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Call-for-Papers: 3rd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (Bologna, Italy, 21- 23 September 2020)

Following the 2nd  Symposium (2018), the 3rd Symposium aims to provide a scholarly venue to reflect widely on the use of audiovisual media as a research tool in ethnomusicology. At the same time, the Symposium wants to be an occasion for exploring new ways of preserving and disseminating ethnomusicological knowledge and to foster debates on the emerging field of audiovisual ethnomusicology.

Hosting institutions: Universita degli Studi di Bologna.

Conference venue: Universita degli Studi di Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Conference dates: 21-23 September, 2020

Conference language: All papers should be presented in English. English subtitles for films are required.

The Symposium will gather international scholars under the following topics:

(1) Cultural migration
(2) Multimodality
(3) Music & Religion
(4) Docu-fiction / Films made by the actors
(5) Sounding architecture
(6) Music & gender
(7) Ecology / Music & Environment

Proposals that address any other aspects of audiovisual ethnomusicology will also be considered.


Proceedings: Selected conference papers are expected to be published by Etnografie Sonore – Sound Ethnographies (Peer Reviewed Journal).


Submissions: All the proposals should be submitted by the deadline (30 May 2020) to the e-mail address, specifying in the topic the kind of presentation (paper, film, workshop). The e-mail should clearly indicate the name of the author/s and the title of the presentation. An attached Word or Open Office file, with no indication of authorship, should contain the abstract (max. 250 words) and 5 keywords. Multiple proposals of the same author are allowed only in these cases: 1 paper + 1 film; 1 paper + 1 workshop.


Papers: Each presenter will be given a maximum time of 20 minutes, allowing 10 minutes more for discussion. The use of audiovisual excerpts during presentation is strongly encouraged.


Films: Maximum allowed length for films and documentaries is 90 minutes. Film abstracts should include the hyperlink to a trailer, teaser or to the complete film. The Film Committee may request the complete film for evaluation.


Workshops: There is no particular format or form for the workshop proposals, but they should be non-presentational occasions of sharing experience-based knowledge of specific audiovisual technologies, research techniques, etc. (Possible topics include, but are not limited to, the following: audio and video editing; digital media and archives management; storytelling; the use of GoPro and OSMO cameras; funding opportunities.) Workshops should not exceed 2 hours. The organizers must specify into the abstract any special equipment request.


Board renewal: The Board recognizes the importance of undergoing a regular process of Board renewal via changes in membership to provide the Board with the benefit of regular new input. For this reason, during the business meeting of the SG held during the symposium, participants are asked to vote for renewal of three members of the AVE SG board. Candidates for chair and vice-chair are kindly requested to illustrate their projects, perspectives and guide-lines for a further development of the SG.


Ethnomusicological Film Festival: In occasion of the 3rd symposium of the SG in Italy, the ICTM SG on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology will collaborate with the Association Multi Culti, organizer and promoter of the World Music Film Festival Immagini e Suoni del Mondo ( The next edition of the festival will take place in Florence, at the Cinema La Compagnia, on September 24-26, 2020 (following the symposium in Bologna). The Film Committee will select one of the films submitted for the symposium for a theatrical screening in Florence. The participation of all members of the SG as well as the participants at the symposium is highly recommended.


Evaluation: The Committee will review the proposals using a double-blind system. Each abstract will be evaluated by two anonymous reviewers. In case of a tie, a third reviewer will be consulted. Selected proposals will be announced by 30 July, 2020.


Program Committee


Dario Ranocchiari (Universidad de Granada, Spain) – Chair

Sonja Kieser (University of Vienna, Austria)

Zhiyi Qiaoqiao Cheng (Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China)


Film Committee


Nico Staiti (Università di Bologna, Italy) – Chair

Yoshitaka Terada (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

Nepomuk Riva (Stiftung Universität Hildesheim, Germany)

Benjamin Harbert (Georgetown University)

Miranda van der Spek (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)


Local Arrangements Committee


Nico Staiti – Chair

Silvia Bruni

Cristiana Natali

Roberta Paltrinieri

Placida Staro


Executive Committee of the Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology:


Leonardo D’Amico (independent scholar) – Chair

Yves Defrance (Université Rennes 2) – Vice Chair

Matias Isolabella (Universidad de Valladolid) – Secretary


For further information:


Matias Isolabella –