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Minutes of the 20th Business Meeting, July 27 2018, Vienna, Austria


ICTM Joint Symposium of the Study Group on Music and Minorities

and the Study Group on Music and Gender

University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna-Austria, July 23 -30 2018 

Preliminary Program is avaible:

For the fouth time in the history of the International Council for Traditional Music, two study groups are joining forces in organizing a joint symposium. 

Each Study Group will feature three main themes and one that reflects common interest. Each Study Group will have its own program committee. Scholars are invited to send proposals and are strongly encouraged to attend the whole event, thereby contributing to its success.

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 19th ICTM Study Group Symposium “Music and Minorities”

Université Européenne de Bretagne, Rennes2, place Le Moal, F35043 Rennes, France

4 July – 8 July 2016

hosted by Yves Defrance and his team. We have now the final program and below is the list of contacts of the local committee which might be helpful.

Extensive information on travel please click here, and information about the accomodation you can find here.

this is the link to the official website of the local organizer, where you can register for the conference:

Musiques et Minorités dans le Monde -

Local Arrangements Committee:

Yves Defrance, Chairman of the Symposium, Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique, University of Rennes, France ;

Ronan Le Coadic, Professor for Regional studies, Chair for the Research Group ERMINE, University of Rennes, France

Stefan Moal, Assistant Professor in Breton language, CRBC, University of Rennes,

Yann Bévant, Assistant professor for Irish studies, CRBC, University of Rennes, France


Organizer for accomodation, travelling, etc.

Guy-Christopher Coppel, Vice-chair Kendeskin, Rennes,

+33 607 502 778

Yann Aubin, Secretary of the Linguistic Research Centre, University of Rennes, France

Registration fee will be 70 Euros.

Hope to see you in Rennes


Yves Defrance and Ursula Hemetek