International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Young Scholars Fund

The Young Scholars Fund has been established by the International Council for Traditional Music to promote the involvement of young scholars in its activities, including World Conferences, Symposia, Colloquia, and Fora.

Young scholars are not limited to those of a certain age range, but are individuals at the beginning of their academic careers. They may be students currently enrolled in university studies or recent graduates. Preference will be given to scholars for whom other sources of funding are not available.

Applicants should use this form to apply for financial support from the Young Scholars Fund, outlining the activities they wish to be supported and the expected costs. Applications can be submitted at any time, but if for a scheduled event, they should be received by the Secretariat five months before beginning of the event. Funds cannot be used to support all the participants of an organized panel. Anyone receiving assistance will be expected to attend the entire event and to take advantage of economical on-campus accommodation, if available, and any other means to lessen costs.

Those applications which do not follow the above procedure and/or miss the deadline will be ineligible for support.

Study Group Biennial Allowance

A biennial Study Group allowance, funded through the Young Scholars Fund, is available to support the travel and/or accommodation of ICTM members who wish to present their research at Study Group symposia. Note that full funding for travel and/or accommodation will seldom be possible, so participants are strongly urged to seek funds to complement whatever ICTM may be able to supply to successful applicants.

Applications to attend a Study Group symposium that is not covered by the Allowance will usually be rejected, but exceptions will be considered if the applicant is from an area underrepresented in ICTM, the topic of the presentation is of special significance to the symposium, the Study Group Chair and Programme Committee Chair strongly support attendance, etc. 

Terms and conditions

  1. Regional priority. Only symposia held in underrepresented regions and countries shall be eligible for funding. Underrepresented regions and countries include but are not limited to Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South Asia.
  2. Affiliation. Only symposia of fully affiliated Study Groups are eligible for potential support.
  3. Collaboration. Study Group Chairs and Programme Chairs of qualifying symposia must be involved in the process of funding. The Study Group Chair initiates the application, and the symposium’s Programme Chair partners with the Secretariat and the appropriate Executive Board Committee when evaluating individual applications.
  4. Membership. Only ICTM members in good standing with accepted presentations to a qualifying symposium are eligible for funding. Presenters who are either not members or members with less than 1 year of membership are, however, eligible to apply to have their membership supported by the Secretariat for the year of the symposium.
  5. Previous funding. Applicants funded by the Secretariat in the two years prior to the symposium are not eligible to apply.

Timeline for 2021

  1. 1 January–1 June 2021. Study Group Chairs apply to the Fund, at least three months before the start of their symposia, using this application form.
  2. 1 January–1 June 2021. Applications for funding of symposia are evaluated by the Executive Board Committee concerning the Maud Karpeles, Young Scholars, and Other Funds. If an application is approved, the Study Group announces to its members that funding will be available to assist with the travel, accommodation, and other expenses of presenters to the symposium in question, as well as how to apply.
  3. Variable deadlines according to symposium’s dates. Presenters with accepted proposals to qualifying symposia apply for funding for a period agreed to in advance with the respective Study Group.
  4. Variable deadlines according to symposium’s dates. Once the deadline for abstract submissions is reached, the Executive Board Committee concerning the Maud Karpeles, Young Scholars, and Other Funds evaluates each individual application, in consultation with the symposium's Programme Committee and the Secretariat.
  5. Variable deadlines according to symposium’s dates. The Secretariat communicates decisions to applicants.
  6. First day of symposium. Successful applicants receive the allowance in cash during registration.