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Application to 2021 ICTM Study Group Allowance

A biennial Study Group allowance, funded through the ICTM Maud Karpeles Fund and the ICTM Young Scholars Fund, is available to support the travel, accommodation, and/or other expenses of ICTM members who wish to present their research at Study Group symposia.

This form is used to apply to the 2021 cycle of the ICTM Study Group Allowance. It should be submitted by a Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or other elected official of an ICTM Study Group. For more information about the Allowance, please visit the webpages of the relevant funds. 

Only one application per Study Group is allowed.
The full name of the Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, or other elected official of a fully-affiliated ICTM Study Group.
Only symposia held in underrepresented regions and countries shall be eligible for funding. Underrepresented regions and countries include but are not limited to Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, and South Asia.
Describe the symposium and its importance for the Study Group, the underrepresented region where it will be held, and ICTM.
In order to qualify for funding, the symposium must be held during the 2021 calendar year.
The full name of the symposium's Programme Chair (or Co-Chairs, if applicable).