International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 52 (2020)

The Yearbook for Traditional Music is a refereed scholarly journal which carries essays, reviews, and reports in the area of traditional music and dance research.

General Editor:  Tong Soon Lee

Table of Contents

  • Guest Editors' Preface by Keith Howard and Tan Sooi Beng


  • ‘Allow Peace to Reign: Musical Genres of Fújì and Islamic Allegorise Nigerian Unity in the Era of Boko Haram’ by Debra L. Klein
  • ‘Fostering Reconciliation through Collaborative Research in Unama’ki: Engaging Communities through Indigenous Methodologies and Research-Creation’ by Marcia Ostashewski, Shaylene Johnson, Graham Marshall, and Clifford Paul
  • ‘Between Faqīr and Fankaˉr? Sounding Complex Subjectivities through Shah Jo Raˉg in Sindh, Pakistan’ by Huang Pei-Ling
  • ‘From Galilee Villages to the Mountains of Al-Sham: Local and Regional Musical Networks among Palestinian Arab Wedding Musicians in Northern Israel’ by Abigail Wood, Taiseer Elias, Loab Hammoud, and Jiryis Murkus Ballan
  • Naniwa-bushi in Hawai‘i: The Rise and Fall of a Japanese Narrative Art in Diaspora’ by Minako Waseda
  • ‘Forging Aztecness: Twentieth-Century Mexican Musical Nationalism in Twenty-First Century Los Angeles’ by Kristina F. Nielsen
  • ‘Women’s Role in Preserving Lament Songs in the Villages of Gjirokastër, Albania’ by Grijda Spiri
  • ‘Drumming and Dancing in Mahābhārata Performances of the Himalayas: Possession as Transitional States’ by Andrew Alter
  • ‘Looking for the Past: History and Change in Traditional Music Studies in Chile (1990–2020)’ by Christian Spencer-Espinosa

Book Reviews

  • Rebecca Dirksen. After the Dance, the Drums Are Heavy: Carnival, Politics, and Musical Engagement in Haiti. Review by Rebecca Sager
  • Margaret Kartomi, ed. Performing the Arts of Indonesia: Malay Identity and Politics in the Music, Dance and Theatre of the Riau Islands. Review by Made Mantle Hood
  • Victoria Lindsay Levine, and Dylan Robinson, eds. Music and Modernity among First Peoples of North America. Review by DJ W. Hatfield
  • Barley Norton, and Naomi Matsumoto, eds. Music as Heritage: Historical and Ethnographic Perspectives. Review by Helen Rees
  • Jessica Roda. Se réinventer au présent: Les Judéo-espagnols de France. Famille, communauté et patrimoine musical. Review by Vanessa Paloma Elbaz
  • Deborah Wong. Louder and Faster: Pain, Joy, and the Body Politic in Asian American Taiko. Review by Angela K. Ahlgren
  • Marié Abe. Resonances of Chindon-ya: Sounding Space and Sociality in Contemporary Japan. Review by Jennifer Milioto Matsue
  • Stefan Fiol. Recasting Folk in the Himalayas: Indian Music, Media, and Social Mobility. Review by Subash Giri
  • Sarah Weiss. Ritual Soundings: Women Performers and World Religions. Review by Piin-Shiuan Wu
  • Frank Gunderson. The Legacy of Tanzanian Musicians Muhidin Gurumo and Hassan Bitchuka: Rhumba Kiserebuka! Review by Kelly Askew

Audio Reviews

  • Yi Ji-young Gayageum Compilation—Silk Butterfly. Review by Jocelyn Clark
  • Gamelan Joged: Bali’s Orchestra of Bamboo Marimbas. Review by Elizabeth McLean Macy
  • Phursang Kelak Lama: Tibetan Buddhist Religious Music from the Kagyu School. Review by Anna Morcom
  • Veronica Doubleday and John Baily: Silken Threads. Review by Mark Slobin
  • Sound Portraits from Bulgaria: A Journey to a Vanished World 1966–1979 / Звукови картини от България: пътешествие в един изчезнал свят 1966–1979. Review by Gergana Panova-Tekath
  • Archives musicales d’Afrique de l’Ouest: Les années 1970 à Bouaké / Musical Archives of West Africa: The 1970s in Bouake (Collection Bernard Mondet). Review by Ignacio Agrimbau

Film/Video Reviews

  • “Purity Is for Chumps”: Filmmakers Reflect on Their Musical Traditions. Review by Giorgio Biancorosso
  • Mê Thảo Thời Vang Bóng (The Glorious Time in Mê Thảo Hamlet). Review by Barley Norton
  • Inside Llewyn Davis. Review by Timothy D. Taylor
  • Roma. Review by Jacqueline Avila
  • Flamenco Trilogy. Review by Estela Ibáñez-García
  • Dream of the Bridal Chamber. Review by Ling Zhang
  • Talíře nad Velkým Malíkovem (Flying Saucers Over Our Village / Flying Saucers Over Velký Malikov). Review by Michael Beckerman

Multimedia Reviews

  • Andrew Killick. 2020. Global Notation: Visualizing the World’s Music. Review by Victoria Lindsay Levine
  • Histories of the Ephemeral. Review by Richard Widdess
  • RomArchive—Digital Archive of the Roma. Review by Marko Kölbl
  • Sekuru’s Stories. Review by Claire Jones