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Preliminary Programme of the 45th ICTM World Conference (11–17 July 2019, Bangkok, Thailand)

NOTEThis programme is being updated till the end of May.  Please check this page for the final programme after June 1 2019.  Thank you.

Each session in the programme has, in addition to its title, a unique identifier consisting of three components: a Roman numeral, a capital letter, and an Arabic numeral. The Roman numeral refers to the day of the conference (I-VII), the capital letter indicates a particular time period within each day (A=early morning, B=late morning, C=lunchtime, D=early afternoon, D=late afternoon, and E=evening), and the Arabic numeral identifies parallel sessions. As an example, the identifier IID05 describes the fifth parallel session held on the second day of the conference, in the early afternoon.

Chairs are listed in parenthesis following the session's title. Room codes are listed in square brackets following the session's title. Organised panels are identified with an asterisk (*) preceding the name of the panel. Plenaries, films, workshops and study group meetings are labelled accordingly.

Tan Sooi Beng & Keith Howard

Co-Chairs, Programme Committee, 2019 ICTM World Conference

Preliminary Conference Programme

Thursday, 11 July 2019

IA Opening Ceremony + Keynote address [LA]
09:00 Opening Ceremony  

Keynote Address:

Jarernchai Chonpairot

College of Music, Mahasarakham University

Transborder Theories and Paradigms in Ethnomusicological Studies of Folk Music: Visions for Mo Lam in Mainland Southeast Asia
11:30 – 12:00 Tea/Coffee break
IA01 Effects of ICH (Suraya Agayeva) [302]
12:00 Rachel Harris Intangible Cultural Heritage in China and Kazakhstan: Revitalizing the Uyghur Meshrep
12:30 Marílio Wane Evaluation of tha Safeguarding Action Plan for Timbila
IA02 Narco music (Chair TBA) [303]
12:00 Helena Simonett Popular Music and Mobile Identities: Alternative Definitions of National Belonging
12:30 Cathy Ragland Disentangling the Narco from the Corrido: Ethical and Aesthetic Implications of a Cultural Debate
IA03 Court traditions in history (Chair TBA) [402]
12:30 Julia Byl The Case for a Batak Nobat: Towards an Expansion of the Musical Malay World
IA04 (*) A Search for Meaning and Method in Music and Theatre Practice-based Research (Patricia Matusky) [403]
12:00 Patricia Matusky Discovering Music, Meaning and Movement Relationships in a Shadow Play Tradition in the Context of Practice-Based Methodology.
IA05 Appropriation and empowerment (Chair TBA) [301]
12:00 Zelma C.M. Badu-Younge Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Sharing and Ownership Through the Eyes of a Contemporary African Dancer-Choreographer in North America
12:30 Maya O. Brown The Black Banjo: On Disseminating Knowledge and Empowering Communities through Old-Time Music
IA06 Changes in church music (Chair TBA) [304]
12:00 George Worlasi Kwasi Dor Changing Saliences of Traditional Music in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana: Live Accounts of Walter Kormla Blege and Christopher Korbla Dewornu
12:30 Birgitta J. Johnson Before There Were Praise Teams: Praise and Worship in Gospel Music of the Late 20th Century
IA07 Media and Cross-Cultural Studies (Chair TBA) [401]
12:00 Hideo Daikoku, Simon Dixon, Marcus Pearce, Polina Proutskova, Shinya Fujii, Yoichi Kitayama, Peter Harrison, Adrien Ycart, Shoichiro Sato, Meng-Jou Ho, Emmanouil Benetos, Patrick Savage An Empirical Investigation of Cross-cultural Musical Aesthetics
12:30 Jit Gavee Theater Brass Band, the Birth, Role and Significance for Thai Society in Silent Film era 1897 – 1935.
IA08 Composition from practice (Chair TBA) [404]
12:00 Kirk Sullivan Processes of Choral Composition and Transmission in the Cook Islands
12:30 Lu Liu, Ivan Zavada  Sonic Voyage: The Sound of the Pipa
IA09 Participatory research (Chair TBA) [501]
12:30 Ons Barnat Using a Mobile Recording Studio as a Tool for Participatory Research-Creation: Towards a More Collaborative Ethnomusicology?
IA10 Sustaining court traditions (Chair TBA) [504]
12:00 Jungrock Seo The Meaning of Ilmu (Line Dance) of the Royal Ancestral Ritual in Korea
12:30 Zhang Luyao History and Inheritance: The Preservation and Maintenance of Traditional Music Cultural Heritage at Central Java Palace
IA11 Wedding music (Chair TBA) [601]
12:00 Latofat Tolibjonova The Pace of Musical Change: Uzbek Weddings
12:30 Tanja Halužan Between Traditional Models and Actual Practices: The Case of Wedding Music in Zagreb Area and the Issue of its Sustainability
IA12 Significance of vocables (Chair TBA) [312]
12:00 Teoh, Yang Ming Expressions of the Inexpressible: Vocables, Mountain Songs and the Social Status of the Indigenous People
12:30 Stephen Ithel Duran Melodic Inflection of Non-Lexical Syllables in Esoteric Buddhist Chant: A Comparative Approach
IA13 Paradigms for research (Chair TBA) [314]
12:00 Paschal Yao Younge Traditional African Music is a Total Work of Art: The Interdisciplinarity of the Musical Arts of Ghana
12:30 Sylvie Le Bomin What Tools, Which Method to Study the Links between Conception and Performance of Xylophone Music in Central Africa
13:00–14:30 Lunch
ID01 (*) Revisiting Global Notions of Genre and Performance in Southeast Asian Traditions (Mayco A. Santaella) [302]
14:30 Mayco A. Santaella Revisiting ‘Improvisation’: An Analysis of the Extemporaneous Construction of Sonic and Movement Motifs in Island Southeast Asia
15:00 Hafzan Zannie bin  Hamza Dancing, Choreographing, Playing and Performing: Main (play) in Malay folk dance
15:30 Christine May Yong Fusion Wayang Kulit: Challenging Boundaries for Shadow Play in Malaysia
ID02 (*) Moving in time and space: modern explorations of three male Indian dancers. (Urmimala Sarkar) [303]
14:30 Urmimala Sarkar Munsi Dancing “Oriental” Masculinity: Uday Shankar (1900 - 1977) and His Experiments in Modern Dance.
15:30 Debanjali Biswas Margin and the Metropoles: Journeys of Bipin Singh (1918-2000).
ID03 (*) Evaluating and Valuing Practice-Based Research in Ethnomusicology (Muriel E SWIJGHUISEN REIGERSBERG) [402]
14:30 Muriel E Swijghuisen Reigersberg Is it Research and Does it Matter? Exploring Definitions of Value around Applied Ethnomusicology and Practice Research
15:00 Aaron Corn Can ((non-)European) Musicians Think? Deexceptionalising Performative Practice as a Research Modality
15:30 Simon McKerrell Ethnomusicological Practice Research and Interdisciplinary Research in the UK
ID04 Experience and migration (Chair TBA) [403]
14:30 Thomas Solomon Reflections on Music and Exile: Experience, Aesthetics, and the Present-absence
15:00 Leonor Xóchitl Pérez From Farmworker to Mariachi Catalyst: The Migration of Jesus Sanchez and the Launch of the American School Mariachi Movement
15:30 Sashar Zarif-Ravanbakhsh Dimensions of an Experience: a Nomad-ology of Memories and Movements through Times and Places
ID05 Building sustainable communities (Chair TBA) [301]
14:30 Jerry Rutsate Youths Capturing Elusive Peace through Musical Arts: Africa Musical Arts Charitable Centre Trust Intervention with Masvingo City Street Children
15:00 Roberta R. King Welcoming New Neighbors: The Dynamics of Building Sustainable Communities through Music Performance
15:30 Edwin E. Porras Yo Saqué la Conga y la Guardé: Community Building among Neighborhood Conga Ensembles in Santiago, Cuba
ID06 Deconstructing gender perceptions (Chair TBA) [304]
14:30 Luo Ai Mei Popular Songs and Changing Notions of Hakka Womanhood in Taiwan
15:00 James M. Reddan Changing the Culture of the Choir: Inclusion, Cohesion, and Equality
15:30 Sanchai Uaesilapa Composing Traditional Solo Performance of Princess Palalertlaksanavalai: Deconstruction of Gender Perceptions in Thai Traditional Storytelling.
ID07 East Asian performance practice (Chair TBA) [401]
14:30 Andrea Giolai Sounding Out History. Performers’ Approaches to the Reconstruction of Japanese Gagaku Music
15:00 Horacio Curti Bethencourt Sound Aesthetics in Japanese Hōgaku. Arts-based Research through Music, Dance and Audio-visual
15:30 Lin, Shih-Chia An Examination of the Theory from QinZhi by Modal Analysis of the Versions of the Qin Piece QiaoGe: Theoretical Construction and Practical Development
ID08 (*) Musical Cognition as Cultural Knowledge in Yodeling of Northeastern Switzerland (Raymond Ammann) [404]
14:30 Raymond Ammann Memorization and Oral Tradition in Yodeling: Explanations through Mnemonic Systems?
15:00 Andrea Kammermann Differentiation and Recalling of Yodel Melodies by Lead Singers
15:30 Yannick Wey Gradhäbe: Accompanying Yodeling Voices Relying on Formal Awareness and Embodiment
ID09 Oral history and memory (Chair TBA) [501]
14:30 Jonathan Pickett Armenian National Memory and Liturgical Music
15:30 Maureen Russell Oral History and the Making of Institutional Memory: The "Oral Histories of UCLA Ethnomusicology" Project
ID10 Research paradigm and approaches (Chair TBA) [504]
14:30 Alexander Rosenblatt Christian Music in Jerusalem: Documentation, Research, and Cross-Cultural Realities
15:00 Matěj Kratochvíl Local Research and Global Politics. Ethnomusicological Research of Mining Communities in Former Czechoslovakia.
ID11 Songs and lyrics (Chair TBA) [601]
14:30 Mehdi Rezania Who Gets to Sing the Song: The Status of Classical and Popular Musicians in Contemporary Iran
15:00 Grijda Spiri Women’s Role in Preserving Lament Songs in the Villages of Gjirokastër, Albania
15:30 Surama Bera Reconceptualising Jhumur Song Lyrics of Purulia: Songs of Resistance and Revolt
ID12 Issues in transcription (Chair TBA) [312]
14:30 Ralf Martin Jaeger Emic Transcriptions of Performative Repertoires in Traditional Music Cultures of the 19th and early 20th Centuries
15:00 Lauryn Salazar The Transcription of Mariachi Music in the Academy
15:30 Ng, Kwok-wai Presence of Notation; Absence of Music: Some New Perspectives on the Study of Historical Tōgaku Notations
ID13 (*) Performing the Sacred: Religious Music and Performances in Contemporary Taiwan (Ya-Chen Lee) [314]
14:30 Chun-bin Chen Performing Rituals and Ritualizing Performances: (Re)defining Relationships in Taiwanese Aboriginal Musicals
15:00 Ya Chen Lee Construction of Christianity in Local Artistic Practice: Gospel Gezaixi in Contemporary Taiwan
IE Concert and welcome reception
16:00   Details TBA

Friday, 12 July 2019

IIA01 Roundtable — Developing Choreomusicology (kendra stepputat) [302]
09:00   Panellists: Elina Seye, Colin Quigley, Siri Mæland
IIA02 Roundtable — Music Advocacy, Community Collaborations, and Contemporary Identity Politics (christi-anne castro) [303]
09:00   Panellists: Christi-Anne Castro, Jesse A. Johnston, Kathleen Hood, James McNally
IIA03 (*) Sixty years of musical exchange between Bangkok and Los Angeles: Luang Pradithphairoh, David Morton, and their UCLA legacy (Helen Rees) [402]
09:00 Helen Rees UCLA's 1960s Acquisition of Thai Musical Instruments: Stories from the Archives
09:30 Anant Narkkong Distant Voices, Still Lives: Six Decades of David Morton's Contributions to the Study of Thai Traditional Music (1959-2019)
10:00 Supeena Insee Adler The Journeys of the Thai Musical Instrument Collection at UCLA: the Restoration and Teaching Process since 2015
IIA04 (*) The Animal Within: Exploring Ecologies of Human and Animal Relations in the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia, Panel I (Marie-Pierre Lissoir) [403]
09:00 Marie-Pierre Lissoir Performing the Natural and Supernatural in the Luang Prabang Cult of Naga
09:30 Matthew Constancio Maglana Santamaria Value Allocation and Collective Identity through the Philippine Corrido Adarna
10:00 Patricia Hardwick The Horsemen of Singapore: Animals Within and Malay Identity Politics in an Animate Urban Jungle
IIA05 Building sustainable communities II (Chair TBA) [301]
09:00 Juliette O'Brien Transcending Boundaries: The Power of Dance
09:30 Adeoluwa Okunade Strengthening Social and Communalbong through Dance of Insult
IIA06 Crossborder studies (Chair TBA) [304]
09:00 Gabriela Petrovic Music and Islam: Religious Vocal music through the Example of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina
09:30 Xin Xu Frontier as Centre: A Study of the Music of Cross-Border Ethnic Groups in China
10:00 Ikbal Hamzaoui When the Tunisian Guembri Meets the Mexican Leona
IIA07 Diasporic music nationalism (Chair TBA) [401]
09:00 Mark E. Perry Nostalgia and the Catalan Havanera
09:30 Budhaditya Bhattacharyya Politics of Music and Music of Politics - Anti-racism and "Bengali" Nationalism in London through "Bengali" music
10:00 Kristina Nielsen Transfigurations of Music Nationalism among Aztec Musicians
IIA08 (*) Listen!the body on stage is yelling! ——Three cases of exploring the relationship between the body posture and the construction of musical subject (puyol shih) [404]
09:00 Puyol Shih Studying the Informal Learning Tradition of Rock Musicians from the Live Performance of Guitarist Joe Satriani
09:30 Mingjia Zhang Studying the Ecological Crisis of Chinese Traditional Music from the Change of Body Gestures in the Tujia
10:00 Yixin Cao Studying the Cultural Identity of World Musicians from the Music Tape of the World Music Ensemble Silk Road
IIA09 Musical change through transmission (Chair TBA) [501]
09:00 Johannes Brusila The Impact of Digitalization on Minority Music: Dissemination and Diversification Among the Swedish-speaking Population of Finland
09:30 Sayumi Kamata How to Analyze the "Little-Written" Tradition? Transmission and Change of the Kabuki Percussion Ensemble
10:00 Sunhong Kim, Jessica Rossi The Effects on Musical Transmission and Performances of the Korean Legislation on National Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of Eunyeul Mask Dance Drama and Shamanism
IIA10 Structures and metaphors (Chair TBA) [504]
09:00 Filipe de Matos Rocha Jongo da Serrinha: Analytical Bases for a Ternary Typology
09:30 Beatriz Herrera Corado Through the Convex Lens: Converging Journeys of Contact Improvisation Practitioners
IIA11 Women make music  [601]
09:00 Kati Szego The ‘Ukulele in Guitar-players’ Hands
09:30 Seo Seung Im Daughter as Piano Player, Housewife as Gramophone User: Culturally Constructed and Refracted Gender Role of Women in Hausmusik Discourse
IIA12 (*) From Research-Based Practice to Practice-Based Research in Hungary (Pál Richter) [312]
09:00 Pál Richter How Did the Revival Musicians of the Táncház (Dance-House) Movement Inspire and Thematize Ethnomusicological Research, and Become Experts of It? (Comprehensive study)
09:30 Soma Salamon Practice-Based Analytic Approach in Ethnomusicology Through Transylvanian Flute Tradition (Case Study 1)
10:00 Attila Mihó In Search of Connecting Playing Techniques: Research Results on Hungarian Fiddle Tradition by a Professional Musician
IIA13 Community building (Chair TBA) [314]
09:00 Jennifer Fraser Building Community through Music: Working at the Interface between Applied Ethnomusicology, Community Music, and Community-Engaged Learning Pedagogy
09:30 Abetekova Altynai Boronchuevna Kyrgyz Kairyk - a Project of Modern Traditional Music
10:00 Lijuan Qian Working with NGOs from In and Outside Traditional Music
10:30 – 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
IIB01 PLENARY 1 — theme 1: Transborder flows and movements (David Hughes) [503]
11:00 Beverley Diamond Migration: A Historical Indigenous Case Study
11:30 Tina K. Ramnarine Music in the Histories and Legacies of Indian Indenture
12:00 Don Niles Voyager’s Musical Gift for the Cosmos: Expectations and Perceptions from Papua New Guinea
12:30 Margaret Kartomi Inter-Court Relations and the Spread of Nobat and Gamelan as Legitimacy Symbols in the Malay World in ca. the 13th to 20th Centuries
IIB02 Plenary 2 - Dialogue on Intangible Cultural Heritage with Timothy Curtis, Secretary of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage [MH]

Moderator: Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco

Discussants: TBA

13:00–14:30 Lunch
IIC01 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [604]
13:00   Performing Arts of Southeast Asia
IIC02 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [311]
13:00   Historical Sources
IIC03 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [313]
13:00   Sound, Movement and the Sciences
IIC04 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [314]
13:00   Mediterranean Music Studies (?)
IID01 Transnational Hip-Hop and Rap (Chair TBA) [302]
14:30 Ty-Juana T Taylor Christian Spoken Word and Resistance: Discussing the History and Impact of Christian Spoken Word in Los Angeles
15:00 Meghna Bhardwaj Mediating "Aspiration" and Conditions of Marginal Existence in the 21st century: The Growing "Hip-Hop Scene" among the Youth of Indian Slums
IID02 (*) The mutability of traditions, flexibility of music and dance identifications, and multiplicity of performativity in the Philippines (Felicidad A. Prudente) [303]
14:30 Felistina B. Pangsiw Turayan Music and Dance as Identity among the Madukayan People of Northern Philippines and Beyond
15:00 Jose R. Taton Jr. Pagpangalimog and Narrative Experience: Hearing Metaphysical (Hi)stories in Panay Bukidnon Music Genres
15:30 Felicidad A. Prudente Filipino Creativity, Hybridity, and Ideology: The Musikong Bumbong of the Tagalog People in the Philippines
IID03 Expressing social tensions and resistance I (Chair TBA) [402]
14:30 Nhlakanipho Ngcobo An Examination of Struggle Songs Recontextualised by the Economic Freedom Fighters Political Party to Mobilize Youth in South Africa.
15:00 Paola Andrade Gibram The Political Art of Nén Gá: Music, Dance and Other Expressive Forms of a Kaingang Indigenous Collective
15:30 Lorenzo Vanelli African American Hollers in the Jim Crow South
IID04 Decolonizing Music (Chair TBA) [403]
14:30 J Bryan Burton Kill the Indian to Save the Man: Successfully Resisting Colonialist Efforts to Destroy Native American Traditional Musics
15:00 Damascus Kafumbe Kabaka Muteesa II’s Musicians as Creative Intellectuals: Music History and Decolonization in Buganda
15:30 Uthpala Herath Praising the "Ideal-Leader": A Study of Musical Representation of Sinhala-Buddhist Ideology in Songs Sung to Praise Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa
IID05 (*) Constructing New Meanings for Wandering Musicians, (Re)placing Traditions, and Migrants in Search of Belonging (Chung Ming Lee) [301]
14:30 Chung Ming Lee (Re)placing Original Shakuhachi Music in Japanese Live House Spaces
15:00 Damien Chen Including the Excluded: Philippine Migrant Workers Rocking Sundays for Belonging in Taiwan
15:30 Rou Hua Chen Cross-border Movement and Surrogate Musicians in the Revival of Peikuan Amateur Music in Taiwan
16:00 Shih Yi Sun Wandering Musicians and Constructed Images of Hindustani Sitar Music in Taiwan
IID06 Ecology and action I (Chair TBA) [304]
14:30 Brian Diettrich Places in Song: Indigenous Musical Practices of Knowing and Experiencing Environments in the Western Pacific
15:00 Rebecca Sager Environmental Action at the Crossroads: Music, Haitian Vodou, and the Oneness of Being
IID07 Music history and reflection (Chair TBA) [401]
14:30 Grant Olwage Paul Robeson’s “Thoughts”: A Black Perspective in Comparative Musicology
15:00 Christian Spencer-Espinosa Following Sisyphus. History and Itineraries of Traditional Chilean Music Studies
15:30 Ilario Meandri – Andrea Rucli A Journey to Resia. Ella von Schultz Adaïewsky’s 1884 Manuscript and the Birth of Ethnomusicology in Europe
16:00 Ying-fen Wang An Outline History of (Ethno)musicology in Taiwan
IID08 (*) Practice-Based Research on Music & Dance Culture for Sustainable Community (Shin Nakagawa) [404]
14:30 Shin Nakagawa Reexamination of Traditional Performing Arts as a Key Cultural Resource for Sustainable Community; Beyond Dichotomy of Urban vs. Rural
15:00 Takako Iwasawa Creative Communication and Community Empowerment in Contemporary Thailand
15:30 Nantida Chandransu & Rewadee Uengpho Lost in Spirituality: Participatory Methods for Engaging Local Children in the Revival of Sea Gypsy Songs
16:00 Prapon Kumjim Discussant
IID09 Songs and lyrics II (Chair TBA) [501]
14:30 li Ping Research on Textual Patterns of Wuxi Xuanjuan and Narrative Singing Practices
15:00 Eshantha Peiris Text-Music Relationships in Un-texted Music of the Sri Lankan “Up-Country” Tradition
15:30 Divine Kwasi Gbagbo Constant Repertoire in Varying Performance Contexts: The Case of Djama Songs among the Youth in Ghana
16:00 Olaolu Lawal Yoruba Folksongs: Prospects for Today through Yesterday
IID10 Sound archives and collective memories (Chair TBA) [504]
14:30 Pedro de Moura Aragão Sound and Memories of Aveiro: Challenges and Questions in the Process of Building Collective Sound Archives in Urban Contexts
15:00 Ana Flavia Miguel The Implications of the 3 O’s Policy on Building Collaborative Sound Archives: the SOMA project
IID11 (*) Music and Dance in South India and the Diaspora (Jayendran Pillay) [601]
14:30 Balraj Balasubrahmaniyan An Analysis of the Migration of the Tanjore Court Music and Dance Tradition to the Concert Stage in the 19th and 20th Centuries
15:00 Jayendran Pillay When the Gods Dance in the Sky: An Analysis of a Tamil Sri Lankan Canadian Kavadi Festival
15:30 Bianca L. Iannitti The Pollution of a Tradition?: A Case Study of the Queer Female Identity in Bharatanatyam
16:00 Hari Krishnan Celluloid Classicism: Intertwined Histories of the South Indian "Dance Revival" and Early South Indian Cinema
IID12 Circulation of music (Chair TBA) [312]
14:30 Anne Caufriez The Epic Song, A Common European Heritage
15:00 Tatevik Shakhkulyan David of Sassoun: Armenian Epic Songs beyond Home Environment
15:30 George Pioustin A Confluence of Two Worlds: Exploring the Past and Present of Christian Compositions in Carnatic Music
16:00 Behrang Nikaeen The Ashiq Genre in Iran: Interactions Between Musicians and Audience
IID13 (*) Continuity and Change in Myanmar's Performing Arts - panel 1 (Lorenzo Chiarofonte) [314]
14:30 Heather MacLachlan Christian Involvement in Burmese Performing Arts: Crossing Ethnic and Religious Lines
15:00 Kathryn Hansen The Parsi Theatre in Burma: A Forgotten Story
15:30 Friedlind Riedel Sinister Ears. Listening According to a Myanmar Legend
16:00 Henry Ashworth Changing Contexts of the Maha Gita: Denationalisation and State Patronage
16:30 – 17:00 Tea/Coffee break
IIE01 Mapping sustainability (Chair TBA) [302]
17:00 Bussakorn Binson Mapping the Cultural Heritage of the Performing Arts in Bangkok
IIE02 The State and music I (Chair TBA) [303]
17:00 Keith Howard Sustaining the North Korean State through Songs
17:30 Alexander M. Cannon Development, Rupture and Loss in Southern Vietnamese Music Practice
18:00 Maria Espirito Santo, Maria de São José Côrte-Real Fado and Nationalist Behaviors: Expressive Communication beyond Memory from Portugal to the World
IIE03 Expressing gender (Chair TBA) [402]
17:00 Kjell Muller Skyllstad A Megaphone for the Disenfranchised - The Voice and Work of Deeyah Khan
17:30 Michael Ohene Okantah Junior (Re)constructing Identity, and (Re)defining notions of Beauty through Traditional Music and Dance: A Study on Ghana’s Most Beautiful Television Pageant.
18:00 Deise Lucy Oliveira Montardo “Indigenous Popular Music " in Brazil, What Artists are Showing?
IIE04 Contestations in Indonesian studies (Chair TBA) [403]
17:00 Andrew N. Weintraub Music in a Time of Mass Murder
17:30 R. Anderson Sutton Court, Region, and Contemporary National Culture: Four Perspectives on the Performing Arts of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IIE05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
17:00 Shaun Williams Zakarpattia: Music, Tradition, and Identity in a Ukrainian Borderland
IIE06 Cultural politics in Asia (Chair TBA) [304]
17:00 Tian Gangcan Musical Works as Political Commentary: Trauma and the Subversion of Genre in Wang Xiling’s First Piano Concerto Op. 56
IIE07 Education towards sustainability I (Chair TBA) [401]
17:00 Mareia Quintero Rivera Music Traditions and Popular Education in Puerto Rico: Reflections at the Crossroads of Social Action and Cultural Practice
17:30 Cai Kunkun Cultural Identity Construction in Music Education: an Analysis into the Music Education in Department of Karawitan in Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta
IIE08 Expressing identity and meaning II (Chair TBA) [404]
17:00 Ta-Hsin, Kuo Let’s Sing Bolero: Music Revival and Nostalgia in Vietnam
17:30 Brooke Phan Representation and Identity: The Migration of Nhạc Vàng and Bolêro Music in the Vietnamese Diaspora
18:00 Agustin Mustikawati; Kun Setyaning Astuti Jaran Kepang Temanggung: Between Innovation and Identity
IIE09 Expressing social tensions and resistance II (Chair TBA) [501]
17:00 Anna Oldfield Memories Don’t Burn: Soviet Censorship and the Azerbaijani Bard
IIE10 Issues in Ethnochoreology (Chair TBA) [504]
17:00 Filip Petkovski The “Ethno” in Ethnochoreology: Local Discourses in a Global World
IIE11 Migration and cultural confluence (Chair TBA) [601]
17:00 Charles Nyakiti Orawo Effects of Community Migration on Music Traditions in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.
17:30 Mihir Shekhar Bhonsale Acculturation through Migration: Ka Pung Tai or Khamti Dance Dramas in Perspective
18:00 Meddegoda Lekamlage Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda Idealization and Individuation in Globally Expanding Performance Practices: The Parsi Theatre as a Cultural Channel between South and Southeast Asia
IIE12 Fusion composition (Chair TBA) [604]
17:00 Kirsten Seidlitz Violin and Piano in Kurdish Music
17:30 Emmanuel Osei-Owusu The Adaptation and Re-contextualization of African Indigenous Musical Elements in Contemporary Orchestral Music Composition and Performance in Ghana.
18:00 Marie Agatha Ozah Reading Joshua Uzoigwe’s Music: A Symbiosis of Folk music, Western Classicism and Modernism
IIE13 Performance research through fieldwork (Saida Yelemanova) [314]
17:00 Ulrich Morgenstern Music-making in the Field and Beyond. Performance-aided Research and Research-aided Performance in Ethnomusicology
17:30 Kai Viljami Åberg

Collaborative Fieldwork via Musicality - Challenges of Practice-based Research among the Roma in Finland and Elsewhere

IIE14 workshop
17:00 -    
IIF01 (Chair TBA) [301]
18:30 N/A Student and Early Career Researchers (SECR) Group

Saturday, 13 July 2019

IIIA01 Roundtable — Empowering 21st century workforce skills through creative transmission and multiple pathways in the performing arts (clare suet ching chan) [302]
09:00   Panellists: Clare Suet Ching Chan, Toh Lai Chee, Anthea Skinner, Khanithep Pitupumnak, Liza Lee
IIIA02 Instrumental musical expression I (Chair TBA) [303]
09:00 Susanne Fürniss Innovation Crushing Cultural Memory: Harps in South Cameroon
09:30 Ubochi Stella Igbokwe Sound and Sense: Echoes of Tradition in Íkòrò Dance Music Among Ndoki People of Nigeria
09:00 Michiko Hirama Noblewomen (Non-)Performing Like Flowers: An Analysis of The Tale of Benji Japanese Classical Literature from the Early Eleventh Century
09:30 Britta Sweers Ecofeminism and Ethnomusicology: Possibilities and Challenges
10:00 Barbara L. Hampton Gendered Authority: African American Women Conductors in Gospel Churches
IIIA04 Soundscapes and experiences (Chair TBA) [403]
09:00 Diana Grguric Aural Experience: Explore the Soundscape of Tourist Destinations
09:30 Bożena Muszkalska A Sonic Aspect of History of the Jewish Minority in Interwar Wrocław (Breslau)
10:00 Ana Pais Soundaffectscapes in Cultural and Artistic Performances
IIIA05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
09:00 Terada Yoshitaka Crossing over the Arirang Pass: Zainichi Korean music
IIIA06 Dance and social relations (Chair TBA) [304]

Raphaël Blanchier

Embodying Values, Experiencing Relations. Bii Biyelgee Dance Events and the Circulation of Affect Under the Mongolian Nomadic Yurt
09:30 Amos Darkwa Asare and Madinatu Bello Conceptualizing Adowa Dance as Expressive Mechanisms in (Contemporary) Ghana
10:00 Elizabeth Kimzey Batiuk Kinetic Conversation: Discourse, Interpretive Community, and National Culture in Abakuá Dance-Music of Cuba
IIIA07 Festivals and heritage (Chair TBA) [401]
09:00 Adesipe Enitolorunyan Adekunle Dance of the Maidens in Northern Nigeria: A Case Study of Ovia-Osese as an Agent of Cultural Retention
09:30 Yimshen Naro Jamir Reclaiming the Naga Heritage: A Case Study of the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland
10:00 Geraldine Law Ming Ming, Diana Davis Going, Going, Gone : The Fate of Malaysia's Traditional Festival Music
IIIA08 Museums and cultural memory (Chair TBA) [404]
09:00 Samuel Mund, Christoph Hölzel, Samuel Weigel Music as a Knowledge Repository in Museum Practice
09:30 Iskra Rojo Documentation on Dance Costumes Associated with Music and Sound in the National Museum of Cultures of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (MNC-INAH), Mexico
10:00 Liangyi Ethnical Voice, Cultural Memory and Multiple Identity: Taking the "Tujia Folk Museum" of Enshi Girls’ Town as an Example
IIIA09 Recreating traditions (Chair TBA) [501]
09:00 Hei Ting Wong (Re-)Constructing Traditions and Identities: A Case Study of the Department of Thai Music of Chulalongkorn University
09:30 MI Pengxuan Invented Traditions and Regional Identities: Chaozhou Temple Festival in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
10:00 Ai Fujimoto Bon Dances in Olympic Games and the Nationalism in Japan
IIIA10 The State and music II (Chair TBA) [504]
09:00 Matthew Werstler The Geography of Song: Place, Identity and Practice of "Named Melodies" in Southwest China
09:30 Wu Ninghua, Wang Wei Changes and Reconstruction of Zhuang Folksong Rhyme Pattern among Zhuang People in China
10:00 Pragati Gautam The Indian State and the Songs of the National Development
IIIA11 (*) Traditional music of some ethnic groups in Central Highlands in Viet Nam - reality and challenges (Trần Quang Hải) [601]
09:00 Minh Hương Phạm Music In Festivities And the Rơ Măm’s Life In Viet Nam
09:30 Anh Tuấn Lê, Nguyen Thuy Tien How Changes in Folk Musical Instruments Reflect Changes in Traditional Music Of the Êđê and Jơrai Ethnic Groups In Central Highlands Today
10:00 Văn Toàn Lê Folk Songs Of The Êđê, M’nông, And Jơrai Ethnic Groups: Past And Present
IIIA12 Opera in Africa and Asia (Fatima Nurlybayeva) [312]
09:00 Bode Omojola Toward an African Operatic Voice: Composition, Dramaturgy and Identity Strategies in New Yoruba Opera
09:30 Galiya Begembetova Transborder Masters: Transition of Traditional Musician from Ethnic to Westernized Music Making in Kazakhstan
10:00 Akiko Sugiyama Newspapers and Government Gazettes as Sources of Music History: A Case Study on the Dissemination of Western Opera in Maritime Asia, c. 1800-1850s
IIIA13 (*) Contemporary Minangkabau performing arts; theatre, martial arts, dance and percussion. Performance-based indigenous research, from West Sumatra, Indonesia (Susa Rita Loravianti) [314]
09:00 Susas Rita Loravianti Silat as the basis of Minangkabau Dance Choreography in West Sumatra, Indonesia
09:30 Nursyirwan Talempong Music from West Sumatra, Indonesia: Indigenous Approaches to Tonality
10:00 Sahrul Nazar The Transfomation of Randai into Contemporary Theatre
10:30 – 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
IIIB01 (*) Connecting Culture and Childhood: Repatriation, music sustainability, and young people (Beverly Diamond) [302]
11:00 Anita Desire Asaasira “Is this Music Ugandan?” Impact of Repatriated Sound Recordings on Urban Youth Musicians’ Perceptions of Traditional Music in Uganda
11:30 Tiffany Pollock & Andrea Emberly Young Peoples’ Perspectives on the Sustainability of Musical Cultures in (Re)settlement Contexts
12:00 Mudzunga Junniah Davhula & Elelwani Ramaite-Mafadza From Archive to Artist: Re-creating, Repatriating and Revitalizing Vhavenda Musical Traditions in South Africa
12:30 Dominic D.B Makwa Bridging a Communication Gap? Children Reinterpreting Archival Music for Community Mobilization among the Bagisu in Bududa District, Uganda
IIIB02 Roundtable — Islam, Sufism and Performing Arts in Southeast Asia (Mohd anis md nor) [303]
11:00   Panellists: Mohd Anis Md Nor, Sumarsam, Anne K. RasmussenRaja Iskandar Bin Raja Halid
IIIB03 (*) Performing Queerness across Borders: Flows and Movements of Identities and Activism in Latin America and the United States (Andres R. Amado) [402]
11:00 Andres R. Amado Yo Viviré: Performing Queerness and Latinidad at the U.S-Mexico Border in the Age of Trump
11:30 Adrienne C. Alton-Gust Queer Artivismo: Celebrating Intersections of Latinx and LGBTQ Identities
12:00 Marci R. McMahon Sonic Intimacies in Monica Palacios’s I Kissed Chavela Vargas
IIIB04 Online musicking (Chow Ow Wei) [403]
11:00 Raquel Campos Online Musicking Rituals: Memes, Games and Mourning on Social Media
11:30 Juan Bermúdez Which Music? Nobody Plays… Nobody Knows: Reflections on Ethnographic Work in a Digital Musicking Environment.
12:00 Eva Rapoport Spirits in the Age of Digital Reproduction: On-line Representation of Traditional Javanese Trance Dance
12:30 Liang Xinhui Crosscurrents of Popular Music and Traditional Chinese Culture as Social Critique in Virtual Pop
IIIB05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
11:00 Antti-Ville Kärjä More Fast-paced Polkas and Things
12:00 Marco Lutzu, Diego Pani Trajos. Making Music in Sardinia Today
IIIB06 (*) Building Bridges, Putting Down Roots: The Role of Performance in Ethnomusicological Research (Anna Yates-Lu) [304]
11:00 Anna Yates-Lu Whose Ethnomusicology Is It Now? Studying P’ansori in Korea Today
11:30 Sarah Morelli Participant-Observation on the Professional Stage: Interrogating Translocal Practices in Kathak Dance
12:00 Zoe C. Sherinian Teaching Amateur “Insiders” in the Diaspora: Representing Neglected Meanings through Activist Pedagogy
12:30 Jocelyn Clark The Expatriation of Bi-Musicality: When “The Field” Becomes Home
IIIB07 (*) Contemporary Development of Ramayana Theatre in Southeast Asia (Madoka Fukuoka) [401]
11:00 Madoka Fukuoka Ramayana Performance in Javanese Dance Drama
11:30 Sam-Ang Sam Reamker: The Glocalization of Khmer Versions of Ramayana
12:00 Yoshiaki Takemura Identification of Traditional Values in the Performance of the Ramayana amongst the Indian Diaspora in Singapore.
12:30 Shota Fukuoka Southeast Asian Ramayana in a Museum of Japan
IIIB08 Education towards sustainability II (Chair TBA) [404]
11:00 Oshio, Satomi Shōga (Mnemonic singing) as a Learning Tool of Japanese Traditional Music at School
11:30 Placida Staro Get Lost and to Find Ourselves: the Prevention and Care Paths from Music/Dance of the Local Tradition to the Institutional Setting in Italy.
12:00 Marie-Christinne Clarisse "New Colonisers" at Play in Music Education in Multicultal and Postcolonial Mauiritis
12:30 Otamere Osarodion Emmanuel Benin Traditional Music: A Tool for Societal and National Reconstruction
IIIB09 (*) Motion Capture – a new type of data for ethnomusicology/choreology? (Rainer Polak) [501]
11:00 Rainer Polak MoCap Goes Fieldwork: Recording Drum/Dance Performance with Motion Capture Technology in Mali
11:30 Lara Pearson Gesture in South Indian Art Music: Technologies, Data, and Analytical Methods
12:00 Christopher Dick Fieldwork in the Lab – Tango Dancers in MoCap Suits
12:30 Filippo Bonini Baraldi How Motion Capture Images Transformed Roma Musicians in Supernatural Beings
IIIB10 (*) Music, Culture, and Sustainable Development: Perspectives from/on Ghana (Florian Carl) [504]
11:00 Eyram Fiagbedzi Self-Conscious Renewal of Tradition: Reflections on Bɔbɔɔbɔ Performance of the Ewe of Ghana
11:30 Florian Carl Musical Sustainability and Cultural Policy in Ghana: The Role of Digital Ethnomusicology
12:00 Simon Mariwah Discussant
IIIB11 Practice-based perspectives (Chair TBA) [601]
11:00 Julija Novosel My Song, Your Song: A Perspective on Application of Performance Practice-Based Research in Indonesia
11:30 Gianira Ferrara Playing for the Camera: Issues on Recording Timbila during Fieldwork in Mozambique
12:00 Victoria Polti From Accustemology to Embodiment: An Approach to the Sounds Impressed through the Improvisation by Signs
IIIB12 (*) Competition as a Space for Creation and Negotiation in East and Southeast Asian Performing Arts (Ako MASHINO) [312](*)
11:00 Gaku Kajimaru Two Evaluation Poles of Japanese Min’yō and their Consequence in Competitions: Local Single-Song Contests and Kakeuta Contests
11:30 Ako Mashino Competition as a Driving Force Transforming Tradition: A Case Study of Lomba Gender Wayang in Bali, Indonesia
12:00 Yukako Yoshida Staging a Ritual Dance in a Competition: Roles and Impacts of Rejang Renteng Contests in Bali and Beyond
12:30 Sangwoo Ha A Sanctuary To Deconstruct Gender Binary : K-pop Dance Competition in Malaysia
IIIB13 (*) Continuity and Change in Myanmar's Performing Arts, Part 2 (Friedlind Riedel) [314]
11:00 Sayuri Inoue Bazat-hsaing or Mouth-music: Oral Transmission Systems of Burmese Classical Songs
11:30 Anne Greenwood Sound on Screen: Digital Representations of Myanmar Music
12:00 Lorenzo Chiarofonte Symbolic Creatures: Performing Mythical and Natural Animal Spirits in Urban Burmese Possession Cults
13:00–14:30 Lunch
IIIC01 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [604]
13:00   Ethnochoreology
IIIC02 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [311]
13:00   Music and Dance of Oceania
IIIC03 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [312]
13:00   Audiovisual Ethnomusicology
IIIC04 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [313]
13:00   Music of the Turkic-speaking World
14:30   44th Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of Members
16:30 – 17:00 Tea/Coffee break
IIIE01 Cultural diplomacy (Chair TBA) [302]
17:00 Ilana Webster-Kogen Umm Kulthum in Jaffa: Arab-Jewish Borderland Encounters over Seven Decades
17:30 Rowan Pease A Cross-Border Life and Legacy: Zheng Lücheng
IIIE02 Dance and embodiment (Chair TBA) [303]
17:00 Judith E. Olson From Research to Performance and Back Again—Understanding Hungarian Dance and Music through Embodiment
17:30 Muhammad Noramin Bin Mohamed Farid Traditional Dance Forms in Dialogue: Performance-Lecture as Intercultural and Critical Performance Practice in the Nation-State
18:00 Jakari Sherman Who Are the Step Masters?
IIIE03 Ecology and sustainability (Chair TBA) [402]
17:00 Alyssa Mathias "Harmonic Music, Harmonic People": Conversations about Ethics, Music, and Sustainability in an Armenian Mining Town
17:30 Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan, Judeth John Baptist Music in the Final Monungkiyas Rinda Ceremony of the Mamahui Pogun (Cleansing the Universe) among the Lotud of Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia
IIIE04 Expressing identity and meaning (Chair TBA) [403]
17:00 Shzr Ee Tan Wearing Ethnomusicology
17:30 Jacob Rekedal What is Mapuche about Hip-hop? The case of Chicha con Harina
18:00 Sofia Isabel Fonseca Vieira Lopes Made in Portugal – Eurovision Song Contest as a Gathering Point for Portuguese and European identities
IIIE05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
17:00 Marcia Ostashewski, Shaylene Johnson Reconciliation through Research at Kun'tewiktuk
18:00 Nepomuk Riva, Christopher Yusufu Mtaku Endangered Music - The Borno Music Documentation Project
IIIE06 Gender and queer perspectives (Chair TBA) [304]
17:00 Samuel Rafael Garcia Controversial Drag: Music, Community, and Drag in Taipei’s Queer Nightlife
17:30 Yin-Hsuan Dai Dancing Queerly with the Rhythm: An Analysis of Androgynous Performances Beyond K-Pop Music-Scapes Taking f(x) Amber Liu as a Case Study
IIIE07 Music therapy (Chair TBA) [401]
17:00 Vich Boonrod Bamboo Bell: The Newly-invented Musical Instrument for Elders
17:30 Ruwin Rangeeth Dias The Importance of Tempo in North Indian Music Therapy: A Special Reference to Hypertension Patients
18:00 Jonathan McCollum Sound and Satori: Hear the Sound and Understand the Way
IIIE08 Regional Thai music (Chair TBA) [404]
17:00 Ong-art Inthaniwet Musical Identity of the Dara-Ang Ethnic Group in Thailand
17:30 Thitipol Kanteewong Music Characteristic of Khon Muang: Traditional Rhythmic Patterns of Puja Drum Performances in Pua District, Nan Province, Thailand
IIIE09 Sound, movement and ritual in Africa (James K. Makubuya) [501]
17:00 Camille Devineau The Analyses of Music and Dance as a Means to Grasp a Relationship between Humans and Bush Spirits
17:30 Eric Koome Murianki Situating Kwara Nkoro in Kirarire and Authi Circumcision Music of the Amiiru People of Kenya
18:00 James Esinkuma Amaegbe Resurrecting Spirit Manifest of Nembe Kingdom in Niger Delta, Nigeria, for Sustainable Development
IIIE10 Sounds of Islam and migration (Chair TBA) [504]
17:00 Shahwar Kibria Moving Musics: Migration, Displacement and the Making and Unmaking of Sufi Music in South Asia
17:30 Jeffrey Dyer Contested Sounds, Contested Space: Muslims Constructing Lived Spaces and Meaningful Places in Mandalay, Myanmar
18:00 Pushpita Mitra The Performativity of Nazrul Sangeet: Analysing the Khayal-style songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam
IIIE11 The body in dance in India (Chair TBA) [312]
17:00 Aishika Chakraborty Dancing Dirty in Sacral Theatres: The Cabaret Queen of Calcutta
17:30 Sabiha Mazid Performing Music: Aesthetics, Body and Music Reality Shows in India
18:00 Ammamuthu Ponnambalam Rajaram The Competitory Choreography, the Educing Dancing Style from the Dance Reality Shows of Tamil Nadu, India.
IIIE12 (*) Continuity and Change in Myanmar's Performing Arts, Part 3 (Hsin-chun Lu) [314]
17:00 Tasaw Hsin-Chun Lu Challenge, Compromise, and Cohesion: Transmitting Myanmar Hsaing-waing Music in a Taiwan’s World-Music Ensemble Class Setting
17:30 Gavin Douglas The Sound World of Myanmar Buddhism
18:00 Ne Myo Aung Promote, Preserve and Share: The Gitameit Burmese Music Archiving Projects
18:30 Kit Young Discussant
IIIE13 Workshop — Throat Singing  [614]
17:00 - 18:30 Trần Quang Hải Workshop of Throat Singing

Monday, 15 July 2019

VA01 Cross cultural pop and identity (Chair TBA) [302]
09:00 J. Lawrence Witzleben Transnationalism and Transformation in the Songs of "Crazy Rich Asians"
09:30 John Napier From Traditionalists to Glocalists (and Back): Young South Indian Performers in Australia
10:00 Yang Hsiao-En Kupa Orchestra (Taiwan Cuban Boys) and Their Latin Music Identity
VA02 (*) From Performing Specific Finger Codes to the Function of Musical Memories and the Re-use of Traditional Genres in Cultural Associations of China (XIAO Mei) [303]
09:00 Yan Xu A Study Through Performance: How To Get the YUN in Teochew Music?
09:30 LI Ya Reviving Sonic Memories from the Past: Historically Informed Performance in Jiangnan Sizhu
10:00 Cheng Zhiyi Out of the Recorders: Re-constructing the Sounds of Tradition
VA03 Learning through performance (Chair TBA) [402]
09:00 Patricia Achieng Opondo Performance as an Analytical Framework in Applied Ethnomusicological Projects
09:30 Ilaria Meloni Foreign Sindhen in Practice: Learning, Performing and Researching the Javanese Female Singing
10:00 Dan Bendrups Towards an Ethnomusicology of Practice-Based Research: the Performance Doctorate Context
VA04 (*) The Animal Within: Exploring Ecologies of Human and Animal Relations in the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia, Panel II (Patricia Ann Hardwick) [403]
09:00 Made Mantle Hood Mobilizing a Movement: Pop Artists’ Fight to Protect Bali’s Contested Environment
09:30 Lonán Ó Briain “I Choose Formosa Fish!”: The Cultivation of Environmental Awareness through Vietnamese Song
10:00 Megan Collins Performing Arts and Post-Disaster Needs Assessments: Communicating Ontological Difference in Indonesia.
VA05 Chinese puppet theatre in Indonesia (Chair TBA) [301]
09:00 Kaori Fushiki Wayang Potehi as One of Indonesian “Wayang
09:30 Xiao Gao Modernising Tradition: Recent Developments in Wayang Potehi Puppet Theatre of the Chinese Diaspora in Contemporary Indonesia
10:00 Yuan-Hsin Tung Revitalizing Chinese Tradition: Transformations of Chinese Glove Puppet Theatre (Wayang Potehi) in Contemporary Indonesia
VA06 City street music (Chair TBA) [304]
09:00 Juracy do Amor Cardoso Filho Invisible Music - Bodies and Sonorities Excluded
09:30 Daniel Tércio Exploring the City Rhythms
10:00 Kritika Tandon Shifting Soundscapes: Experience of Unfamiliar Sound, Language and Music through Migration
VA07 Experience and identity (Chair TBA) [401]
09:00 Moshe Morad Music and/as Identity Among Undocumented Labor Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Israel
09:30 Christian Onyeji Abigbo and the Music of the Distant Present: Processing Indigenous Music as Indicator of Communal Experiences among the Mbaise Igbo
10:00 Mei Artanto From Pakem to Ornamentation: Transformation of Keroncong Music in Yogyakarta
VA08 Music, Caste, Class (Chair TBA) [404]
09:00 Saumya Mani Tripathi Nirgun Songs in the Landscape of North India
09:30 Raudhatul Jannah Space Contest and Political Class Representation of Peddler Music
10:00 Anuran Dasgupta Dancing African-ness: The Transnational Identity of the Siddi Dammal
VA09 Musical instruments (Chair TBA) [501]
09:00 Gisa Jähnichen De-Academizing Organology in Particular Asian Research Communities
09:30 Onny Nur Pratama DAMBUS: A Study of Phenomenology Examines the Background of the Meaning of Deer Animal Representation on Dambus Musical Instruments on Bangka Island
VA10 Sound, movement and ritual in Asia (Chair TBA) [504]
09:00 Yaoreipam MK Singing and Personhood: Reflection on Mortuary Rituals and Transformation of the Tangkhul Nagas
09:30 Garrett Kam REJANG GONE WRONG Conflicts in Promoting a New Javanese Style Balinese Dance as Sacred for a Secular Event
10:00 Decha Srikongmuang Insight into the Devotional: Aesthetic Expressivity of Thai Traditional Music within Sacred Naphat Melodies
VA11 Roundtable — Towards an alliance for distributed music data? (Hande Saglam) [601]
09:00   Panellists: Ardian Ahmedaja, Alex Hofmann, Peter Kniees, Tomasz Miksa, Hande Sağlam
VA12 Minority issues (Chair TBA) [312]
09:00 Mary E. Saurman Adaptations in Acquisition: Autogenic Song Transmission and Transformation for the White Hmong in Northern Thailand
09:30 Magda Dourado Pucci Aspects of Paiter Suruí Oral Art.
10:00 Jarrod Sim An Acoustemology of the Paiwanese Nose-Flute
VA13 Therapy I (Chair TBA) [314]
09:00 Madoka Tsuchida Deaf Dancers: the Case Study of "Deaf Village"
9:30 Sun Jiaxin “Tanztheater” After Pina Bausch: Ideas of Purity and Therapy in Modern Chinese Dance Theater
10:30 – 11:00 Tea/Coffee break

PLENARY 1 — theme 2: music, dance and sustainable development

(*) Digital environments of Indigenous song: approaching music vitality and sustainability in the twenty-first century (Sally Treloyn) [MH]

11:00 Sally Treloyn, Rona Charles, John Divilli, Lloyd Nulgit, and Pete O'Connor New Worlds of Junba: The Role of Digital Tools in the Resurgence of Junba Practice in the Kimberley
11:30 Reuben Brown, Isabel O’Keeffe, Jamie Milpurr, David Manmurulu, Jenny Manmurulu, Renfred Manmurulu and Rupert Manmurulu Musical Dialogues with the Archives: the Use of Song Recordings to Inform Manyardi Ceremony of Western Arnhem Land
12:00 Bert Crowfoot and Mary Ingraham Digitizing the Ancestors: Curating Cultural Materials in New Digital Environments
VB02  plenary 2 — Theme 3: The Localization and Globalization of ethnomusicology (Chair TBA) [503]
11:00 João Soeiro de Carvalho Equitable Practices and Collaboration in Ethnomusicological Documentation and Research: The Case of Mozambique/Portugal
11:30 Ruard Absaroka Musical Agnotology: Globalization, Exclusion, and the Cultural Production of Musical Ignorance
12:00 Suchada Sowat Musical Characteristics and Theatrical Meaning in Thai Music for Theatre: The Phrommas Repertoire
12:30 David Novak Indonesian Sound Archives and the Materiality of Global Music
13:00–14:30 Lunch
VC01 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [604]
13:00   Music and Gender
VC02 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [311]
13:00   Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean
VC03 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [312]
13:00   African Musics
VC04 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [313]
13:00   Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe (?)
VD01 (*) Challenges in Activist Research in Engaged Ethnomusicology (Wei-Ya Lin) [302]
14:30 Deborah Wong Making and Adding: A Great Leap into a Community Arts Archive
15:00 Wei-Ya Lin Activist Research among Tao People’s Society (Taiwan): Creating and Developing New Forms and Spaces for Transmitting Indigenous Knowledge
15:30 Tan Sooi Beng Questions and Challenges in Activist Research in Malaysia: Engaging Multiethnic Communities in Self-Representation
16:00 Samuel Araujo Knowledge as Power; Engaging Politics and Epistemologies in Music and Sound Research.
VD02 (*) How Music Migrates: Four Middle Eastern Perspectives (Abigail Wood) [303]
14:30 Abigail Wood Living in Israel, Listening to Lebanon: Transborder Musical Flows in Palestinian Arab Wedding Music in the Galilee Region
15:00 Oded Erez “You Never Return - You Go”: on Musical Diasporic Returns from Morocco to Israel and Vice-Versa
15:30 Loab Hammoud Travelling through the Arab World: Two Cases of Palestinian Composers Making Music in Exile
16:00 Clara Wenz Travelling through Landscapes Lost to Conflict: My Journey with an Arab-Jewish Baidaphon Record
VD03 (*) Decolonizing Ethnomusicology, Teaching, Performance, and the Legacy of the Western Education System: Perspectives from International Students (Shuo Yang) [402]
14:30 Samuel Boateng “There is No Jazz in Ghana”: Contemporary Ghanaian Music, Jazz and the Case for Decolonizing African Music Research
15:00 Xinjie Chen Rooted Cosmopolitanism in Sámi CD Productions: Decolonizing Indigenous Study and Experiencing Decolonization in the Research
15:30 Rizky Sasono Performing World Music Ensemble in a (De) Colonialized Manner
16:00 Shuo Yang Toward a Decolonized Ethnomusicology and Decolonized Self: Perspectives from an International Student on Chinese Ethnomusicology
VD04 (*) Sounds of Siam: Aspects of the Emergence of a Siamese Recording Industry 1903-1957 (James Mitchell) [403]
14:30 James Mitchell Siamese Songs in Old Bangkok: The Birth of the Thai Recording Industry 1903-1911
15:00 Jarun Kanchanapradit Phleng Diao: A Phenomenon of Music from The Rabbit Record Brand of Siam/Thailand
15:30 Jatuporn Seemaung Singing Revolution: Change and Development in Thai Traditional Singing Recorded on Siamese Gramophone Records
16:00 Tharanat Hin-On The Recording of Lakhon Rong and its Phenomenon in Thai Society
VD05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
14:30 Tsung-Te Tsai As Foreign Land Becomes Home Land: The Chinese Indonesian Culture and Artists that Break Through the Ethnic Barriers
15:00 Hsiao Yu Wang, Jacinta Vedic Voices in South India
15:30 Citra Aryandari Song of Marginalized Women
16:00 Andrew Murphy Trip Report Solomon Islands
VD06 Roundtable — Ethnography and the Musical Past (J. Martin Daughtry) [304]
14:30   Panellists: Maria Sonevytsky, Benjamin Tausig, J. Martin Daughtry, Marié Abe, Tyler Bickford
VD07 Expressing community (Chair TBA) [401]
14:30 Mridupankhi Rajkumari From Participation to Presentation: The Process of Creating Communities in the Study of Sattriya Nritya, a Ritual Dance Form of Assam
15:00 Perminus Matiure Traditional Dance as a Symbol of Self Expression and Social Cohesion among the Shona People of Zimbabwe
VD08 Local discourses in analysis  [404]
14:30 Javier A. Silva-Zurita What It Is Said and What It Is Performed: Rethinking the Concept of Music in the Mapuche Culture
15:00 Hana Urbancová Singing in the Mountain Environment in Slovakia: Function, Genre, Structure, Performance Practice
15:30 Teona Lomsadze Non-legitimized Musical Direction in Georgia: the Pursuit of Definition
16:00 Fernando Palacios Mateos Amotanimi: Approaching the Waorani People through their Traditional Songs
VD09 (*) Music - Minorities - Memory (Zuzana Jurkova) [501]
14:30 Essica Marks Remembering the Past and Creating the Present – Dance and Liturgy as Tools of Remembrance in the Jewish-Ethiopian Community in Israel.
15:00 Zuzana Jurkova Music Remembrance of the Czech Roma: Between the Private and the Societal
15:30 Veronika Seidlova Negotiating Dis/continuities from the Past in the Present: On the Social Life of the Organ in the Jeruzalémská Synagogue in Prague
16:00 Oldřich Poděbradsky Music and Šumava Identity: Music Traditions and Transmission in the Czech-German Border Landscape
VD10 Performing the Archive (Chair TBA) [504]
14:30 Claudio Mercado The Main Flute Players of Bailes Chinos. A Life Cycle in Sounds
15:00 Genevieve Campbell Ngiya Awungarra – I Am Here, Now: Bringing the Recorded Voices of Tiwi Ancestors Back into the Recording Studio.
15:30 Alla El Kahla An Anonymous Idiom: Contemplating Al-Istikhbar in Tunisian Traditional Music
16:00 Anubhuti Sharma "Naturalisation" Contra "Citation": Two Modes of Performing the Archive
VD11 (*) Research on the Cross-border Flow of Chinese Music in Modern and Contemporary Times ——four cases for analyzing (SHAO HUANHUAN) [601]
14:30 Chen ji How Chinese Pop Star Teresa Teng Came to the Top of the Japanese Popular Music Circle ?
15:00 Shao Huanhuan A Study on the Living State of Chinese National Orchestra in Japan——Taking the JCM Orchestra in the Kansai Region of Japan as an Example
15:30 Zhou Zidong Why China’s 12 Girls Band Enjoy a Reputation Abroad?
16:00 Zhou Yun Study on the Phenomenon of the Eastward Transmission of the Chinese Revolution Music to Japan in the mid-20th Century
VD12 Musical instruments, past and present (Zhang Wenzhuo) [312]
14:30 M. Emin Soydaş A Matter of Nomenclature and Structure: Distinguishing the Tanbur and Tanbura in Ottoman Music
15:00 Yuanzheng Yang Typological Analysis of the Chinese Qin in the Late Bronze Age
15:30 Liu Xiangkun Multiphonics of Pi: Stories, Myths, and Facts
16:00 Mei-Yen Lee Western Motifs and Elements of Musical Instruments Found in the Yungang Grottoes during the Northern-Wei Dynasty in China
VD13 Irish music studies (Chair TBA) [314]
14:30 Avril McLoughlin Music Theory of Traditional Irish Music
15:00 Ciara Thompson Contemplation into the Evolution of Lulling Through the Irish Song Tradition
15:30 Mary Dillon Playing to their Own Tune: An Examination of the Role of Music in the Lives of Young Irish Musicians in the 21st Century
16:00 Sandra Joyce "I Will Praise You with the Harp": The Influence of Catholic Nuns on Irish Harp Music in the 20th Century
16:30 – 17:00 Tea/Coffee break including BFE High Tea
VE01 ICTM MEETING (Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco) [302]
17:00   Assembly of National and Regional Representatives
VE02 World Music in Education (Valeriya Nedlina) [303]
17:00 Elizabeth Clendinning Music Education in the “Nation of Immigrants”: Community, Cultural Diversity, and World Music Ensembles
17:30 Thomas Markus Manhart Worldmusic Education in the Curriculum of the International Baccalaureate: Are We Dangerously Close to Musical Racial Profiling, and How Could Ethnomusicologists Consult for a Change of Curriculum?
18:00 Jui Ching Wang I Sing; Therefore I Am: Tembang Dolanan Anak and Its Historical, Local, and Global Context
VE03 Instrumental musical expression I (Chair TBA) [402]
17:00 Jessica Roda Performing Hasidicness: The Politics of Pop Stars in Religious Settings
15:30 Mitra Jahandideh Naqqali: The Performing Art Beholden to Religion and Politics
VE04 Constructing traditions in Singapore (Chair TBA) [304]
17:00 Sarah Weiss Is there such a thing as Singaporean Performance?
17:30 Margarida Moura (Re) Constructing Portuguese Memories through Portuguese Traditional Dances in the 21st Century Singapore
VE05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
VE06 Embodying meaning (Chair TBA) [401]
17:00 Jenny Game-Lopata Music and Embodied Movement as Conveyers of Meaning in Contemporary Circus
17:30 T.M. Scruggs Playing into History: Performance as a Method to Reveal Past Practices
18:00 Pei-ling Huang Between Faqīr and Fankār: Negotiating Sounded Selfhood through Performances of Shāh Jo Rāg in Sindh, Pakistan
VE07 Endangered traditions (Chair TBA) [404]
17:00 Juergen Schoepf Tangshang / Tangsa Wihu Song - Rare Musical Features and their Sustainability in Rapidly Changing Societies
17:30 Jittapim Yamprai The Cry of Gongs: The Disappearance of Instruments and Cultural Practices of Karen, Karenni, and Burmese Refugees in the United States
18:00 Yiyin 'Elsa' Tian Exploring New Strategies for Sustaining the Endangered Huiju Opera Tradition in South Anhui, China
VE08 Local and glocal (Fattakh Khalig-zade) [501]
17:00 Celiger XXX (Pen name: Tselger Gombosuren) Expression Techniques of Folk Songs for Violin Music in Mongolia
17:30 Jana Ambrózová The Scientific Concept of “Playing Style”: Multidimensional Analysis of Musical Interpretation of Violin and Viola Players in Traditional String Bands in Slovakia
18:00 Sonja Kieser Finding the Field: Alternative Spaces for Discourse about Local Musical Knowledge
VE09 Therapy II (Chair TBA) [504]
17:00 Vojko Veršnik Be Different, But Not Wrong – Win-Win Interaction Between the Elderly and Children with Special Needs.
17:30 Premalatha Thiagarajan Self-Rehabilitation through Dance: An Ethnographic Study on Candy Girls Breast Cancer Survivor Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18:00 Isaiah Oyugi, Atieno Hellen Effect of Reminiscence Music Intervention on the Cognitive and Depression Status of Institutionalized Elderly People
VE10 Thinking of aesthetics (Chair TBA) [601]
17:00 Könczei Csilla Dance and Thought: Do We Have Minimal Distinctive Pairs in Dance? An Inquiry into the Pontozó from Transylvania
17:30 Eva C. Banholzer Singing on the Edge: Mountaineers as Yodelers—Yodelers as Mountaineers
18:00 Moses Adzei Exploring Aesthetics of Music and Dance Traditions of Ʋedome People in the Volta Region of Ghana: Ethnomusicological Inquiry
VE11 Chinese orchestra in Asia (Chair TBA) [312]
17:00 Hoi Yin Ho Orchestrating the “Pearl of the Orient”: The Establishment of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
17:30 Fan Tianqian Imagined Community and National Identity: The Suzhou Chinese Orchestra under “The Belt and Road”
18:00 Liou Sheng Jie Interweaving “Chineseness” and “Malayness”: Identity of Chinese Orchestra in Malaysia
VE12 performance, practice, research (Chair TBA) [314]
17:00 Jacqueline Dreessens Out of the Blue: An Autoethnographic and Choreographic Investigation into the Ecology of Place
17:30 Brett Pyper Practice, Performance, Research: Musicking as a Mode of Knowledge Production
18:00 Daniel Fredriksson/ Hallbus Totte Mattsson Innovation and Imagination in Musical Instrument Building: The Case of the Mora-oud

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

VIA01 Sound, movement and ritual (Chair TBA) [302]
09:00 Andrew Alter Musical Practice and Epic Rendition: The Impact of Sonic Choices on Narrative and Epic Design in Mahābhārata performance of the Himalayas
09:30 Jeanette Mollenhauer A Transplanted Ritual: Perpetuating the Kumpanjija of Blato (Croatia) in Sydney (Australia)
10:00 Manami Suzuki Alevi Song Mersiye –Music as Religious Communication Tool
VIA02  [303]
VIA03 (*) Deconstructing the Trans-Migrant Performing Arts in the Sulu Zone of Maritime Southeast Asia (Bernard Barros Ellorin) [402]
09:00 Bernard Barros Ellorin From Pangongkaan to Sangbay: the Re-Contextualization of Sama-Bajau Children’s Songs as Transcultural Commodities in the Sulu Zone
VIA04 Dance issues (Chair TBA) [403]
09:00 Supakit Toprasert Embodied Masculinity: Embodiment and Masculine Character in Yogyakarta-Style Javanese Court Dance
09:30 Aoyagi, Takahiro Renewal of Tradition: Mixing Popular Music with Bon-Odori Dances in Japan
VIA05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
09:00 John Forrestal For Whom the Bell Tolls: Boxing, Music, and Tradition in the New City
09:30 Renata Pompêo do Amaral Pedra da Memória (Stone Memory)
VIA06 Eco-tourism (Chair TBA) [304]
09:00 Otto Giovanni Stuparitz Making the Green Economy Blue: Indonesian Jazz and Ecological Tourism
09:30 Andrew Kalyowa Kagumba The Batwa Touristic Trail: Performing the ‘Other’, Presenting the ‘Self’.
VIA07 Ecology and action II (Chair TBA) [401]
09:00 Junko Konishi The Project of 100 years’ Reforest of Kuruchi Trees in Yomitan Village: Toward Sustainability of Sanshin Making in Okinawa
09:30 Wangcaixuan (Rosa) Zhang An Adaptation of Water Repentance Sutra: A Buddhist Musical Response to Environmental Problems in Taiwan
10:00 Anwesa Mahanta Embodied Cognition and Rasa - A Study of the Social Ecology of Arts with a Case Study of Assam
VIA08 Festivals and technology (Chair TBA) [404]
09:00 Tat Amaro Shaping the Past, Surviving the Future: Computer Karaoke in Contemporary Piphat Music-Making in Phayao Province, Northern Thailand
09:30 Rémy Jadinon “Festivalization and Electronisation of African Traditional Music: The Transformation Process of Musical Heritage through the Stage.”
VIA09 Minority traditions I (Chair TBA) [501]
09:00 Yuh-Fen Tseng Performance as a Way of Reconciliation—An Action Research on the Creating Project of Bunun Music Theatre “I Sing with My life”
09:30 Darrell Hung-Ren Tong Grainless, Landless, and Lakeless: The Shifting Contexts and Meanings of the Indigenous Thau People's Pestle-Pounding Ritual
10:00 Ling Jiasui Inheritance Mode of “Association” and Sustainable Development -- Take the "Bunun Culture Association" in Taiwan as an example
VIA10 Transforming musical instruments I (Chair TBA) [504]
09:00 Matthew Allen The Guitar and Hawaiian Renaissance: History, Genres, and Taste Communities
09:30 John Garzoli Guitar in Dontri Thai: The Stylistic and Ontological Transformation of a Western Instrument
VIA11 Persecution, migration and rescue (Chair TBA) [601]
09:00 Monica Yadav Musical Perception and Music as Methodology: A Study of Cases of Therapy and Torture
09:30 Mukesh Kulriya Persecution, Rescue and Stigma – Songs of the Margins
10:00 Zainab Musa Shallangwa The Implication of Forced Migration on Traditional Music of Borno People, Nigeria
VIA12 (*) Innovation through Revitalization: The Finno-Ugric Cases of the Ethnomusicologically Informed Music Making (Žanna Pärtlas) [312]
09:00 Žanna Pärtlas Measuring the Revitalization Processes: The Acoustical Feedback to the Ethnomusicologically Informed Performance of the Seto Choir Verska Naase
09:30 Janika Oras An Ethnomusicologist amidst Heritage Politics, Musical Diversity and Individual Creativity: The Case of the Seto Singing Tradition
10:00 Maria Korepanova Improvisation and Variation in Besermyan Krezes on the Example of Soldat Kelyan Krez
10:30 – 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
VIB01 plenary 1 — theme 4: music and dance as expressive communication (Chair TBA) [MH]
11:00 Anna Hoefnagels Kanien’kehá:ka Music and Dance as Tools for Cultural Education and Revitalization: The Traveling Troupe of the Native North American Traveling College
11:30 Kathleen A. Spanos Carnivalesque Improvisation in Frevo, a Dance of Resistance from Recife, Brazil
12:00 Kumiko Uyeda Tales of Tragic Love: An Obon Dance Festival for Spirits from the Inland Sea of Japan
12:30 Kathryn Alexander Tracing Queer Dance Practice from the Old West to West Hollywood

plenary 2 — theme 5: approaches to practice-based research and its applications

(*) "'I'm a musician and a researcher': Four performers' approaches to practice-based research (Kiku Day) [503]

11:00 Hyelim Kim Jazz Notation for Korean Traditional Music
11:30 Cassandre Balosso-Bardin "You are Part of the Club": Musicking in the Field from a Bagpiper's Perspective
12:00 Deirdre Morgan I'm Up Next: Using Performance as a Fieldwork Strategy at Music Festivals
12:30 Kiku Day Mindful Playing, Mindful Practice: Using Micro-Phenomenal Elicitation in Shakuhachi Performance
13:00–14:30 Lunch
VIC01 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [604]
13:00   Applied Ethnomusicology
VIC02 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [311]
13:00   Musics of East Asia
VIC03 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [313]
13:00   Iconography of the Performing Arts
VIC04 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [314]
13:00   Multipart Music
VID01 (*) Different Ethnomusicologies: Systems of Thought, and Their Bases (Naila Ceribašić) [302]
14:30 Zhang Boyu Music Research in China: Conflicts between East and West, and Music and its Social Contexts
15:00 Pornprapit Phoasavadi Forty Years of Defining Ethnomusicology in Thailand: Shifting Musical Scholarship and Research
15:30 Naila Ceribašić Home Ethnomusicology and International Scholarly Flow: The Case of Croatia
16:00 Jean Kidula The Frame, the Border and the Margins: Centering Ethnomusicology(ists) in US and Kenyan Academies
VID02 Roundtable — Migrations, territorialities, borders: five case studies reflecting on contemporary Latin popular musics  (marita fornaro bordolli) [303]
14:30   Panellists: Enrique Cámara de Landa, Sergio Marcelo de los Santos Llambi, Adriana Cerletti, Mónica Vermes, Marita Fornaro Bordolli
VID03 (*) Musicking Community (Tony Perman) [402]
14:30 David A. McDonald Affective Assembly: Exploring the Dynamics of Sound, Community, and Activism
15:00 Tony Perman Patterns of Commonality: Community, Inequality, and the American Mbira
15:30 Stefan Fiol Drumming and Dancing for Bhumiyal: Intersectional Communities in the Central Himalayas
16:00 Eduardo Herrera Semiotics of Fandom: Chants, Jewishness, and Neighborhood in an Argentine Soccer Stadium
VID04 Roundtable — Sound Survivals: Affective Structures of Musical (Self)Care and Solidarity Across Borders (ana hofman) [403]
14:30   Panellists: Marko Kölbl, Evrim Hikmet Öğüt, Ana Hofman, Tom Western
VID05 (*) Aesthetics and Cultural Ownership of Music in Southeast Asia (Kurt Baer) [301]
14:30 Hannah Standiford Negotiating Aesthetics and Ownership in Keroncong
15:00 Kurt Baer Performing Performances of Identity: Pong Lang Music as Meta-Cultural Performance
15:30 Chumchon Suebwong A New Approach Incorporating the Chromatic Khaen into Jazz Music
16:00 Michael HB Raditya Revealing Aesthetic and Musical Identity of Dangdut Koplo
VID06 Expressions of homeland (Chair TBA) [304]
14:30 Alison Arnold Fidelity and Innovation in Montagnard American Music and Dance
15:00 Chi-Fang Chao Waves of the Uchinaanchu Movement: Okinawa Dancers in Hawai'i
15:30 Sho Makino Music of Venezuelan Diaspora -Working More Globally and Locally with Homeland via Internet
VID07 Flows of music in history (Chair TBA) [401]
14:30 Henry Johnson Transborder Flows and Movements of Chinese Music Performance in Colonial New Zealand: Social Action and Confluence in a Nineteenth-Century Gold Mining Context
15:00 Yick Sau Lau Songs from the "Dancing Era": Covering Taiwanese Pop Songs in Postwar Southeast Asia
15:30 Jiang, Haoran The Reception History of Zhou Xuan in Taiwan from 1930 to 1970
VID08 MediatiZing Music (Chair TBA) [404]
14:30 Rafique Wassan New Mediatization of Sufi Music and Pluralist Expressive Identity in Sindh, Pakistan
15:00 Annie Yen-Ling Liu, Blake Stevens Traditional Chinese Arts in the Practice of Electroacoustic Music: Taoism and the Acousmatic Experience
VID09 Peacebuilding and social justice (Chair TBA) [501]
14:30 Catherine Grant Music Sustainability, Social Justice, and Human Rights
15:00 Gillian Howell Sustaining Music Interventions in Post-War Development Contexts: The Case of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music
15:30 Juan Sebastián Rojas Local Peacebuilding, National Peacebuilding: Afro-Colombian Musics, Post-Conflict, and Participatory Development
VID10 (*) Persecution and Resistance Resounded: Trajectories and Turns of WWII Musical Memorializations (Federico Spinetti) [504]
14:30 Federico Spinetti Fischia Il Vento (The Wind Howls): Exploring Trajectories of Memory and Political Struggle through an Italian WWII Resistance Song
15:00 Monika E. Schoop Rapping Against Old and New Nazis: Musical Memories of Bejarano and Microphone Mafia
15:30 Martin Ringsmut Maro Drom (Our Way): Musical Commemorations of the Persecution of German Roma and Sinti during WWII
16:00 Sidney König Memory is a Weapon: Ton Steine Scherben’s Uses of WWII Memory in the Political Upheavals of the 1970s
VID11 The State and music III (Chair TBA) [601]
14:30 Linda Cimardi Institutional Policies of Dissemination of African Musics in the 1960s and 1970s
15:00 Imani Sanga The Story of Tanzania’s National Anthem: The Song, its Travels and Metamorphosis
15:30 Liz Przybylski Dead Air: Broadcasting Where Pop Meets Traditional Music
VID12 Travelling instruments and musicians (Chair TBA) [312]
14:30 Gretel Schwörer-Kohl Hsaing Waing Music in Myanmar to Comfort the Thai King in Exile in 1558
VID13 New sonorities in Jazz (Chair TBA) [314]
14:30 Klaus Näumann Constancy and Processes of Change in the Transmission of the Jazz Manouche
15:00 Kanykei Mukhtarova The New Music of Central Asia-Ethnojazz Laboratory: Music and Intercultural Understanding
15:30 Sopon Suwannakit Armenian and Its Nearby Musical Cultures in Jazz: History and Practice
16:00 Richard M. Deja "Majazzmen" Unite: The Sonorities of Social Belonging in Malawi’s Afro-jazz Renaissance
16:30 – 17:00 Tea/Coffee break
VIE01 Local Identity through World Music (Chair TBA) [302]
17:00 Hee-sun Kim Relocation, Re-creation and Rejuvenation: How does Asia Revitalize World Music?
17:30 Wang Weiyi “Chinese Stories Expressed through World Music”: Violence, Trauma, and Redemption in Tang Jianping’s Opera The Diaries of John Rabe
VIE02 Post imperial and post colonial (Chair TBA) [303]
17:00 Edwin Seroussi Ottoman Hebrew Music: Imperial and Post-Imperial
17:30 Chaeyoung Lee Strategic Hospitality towards Western Music: Korean Traditional Musicians’ Appropriation of the Western Common Music Notation System
VIE03 Youth Expressions (Chair TBA) [402]
17:00 Marceline Saibou Youth, Ethnicity, and Politics in Contemporary Togo – the Case of Kamou
17:30 Ani Petrossian Havana Reggae: Musical Praxis and Subcultural Identity in Today’s Cuba.
18:00 Zhang Wenzhao The Boat to “Ferry Yourself”: Chinese Foxi (Buddhist Outlook) Post-90s Generation and the Sound of Urban Folk
VIE04 Cultural exchange (Chair TBA) [403]
17:00 Sonja Zdravkova Djeparoska Migration and Newly Created Traditions. Study Case of Macedonian Diaspora
17:30 Nico Staiti One Ceremony, Two Perspectives: The Wedding and Music of a Diasporic Roma Community
18:00 Barbara Rose Lange Migration and Advocacy for Minority Hungarian Folk Culture in Slovakia
VIE05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
17:00 Alexander Dea Reconstruction of Java’s Sacred Ritual Bedhaya Semang Dance
17:30 Shaktipada Kumar The Chhou Dance of Purulia
18:00 Kamino Chie A Documentary Film on Ise-daikagura: A Lion Dance Driving Evil Power from Houses in Japan
VIE06 Balinese music and dance (Chair TBA) [304]
17:00 I Wayan Sudirana The Unplayed Melodies in Balinese Gamelan
17:30 I Nyoman Cerita Spiritual Functions and Axiomatic Meanings of the Barong Landung Dance Drama in Bali
18:00 I Wayan Diana Putra The Compositional Method of Gending Jaran Sirig
VIE07 Minority traditions II (Chair TBA) [401]
17:00 Rinko Fujita Past, Present, and Future: A Temporal Perspective on the Minority Study
17:30 Leva Tihovska (Un)stable Histories, (Un)sustainable Careers: Latvian Romani Musicians on Stage
18:00 Chen Zhaoli Taarab Music in Zanzibar
VIE08 Representations (Chair TBA) [404]
17:00 Louise Wrazen “Don’t Write That”: Timing, Honesty, and Accountability in Fieldwork
17:30 Daniela Castaldo "The Music of the People without Notes": A Project
18:00 Jyothi Jayaprakash The Buttocks Festival: Sacred and Profane in the Festival of Bodnamme
VIE09 Sustainable communities (Chair TBA) [501]
17:00 Cholong Sung Creating a Sustainable Society through Musical Activities
17:30 Naresh Kumar Chaar Yaar: A Band Singing Human Consciousness Across the Globe
VIE10 Topics in Chinese music (Chair TBA) [504]
17:00 Huijuan Hua Sustainability of Miao Christian Music in Southwest China
17:30 Qifang Hu Between Literati and Folk: Pipa Anthologies in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
VIE11 Transnational exchange (Chair TBA) [601]
17:00 Stephanie Khoury Transmission of Knowledge, Cultural Exchanges, and Creation through Transnational Networks of Artists.
17:30 Benjamin Pongtep Cefkin Yipun Cha-on, Yipun Ramphung: Japanese Aesthetics in the Thai Classical Arts
18:00 Bo Fang The Sounds of Capitalism: Crossing the Transnational Marketing Boundaries of Contemporary Opera Commissions
VIE12 ICTM MEETING (Ursula Hemetek) [312]
17:00   Assembly of Study Group Chairs
VIE13 Negotiating modernity (Chair TBA) [314]
17:00 Bingyang Guan Neglected Alternative Modernity—AAL music of China (1950s-1970s)
17:30 Connie Lim Keh Nie Expressing the Virtue of Bravery in Iban Popular Songs in 1950s-1960s Sarawak
18:00 Hsin-Wen Hsu Everyday Modernity and Embodied Ethnicity: The Mediation of Taiwanese Hakka Vinyl Records

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

VIIA01 Migrants making music (Chair TBA) [302]
09:00 Minako Waseda Naniwa-Bushi, Japanese Musical Story-Telling, Transplanted, Flourishing, and Disappeared in Hawai'i
09:30 Anastasia Melati Listyorini Negotiating Cultural Borders: Javanese Dance and Indonesian Migrant Workers in Taiwan
10:00 Patrick Allen What We Learned from the Chagossians: The Revitalising of a School in England by the Music of a Migrant Community.
VIIA02 (*) Three Studies of Musical Instrument Practice in East Asia: The Human Factors (Mei Han) [303]
09:00 Randy Raine-Reusch Complexity of One String
09:30 Mei Han Macrocosm through Microcosm: Conveyance of Chinese Aesthetics in Traditional Zheng Performance Practice
10:00 Jonathan C. Kramer Problems With Bi-Musicality: “And Never the Twain Shall Meet”
VIIA03 Youth Expressions II (Chair TBA) [402]
09:00 Indra Ridwan The Danceability of Pop Sunda
09:30 Doris Kelechi Ofili Egwu Otu Dance Festival and Socio-Economic Prospects for Sustainable Development
10:00 Lin, Chihyu Reconstruction and Revival of Cambodian Male Masked Dance: A Case Study of Lakhaon Khaol Youth of Cambodia
VIIA04 ICH and the arts (Chair TBA) [403]
09:00 Xiaoshan (Ilsa) Yin The Boundary of Tradition: The Qin Revival in Contemporary China
09:30 Anaïs Verhulst Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ethnomusicology, and the Sustainable Future of Hunting Horn Music in Flanders
10:00 Liu, Rong The Construction of Musical Culture in Public Space ——Concept Transformation of the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage
VIIA05 FILM (Chair TBA) [301]
09:00 Akiko Nozawa, Yohanes Hanan Pamungkas Candi Act: The Audiovisual Project of Javanese Hindu Art for Transmission of Living Heritage (The Sudamala Relief of Candi Tegowangi, Indonesia)
09:30 Sonam Dorji In Search of the Yak Song
10:00 Frank Gunderson Ng'oma - The Work of Our Clan
VIIA06 African perspectives on gender construction (Chair TBA) [304]
09:00 Ijeoma Iruka Forchu The Music that Empowers: Depiction of Women in the Indigenous Music of Igbo Women
09:30 Ukeme A. Udoh Uta Music: Building Bridges Between Past and Present Traditions among the Ibibio of Nigeria
VIIA07 Fusion composition II (Chair TBA) [401]
09:00 Chen Mengjiao Cross-Cultural Creation and Crossover in “Chinese Folk Jazz”
09:30 Chatori Shimizu Shō in Compositions Today: Notation and Extended Techniques
10:00 George Asabre Maclean Art Music in Ghana and Impact on Ghanaian Brass Band Repertoire
VIIA08 Instrumental musical expression II (Chair TBA) [404]
09:00 Zdravko Blažeković The Nationalistic Symbolism and Decorative Transformation of the Croatian and Serbian Gusle during the 1990s
09:30 Colin Harte Bodhráns, Lambegs, & Paramilitaries: Political Dissidence in Northern Ireland
VIIA09 Music structures (Chair TBA) [504]
09:00 Huang Wan Performing Practice as Social Practice: Analyzing the Embodiment of Social Hierarchy and Gender Difference in Okinawan Folksong Duet Performance
9:30 Zilia Imamutdinova The Pentatonic as a Basic Feature in the Mapping of the Qur’ānic Reciting Tradition
VIIA10 Sustaining Chinese music (Yu Hui) [601]
09:00 Mercedes M. Dujunco Jiangnan Sizhu Beyond Shanghai: Context, Repertoire, and Sustainability
09:30 Ya-Hsiu, Lin The Sustainable Development of Taiwan Beiguan Music
10:00 Yin Xiang Sounding Memories: Replaying the Zhuma Drama in Guangdong ( China)
VIIA11 Transforming musical instruments II (Chair TBA) [312]
09:00 Yohanes Don Bosko Bakok Mr. Djoli Aray And His Efforts in Developing Minahasa Kolintang Musical Instrument
09:30 Brenda Suyanne Barbosa Bronze Age Horns and Iron Age Trumpets in Contemporary Music
10:00 Sumetus Eambangyung Multivariate Analysis of the Thai Na-Phat Composition “Sadhukarn” by Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling and Cluster Analysis
VIIA12 (*) Under the Vicissitudes of Religious Environment and Social Structure: The Adaption and Transformation of Traditional Performing Arts in Taiwan and Indonesia (Chen, Sheng-Yuan) [314]
09:00 Yuan, Ye-Lu Displacement of Identity and Transformation of Music Culture: The Case of the Development of Chanhe Taoist School in Taiwan
09:30 Lin, Pei-Yin Taiwanese Buddhism Opera (Buddhism Kua-á-hi): A Performing Art Case Study of the Play “Kumarajiva”
10:00 Chen, Sheng-Yuan Among Religion, Healing and Performing Arts: The Transformation of Javanese Shadow Puppetry Theatre Ruwatan under Indonesian Islamic Environment
VIIA13 WORKSHOP — Artists@Random: Stories about the Burmese Piano, Colonial Field & Playing with Chance (Leow Puay Tin) [614]
17:00 Ne Myo Aung The Sandaya: A Story of Recovering Burmese Music
17:30 Leow Puay Tin Tikam-Tikam: The Use of Chance in Performance
18:00 Mark Teh Field Work: Performing Politics on the Padang
10:30 – 11:00 Tea/Coffee break
VIIB01 Roundtable — Does scholarship of dance serve globalisation or localisation? (gediminas karoblis) [302]
11:00 Panellists

Gediminas Karoblis, Egil Bakka, Georgiana Gore, Jörgen Torp, Ronald Kibirige

VIIB02 (*) Gender Conceptions and Balinese Gamelan (Elizabeth McLean Macy) [303]
11:00 I Made Lasmawan Gong Luh Manik Galih: Women and Gamelan in Bangah
VIIB03 (*) Music, Minorities, and Migrations (Svanibor Pettan) [402]
11:00 Svanibor Pettan Ten Research Models for Studying Music and Minorities
11:30 Adelaida Reyes When Involuntary Migrants become Minorities: Musical Life and its Transformation
12:00 Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona Is There a Future for the Indigenous Vedda Minority of Sri Lanka?
12:30 Leon Stefanija Differentiating Minorities in Slovenia: Between Stereotypes and Pragmatism
VIIB04 (*) Transnational Perspectives on Cuban and Yoruba Music (Kent Windress) [403]
11:00 Amanda Villepastour The Power of Myth in Transatlantic Orisha Music Studies
11:30 Kent Windress Añá Travels the Ocean – The Development of Cuban Batá Ceremony in Australia
12:00 Debbie Klein Stop the Violence: Fújì as an allegory of Nigerianness in the Era of Boko Haram
12:30 Ruthie Meadows Transatlantic Translations and Micro-Paquetes: Religious Revisionism in Cuban Sound
VIIB05 Colonial legacies (Chair TBA) [301]
11:00 Oswaldo da Veiga Jardim Neto The Role of the Military and Municipal Bands in Protecting the Portuguese Cultural Integrity in Macau, 1818–1935
11:30 Mahesh Radhakrishnan Sri Lankan Portuguese Burgher Music and the Bailasphere
12:00 Yong-Shik Lee Arirang, Is It a Century-Old Traditional Song?
VIIB06 Expressing gender (Chair TBA) [304]
11:00 Jessie M. Vallejo Singing Flutes and Gendered Sounds in the Andes
11:30 Iroda Dadadjanova In Search Of Female Identity: Musical View From Tashkent
12:00 Rachel Ong Expressing Matriarchy: A Reading of Peranakan Dance in Melaka, Malaysia
12:30 Andrea Decker Women Resisting Irresistible Music: Masculine Susceptibility and Feminine Precarity in Indonesian Dangdut Koplo Fan Groups
VIIB07 Migration and identity (Chair TBA) [401]
11:00 Alma Bejtullahu Between Then and Now, Amid Here and There: Musical and Dance Practices of the “Second Generation” of Migrants in Slovenia
11:30 Bipasha Guptaroy A Search for Cultural Presence of the Migrant Bengali Population in North America
12:00 Tatjana Krkeljic Russian Musicians in Montenegro: Migration, Impact and Identity
12:30 Babak Nikzat Constructing Hybrid Identity through Hybrid Music: Diasporic Music Making of Iranian Musicians in Los Angeles
VIIB08 Sound and spirit (Chair TBA) [501] (K. Sashikumar)
11:00 Linda C Burman-Hall On the Centrality of Human to Gibbon Ape Relationships in Mentawai Tradition as Transmitted by Shamanic Song
11:30 Mu Qian Muqam-mäshräp: Classical Uyghur Music or Sounded Sufi Practice?
12:00 Selina Sharma A Philosophy Embodied in Music – Scriptural Essence and Spiritual Experience Told through the Songs of the Bauls of Bengal
VIIB09 Thai music (Chair TBA) [504]
11:00 Great Lekakul Developing Musical Creativity in Thai Culture: The Complex Relationship Between Prachan Music and Wai Khruu Ceremony
11:30 Shiho Ogura Diversity in Thai Classical Music through Samniang Phasaa
12:00 Waraporn Cherdchoo Phin-Dukkhanirodhagāminīpaṭipadā: A Creation of Thai Classical Music Composition with Special Reference to Phin and the Middle Path in Tripitaka
VIIB10 (*) The dynamics of musical resilience within Tai-speaking communities of southwestern China (Catherine Ingram) [601]
11:00 Catherine Ingram Conceptualizing and Experiencing the Musical Resilience of Kam Big Song from Southwestern China
11:30  Kao Ya-ning “Please Film Us and Our Australian Friend Singing Together”: An Ethnographer’s Observations Regarding Kam Song Practice in China
12:00  Lu Xiaoqin Opportunities and Challenges for Zhuang Folksong Traditions on the Sino-Vietnamese Border: An Ethnographic Study of Jinlong Town, Guangxi
12:30 Liao Hanbo From Traditional Nyaemz Slei to Modern Pop Song: Inheritance and Change in the Rhyme Scheme of Yang Zhuang Chanted Poetry
VIIB11 Topics in Japanese music (Takenouchi Emiko) [312]
11:00 Daniel B. Ribble The Rensei-kai, an Annual Myoan Shakuhachi Taikai Held In Shikoku, Japan
11:30 Terauchi Naoko Art or Record? : An Exploration of a Japanese Bugaku Scroll through Cross-cultural and Inter-disciplinary Approaches
12:00 Christopher Blasdel Acceptance and Rejection—Non-Japanese Performers of Shakuhachi Music
12:30 Marino Kinoshita Why This Music? Examining Strong Experiences with Music in Tokyo’s Extreme Music Scene
VIIB12 Dance, representation and identity (Chair TBA) [314]
11:00 Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg “What’s Your Name?” – Names and Cultural Representation of Bulgarian Folk Dance Groups in North America
11:30 Dilyana Kurdova Dance Teaching as Cultural Representation: Teaching Bulgarian Dance Abroad
12:00 Zita Skorepova Evoking the Old Homeland: Viennese Czechs dance the Beseda dance.
12:30 Koriun Davtyan Armenian Folk Dance: Migration, Survival and Sustenance
13:00–14:30 Lunch
VIIC01 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [604]
13:00   Music and Minorities
VIIC02 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [311]
13:00   Music, Education and Social Inclusion (MESI)
VIIC03 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [313]
13:00   Music and Allied Arts of Greater South Asia
VIIC04 ICTM Study Group Business Meeting [314]
13:00   Music and Dance of the Slavic World
VIID01 (*) The Harp in Ireland (Helen Lawlor) [302]
14:30 Niall Keegan "Balls!" Gender, Language and Aesthetic in the Worlds of Irish Harping
15:00 Paul Dooley String Inharmonicity: A Curse or a Blessing for the Low-Headed Harp?
15:30 Helen Lawlor Social Cohesion, Musical Inclusion: Harp Ensembles in Contemporary Performance Practice
16:00 Kerry Houston The Harp and Irish identity in the Twentieth Century
VIID02 (*) Models of Musical Healing in Traditional and Contemporary Contexts (Bernd Brabec de Mori) [303]
14:30 Andreja Vrekalić Music to My Soul Too: Transcending the Limitations of Ethnographic Fieldwork in Music Therapy Through Self-reflexivity
15:00 Benjamin D. Koen Music and the Meditative Mind in China: Adjunctive and Primary Treatment of People with Stress, Anxiety and Depression
15:30 Bernd Brabec de Mori The "Shamanic Model" in Transition: Can Indigenous Musical Healing Methods be Adapted to a Modern Environment, and How?
16.00 Todd Wayne Saurman Holistic, Community Centered, Sensory-scape and Needs Based, Multi-domain Approaches
VIID03 (*) New Gender Expressivities in Indian Music through Film (Victor A. Vicente) [402]
14:30 Zhang Xiao Seeing beyond the Margins: Documentary Film, Online Mediatization, and the Indian Female Percussionist
15:00 Natalie Sarrazin From Bangles and Bindi-s to Briefcases and Bobs: Changing Representations of Women’s Agency in Contemporary Hindi Film Song
15:30 Brigette Meskell Escaping the Fire: The Construction of Female Same-Sex Desire and Identity in Hindi Film Song
16:00 Victor A. Vicente Strange Bedfellows? – Humor and Homoeroticism in the Bollywood Song-and-Dance Sequence
VIID04 ROUNDTABLE — Social Inclusion in Music, Academia and Educational Institutions: Approaches, Challenges and Success Stories. (Sara Selleri) [403]

Panellists: Sara Selleri, Olusegun Titus, James Nissen, Alexander Crooke

VIID05 Bridging cultures (Chair TBA) [301]
14:30 Bernhard Bleibinger Building Bridges: Responses to Applied Projects with Students and Communities in South Africa and Germany
15:00 Michelle Williams From Volleyball Court to Pacific Village: Transnational Communities of Practice and the Construction of Cultural Space in Auckland, New Zealand
15:30 Glory Nnam Nnenna "Beyond Ritual and Entertainment": An Ethnography of E ́gwu ́ o ́ge ̅ne ̀ in Enugu South East, Nigeria
16:00 Edouard Degay Delpeuch “Paradise Bangkok” a musical remediated city
VIID06 Conflicts, borders and identity (Chair TBA) [304]
14:30 Lea Hagmann Formation and Dissolution of Cultural Borders in the Dance Revival of Cornwall
15:00 Lilit Yernjakyan Multilingualism and National Identity in Armenian Traditional Art Music
15:30 Bonnie McConnell To Praise or Critique: Music and Conflict Mediation in the Gambia
VIID07 Negotiating China East and West (Chair TBA) [401]
14:30 Deng Jia Undefinable Musical Events in Gu Jieting’s Performance Art: Tracing the Boundaries between French Modernism and Chinese Traditional Aesthetics
15:00 Priscilla Tse Becoming a “Red Voice”: Hong Xian Nu, Singing Style, and Cantonese Opera Film
15:30 Yuxin Mei A Musical Reaction to the East: A Case Study of Female Pipa Musicians in New York City
VIID08 (*) Re-Centering Afro-Asia: Musical Migrations and Encounters in the Indian Ocean World (Janie Cole) [404]
14:30 Janie Cole Not a Disagreeable Sound: Music and Power at the Royal Court in Early Modern Ethiopia and Transcultural Encounters in the Indian Ocean World
15:00 Adebola Ola The Influence of Islam in the Secular Music of Medieval Ethiopia: An Historical and Analytical Study of the Kinit and the Maqam between the 7th and the 15th century AD
15:30 Cara Stacey Al-Jazari’s Perpetual Flutes: Reflections on the Recreation of an Early, Water-Based Musical Instrument
16:00 Sylvia Bruinders Cape Connection: Locating the Cape Muslim Community’s Cultural Practices
VIID09 Recreating traditions II (Chair TBA) [501]
14:30 Deepak Paramashivan Side Wings - The Golden Age of Kannada Theater
VIID10 Religion and border crossings (Chair TBA) [504]
14:30 Josephine Wong Eng Jun, Loo Fung Chiat Characteristics of Chant and Instrumental Music from the Three Main Sections of Vajrakilaya Drupchen in Ipoh, Malaysia
15:00 Sylvia Huang The Soundscape of Contemporary Buddhist Music—Tzu Chi Vesak Ceremony, Taiwan
VIID11 Transcending borders (Chair TBA) [601]
14:30 Inna Naroditskaya Argentine Tango – Transnational, Diasporic, Intimate
15:00 Judith Klassen Re-Thinking Boundary, Encounter and Resilience in the Music of Rural Manitoba Mennonites
15:30 Aline Scott-Maxwell Crossing Borders of Place, Ethnicity and Culture within Indonesia: Javanese Music and Dance Performance in Javanese Immigrant Communities of Lampung, Sumatra
16:00 Masaya Shishikura Community Making through Music and Dance: A Case of “Music Community” of the Ogasawara Islands, Japan
VIID12 (*) Sustainable Development and Change : Music-making of Jing-Chu Culture (Wu Fan) [314]
14:30 Xu Shuang The Development of Chinese Folk Opera: Taking Chongyang Ti-Qin Opera Festival as an Example
15:00 Yang Yiwen, Luo Zihan Research on the Inheritors of National Intangible Cultural Heritage: Taking Xingshan Folk Song Chen Jiazhen as an Example
15:30 Liu Yuanqi The Soundscape Floating in Central China——Taking the Cultural Tourism Product Zhiyin as an Example
16:00 Chen Xizi, Alyson The Inheritance and Change of the Tujia Hand-Waving Dance — A Case Study on Hand-Waving Dance in the Shemihu Village in Different Contexts
16:30 – 17:00 Tea/Coffee break
VIIE01 (Chair TBA) [LA]
17:00 N/A Closing Ceremony