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Circular letter

22nd Symposium of ICTM Ethnochoreology Study Group, 24-31 July 2002, Szeged, Hungary

3rd Circular Letter

Tentative program
Topic #1: Re-appraising our past, moving into the future: research on dance and society
Topic #2: Dancer as a cultural performer

24th of July Arrival in Budapest. Registration. Visit to the Institute for Musicology and the Institute for Culture. Visit to the cemetery where György Martin is buried. Collective travel to Szeged by bus. Reception given by the local authorities. 
25th of July Registration. Opening ceremony. 
Presentations of the Topic No 1. Board meeting. Business meeting-1. Evening video Session 1
26th of July Presentations of the Topic No 1 . Evening video session 2 - Report of the Sub-Stg. on Field Theory and Methods about their fieldwork in Bulgaria.
27th of July Presentations of the Topic No 2. Current research presentations 
28th of July Whole day excursion to the National Historical Park, Opusztaszer. Participation in Folklore Festival event.
29th of July Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Study Group on Ethnochoreology - Historical survey of the Study-Group activities. Round table with participation of the pioneer members. Personal recollections. "Surprise presentations of some young and even younger members". Photo Exhibition. "Birthday party".
30th of July Meetings of the Sub-Study groups followed by their plenary presentations.
"Dance and Aesthetics" 
"Dance Iconography" 
"Dance and Technology" 
31st of July Business meeting-2. Election of the Chair and the Secretary. Closing ceremony. Collective travel to the airport in Budapest.

Constant components of the program are morning dance workshops, daily bathing in the garden of the hotel, evening meetings and dancing with the participants of the Szeged International Folklore Festival. Family members of the participants may have special medical, cultural or tourist programs. 

We have registered room reservations for a number of participants (not everybody).
At this moment we ask everybody either to confirm her/his claim for accommodation to the local organizer in Budapest or to request a reservation to the local organiser (Laszlo Felföldi: We shall forward the list of reservations to the hotel. 
Accommodation, food and events of the symposium will be located in Hotel Forrás, a kind of health hotel on the bank of Tisza River. (Smaller hotels and youth hostels are also available close to Forrás.)
Prices (in Forrás Hotel according to our arranged agreement):
Classic single bed room 36 EU (per night, breakfast included)
Classic double bed room 41 EU
Extra bed 10 EU
Superior single bed room 56 EU
Superior double bed room 62 EU
Apartment (single) 77 EU
Apartment (double) 83 EU
Food is approximately 10 EU (per day, without drink).
(The prices remain the same as we agreed in March 2001. Only the currency has been changed.) (1 USD is approximately 1.2 EU.)
The prices in the university youth hostel are from 3 to 20 EU without breakfast. The cheaper rooms are without an inside bathroom. 

Inner transport in Hungary

We ask everybody to send information about her/his arrival to the local organizer (Laszlo Felföldi: by 30th of June if she/he wish to participate in the collective travel by bus from Budapest to Szeged. Meeting place is in the Institute for Musicology of HAS (Address: 1014 Budapest, Tancsics Mihaly utca 7.) Registration begins at 10 o'clock in the morning at the same place. The bus departs from Budapest at 17 o'clock, from the parking place of the Castle Hill (close to the Institute for Musicology of HAS.) 
If somebody arrives at Budapest later than 17 o'clock, the airport minibus takes her/him to the railway station for 1800 HUF (approximately 7 EU). The intercity train starts at 19.05 from the "Nyugati pályaudvar (Western train station). The ticket costs 1556 HUF (approximately 6.2 EU) plus place card 400 HUF (1.6 EU). Intercity trains from Budapest to Szeged leave every four hours from 7.05 till 19.05 o'clock. In Szeged, a taxi takes you to Hotel Forrás. The price is about. 500 HUF (2 EU). 
On the return to Budapest from Szeged, we will organise the same collective bus, if it is needed. 

Participation fee: 55 USD or 60 EU (to be paid in Szeged)

Tentative list of the participants of the symposium
1. Arturo Gutierrez de Ángel (Spain)
2. Egil Bakka (Norway)
3. Roland Baumann (Belgium)
4. Anne von Bibra (USA)
5. Carlo Bonfiglioli (Mexico)
6. Marianne Bröcker (Germany)
7. Theresa Buckland (Great Britain)
8. Chi-fang Chao (Taiwan)
9. Adriana Cruz (USA)
10. Zamfir Dejeu (Romania)
11. Angel Acuna Delgado (Spain)
12. Anne Décoret (France)
13. Fahriye Dincer (Turkey)
14. Elsie Dunin (USA/Croatia)
15. Helen Ericsen (Germany) 
16. László Felföldi (Hungary)
17. János Fügedi (Hungary)
18. Anca Giurchescu (Denmark)
19. Maria-Pierre Gibert (France)
20. Cristine Glauser (Switzerland)
21. András Gombos (Hungary)
22. Georgiana Gore (France)
23. Andree Grau (Great Britain)
24. Norio Inagaki (Japan)
25. Adrianne Kaeppler (USA)
26. Abdurrahim Karademir (Turkey)
27. Rebeka Kranjec (Slovenia)
28. Dariusz Kubinowski (Poland)
29. Roderyk Lange (Poland, UK)
30. Gary Larsen (USA)
31. Caroline Leten (Ireland)
32. Lynn Maners (USA)
33. Goran Ivan Matos (Croatia) 
34. Marta Di Mariano (Italy)
35. Gabor Misi (Hungary)
36. Andriy Nahachewsky (Canada)
37. Minako Nakamura (Japan)
38. Iva Niemcic (Croatia)
39. Mats Nilsson (Sweden)
40. Mohd Anis Md Nor (Malaysia)
41. Judy Olson (USA)
42. Mehmet Ocal Ozbilgin (Turkey)
43. Ana Luisa Popa (Romania)
44. Colin Quigley (USA)
45. William C. Reynolds (Denmark)
46. Selena Rakocevic (Yugoslavia)
47. Josefina Roma (Spain)
48. Nancy Lee Ruyter (USA)
49. Deidre Sklar (USA)
50. Stephanie Smith (USA)
51. Barbara Sparti (Italy)
52. Anna Starbanova (Bulgaria)
53. Placida Staro (Italy)
54. Daniela Stavelova (Czech Republic)
55. Muzaffer Sümbül (Turkey)
56. Dalia Urbanaviciene (Litvania)
57. Jörgen Torp (Germany)
58. Lisbet Torp (Denmark)
59. Hanna Vaatainen (Finland)
60. Olivera Vasic (Yugoslavia)
61. Tvrtko Zebec (Croatia)
62. Judy Van Zile (USA)

Invited pioneer researchers

Jolan Borbély (Gyorgy Martin's widow) Hungary
Grazina Dabrowska (Poland)
Anna Ilieva (Bulgaria)
Ivan Ivancan (Croatia)
Hannah Laudova (Czech Republic) 
Eva Kröschlova (Czech Republic)
Roderyck Lange (Poland)
Erno Pesovár (Hungary)
Rosemarie Ehm Schulz (Germany)
Sunny Bloland (USA)

If you have any questions or comments in connection with the details of the symposium, contact the local organizer and the members of the Symposium Committee.

We are looking forward to your coming to Hungary.

Best wishes!

Symposium Committee:
Laszlo Felfoldi <