap Kunst: Bibliografie by Ethnomusicological Department. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Information Leaflet (Ibecc/Cnfl/Doc. 455, de 4/10/60) of the Comissão Nacional de Folclore. Review by N. F.


  • African Music by Hugh Tracey. Review by W. R.
  • Folklore. Review by H. H.
North America
  • Ethnomusicology. Review by D. R.
  • Bulletin of the Folk Song Society of the Northeast. Review by E. K. W.
  • The Folklore and Folk Music Archivist, Vol. I, No. 4 and Vol. II, No. 3 to Vol. IV, No. 2 by George List. Review by M. S.
  • Midwest Folklore, Vol. X, No. 4 by W. Edson Richmond. Review by E. K. W.
  • Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin, Vol. XXVII, No. 2 by William J. Griffin. Review by E. K. W.
  • Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 74, No. 292 by Richard M. Dorson. Review by E. K. W.
  • Kentucky Folklore Record, Vol. VI, No. 4 by D. K. Wilgus. Review by E. K. W.
  • The American Record Guide by James Lyons. Review by M. S.
South America
  • Boletín del Instituto de Folklore, Vol. III, No. 8. Review by N. F.
  • Journal do Folclore, Ano 1, Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 6. Review by L. A.
  • Revista de Música, Año 1, No. 3. Review by N. F.
  • Hudobnovedné Štúdie (Musicological Studies), No. III by Jozef Kresánek. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Radostná Země (The Joyous Land). Vol. IX, 1-4 by Hana Podešová; Radostná Země (The Joyous Land). Vol. X, 1-4 by Hana Podešová; Radostná Země (The Joyous Land). Vol. XI, 1-2 by Hana Podešová. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Slovenská Hudba (Slovak Music) by Eugen Simúnek. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Slovenský Národopis (Slovak Folklore) by Božena Filová. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Foreningen til Folkedansens Fremme. Review by F. H.
  • Ar Soner, Nos. 118-123. Review by A. B.
  • Bulletin Folklorique d'Ile-de-France. Review by R. P.
  • Demos-Volkskundliche Informationen, Jahrgang I, Heft 2. Review by K. V.
  • Deutsches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde, Vol. V, No. 2; Deutsches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde, Vol. VI, Nos. 1 and 2. Review by W. D. S.
  • The Folklorist, Vol. 6, Nos. 1-5 by Henry R. Baldrey; Hausmusik by Richard Baum; Pro Musica. Review by E. D.
  • The Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vol. IX, No. 1 by Sara Jackson. Review by F. H.
  • Recorded Sound. Review by M. S.
  • Scottish Studies, Vol. 5, Part 1. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Index Ethnographicus, Vol. IV; Index Ethnographicus, Vol. V, No. 1. Review by J. S. W.
  • Néprajzi Közlemények (Ethnographical Bulletin), Vol. IV, No. 4; Néprajzi Közlemények (Ethnographical Bulletin), Vol. V, No. 1, No. 2. Review by J. S. W.
  • Studia Musicologica, Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Vol. I, fasc. 1-2, 3-4. Review by J. S. W.
  • Jahrbuch des Österreichischen Volksliedwerkes, Bd. IX und X. Review by W. S.
  • Revista de Folclor, Anul V, Nos. 1-2, 3-4. Review by A. L. L.
  • Heimatleben by Louise Witžig. Review by F. H.
  • Rad Kongresa Folklorista Jugoslavije u Zaječaru i Negotinu 1958. (Proceedings of the Congress of Jugoslav Folklorists, at Zaječar and Negotin in 1958) by M. S. Lalević. Review by B. K.
  • Rad Kongresa Folklorista Jugoslavije VI.-Bled 1959. (Proceedings of the Sixth Congress of Jugoslav Folklorists, Bled 1959) by Zmaga Kumer. Review by B. K.
  • Slovenski Etnograf (Slovenian Ethnographer), Letnik XIII by Boris Orel; Milko Matičetov. Review by B. K.
  • Acta Musicologica, Vol. XXXII, Fasc. II/III by Hans Albrecht. Review by L. E. R. P.


  • I canti popolari delle Marche by Lepanto de Angelis. Review by D. R.
  • Sorgiñ-Dantza by S. Barandiaran. Review by L. A.
  • Estética de Juan Ignacio de Iztueta by Salvador Barandiaran. Review by L. A.
  • Los problemas de la investigación del folklore musical chileno by Raquel Barros; Manuel Dannemann. Review by N. F.
  • Die erste Sammlung der lettischen Volkslieder von Gustav Bergmann by H. Biezais. Review by E. S.
  • Traditional Musical Instruments of the Rumanian People by Emilia Comişel. Review by A. B.
  • La jerigonza en la actual tradición by Bonifacio Gil Garcia. Review by N. F.
  • "Inleiding tot de modale ethiek in de middeleeuwen." (Introduction to the Ethical Characterization of Medieval Musical Modes) by Ernst Heins. Review by D. R.
  • Nochmals zur Frage der Sackpfeifen-Syrinx der Berliner Terrakotta No. 8798 by Hans Hickmann. Review by A. B.
  • Classification of Musical Instruments by Erich M. von Hornbostel; Curt Sachs; Anthony Baines; Klaus P. Wachsmann. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Narodnite pesni ot Smolyansko i Madansko by Nikolai Kaufman. Review by A. L. L.
  • El arsenal sonoro cubano by Argeliers Leon. Review by A. B.
  • La crécelle et les instruments des ténèbres en Corse by Geneviève Massignon. Review by A. B.
  • African Music by Alan P. Merriam. Review by D. R.
  • Chukchansi Yokuts Songs by A. P. Merriam; R. F. G. Spier. Review by M. K. (2)
  • La Valona by Roger Pinon. Review by A. A. B.
  • The Matachines Dance, a Ritual Folk Dance by J. D. Robb. Review by F. H.
  • Die Volksliedforschung in Deutschland und Österreich seit 1955 by Walter Salmen. Review by D. C.
  • Contribuicao ritmico-modal do canto gregoriano para a musica popular brasileira by José Geraldo de Souza. Review by B. R.
  • Zur Sammlung und Untersuchung albanischer Volksmusik by Erich Stockmann. Review by D. C.

Gramophone Records

  • A Musical Anthology of the Orient. Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iran I, Iran II by International Music Council. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Authentic Maori Chants, 1, 2 and 3. Kiwi Records EC-8, EC-9, EC-10. Review by M. McL
  • Five Virginian Folk Songs (With Dedication to L. B. P., Opus 34) and Five Traditional Children's Songs by John Powell. Review by M. K. (1)
  • Jeannie's Merry Muse. Review by P. S.-S.
  • Lieder der Welt. Band 2 Lieder aus der Türkei by Ruth Michaelis. Review by L. E. R. P.
  • Lieder der Welt. Vol. 3, Lapland; Lieder der Welt. Vol. 4, Love Songs from European Countries; Lieder der Welt. Vol. 5, French Drinking Songs; Lieder der Welt. Vol. 6, Portugal. Review by A. A. B.
  • Norsk Folke Musikk. Review by P. S.-S.


  • ‘Percy Grainger’ by Sidney Robertson Cowell, Maud Karpeles and Poul Lorenzen

Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Conference Held in Quebec

  • Programme
  • ‘Permanence de structures élémentaires dans la musique traditionnelle française vivante’ by Maguy Andral
  • ‘The Connection between the Precenting of Psalms on Cape Breton Island and in Colonial New England Churches’ by Sidney Robertson Cowell
  • ‘Les émigrants macedoniens en Amérique et le folklore macédonien musical’ by Živko M. Firfov
  • ‘The Musical Sources of Judaeo-Hispanic Romance’ by Edith Gerson-Kiwi
  • ‘Kwa-Kiutl Music’ by Ida Halpern
  • ‘Proposals for the Work of the IFMC Dance Commission’ by Felix Hoerburger
  • ‘Improvisation on the Javanese Gender’ by Mantle Hood
  • ‘Songs of Czechs and Slovaks Residing in America’ by Vladimir Klusak
  • ‘État Présent du Répertoire Musical Traditionnel Paysan en France et vues Comparées avec le Répertoire Français au Canada’ by Claudie Marcel-Dubois
  • ‘Negro French Spirituals of Louisiana’ by Harry Oster
  • ‘The Model b "Melograph". A Progress Report’ by Charles Seeger
  • Remise de Doctorats Honorifiques

Letters to the Editor

  • ‘Canadian Folk Song Collections’ by J. L. Campbell and Margaret Fay Shaw
  • ‘Bartók Memorial Conference’ by John S. Weissmann
  • ‘Dance Notation’ by Mireill Backer