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Program of the 8th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Maqām

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

8-11 November 2012.

Organisation of the 8th Meeting of the ICTM Study Group Maqam

International Council for Traditional Music

Academy of Music in Sarajevo

Musicological society FB&H


Academy of Music in Sarajevo, Josipa Stadlera 1/II, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Programme Committee

Jürgen Elsner, Germany

Gisa Jähnichen, Germany-Malaysia

Jean During, France

Jasmina Talam, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Program and schedule of meetings

Thursday, 8 November  2012.


16,00 Opening ceremony

17,00 – 18,00

Session 1

1. Gisa Jähnichen, Germany/Malaysia: "Maqam Principles in Peripheral Cultures"

2. Murat Okan Öztürk, Turkey: "The concept of şube (branch) as a tetrachordal classification method in the 15th century Ottoman makam theory and the enchiriadis theory: a hermeneutic interpretation"

3. Hooman Asadi, Iran: "The Shades of Modes: Comparative Analysis of Āvāz-e Bayāt-e Esfahān"

19,00 – Concert

Friday, 9 November  2012.

Session 2

10,00 – 11,30

1. Ali Fuat Aydin, Turkey: "The Melodic Characteristics of Greek Rebetika Music: A Comparative Study on the Dromos and the Maqams"

2. Nicolas Elias, France/Turkey: "The lavta and the recent introduction of the Istanbul makam in Greece"

3. Jasmina Talam, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "From Traditional to Modern: Ilahy in Bosnia and Herzegovina"

11,30 – 12,00 Coffee break

12,00 – 13,30

Session 3

1. Jasmina Huber, Germany: "Contemporary Maqam Practice in Jewish Community Belgrade Outlined by the Example of the Liturgical Hymn nishmat kol hay"

2. Vesna Ivkov, Serbia: "Adhan in the Tradition of Islamic Religious Community in Vojvodina"

3. Damir Imamović, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Sevdah reconsidered – a performer’s view on the genre"

13,30 – 15,30 Lunch break

15,30 – City Museum of Sarajevo

19,00 – Concert

Saturday, 10 November  2012.

10,00 – 11,00

Session 4

1. Risto Pekka Pennanen, Finland: "A Hundred Years of Makams and Modes in Bosnian Commercial Recordings, 1908-2008 – Developments in Improvised Musical Sections"

2. Fatima Hadžić, Lana Paćuka, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Oriental Musical Tradition during the Period of Austro-Hungarian Rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina"

11,00 – 11,30 Coffe break

11,30 - 13,00

Session 5

1. Elsner Jürgen, Germany: "A Turkish Contribution to Algerian Musical Culture: the Bashraf"

2. Ruth Davis, United Kingdom: "Maqam Legacies of the Tunisian Shaykhs"

3. Franc Križnar, Slovenia: "Turks in Slovenia and their Influences by Slovenian Music"

13,00 – 15,00 Lunch break

15,30 –  The National Museum

19,00 - Dinner offered by Academy of Music in Sarajevo and Musicological Society 

Sunday, 11 November  2012.

Free time/Departure