International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

ICTM Study Group on East Asian Historical Musical Sources

To foster the international study of East Asian Historical Musical Sources.


1. To hold regular international symposia focusing on key aspects of research into East Asian historical sources.
2. To convene sessions on East Asian musical sources at ICTM World Conferences.
3. To arrange visits to important archives of East Asian musical sources and to facilitate international contacts between scholars.
4. To maintain a website giving information about forthcoming meetings of the study group, conferences and symposia of interest to members and the publications and research interests of members.
5. To publish a regular eNewsletter informing members about recent developments in the research area of the study group.



East Asia is a region with a particularly rich tradition of musical documentary sources that stretches back over more than two millennia. Until recently, source-based historical studies have tended to be nationally rather than regionally or internationally based. Chinese scholars have tended to study Chinese sources, Japanese scholars Japanese sources, Korean scholars Korean sources and so on.