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22nd Symposium of ICTM Ethnochoreology Study Group, 24-31 July 2002

22nd Symposium of ICTM Ethnochoreology Study Group, 24-31 July 2002, Szeged, Hungary

Report on the tentative program and activities

24th of July Arrival in Budapest. Registration. Visit to the Institute for Musicology and the Institute for Culture. Visit to the cemetery where György Martin is buried. Collective travel to Szeged by bus. Reception given by the local authorities.
25th of July Registration. Opening ceremony.
26th of July Presentations. Video Session 1
27th of July Presentations. Video session 2
28th of July Whole day excursion to the National Historical Park, Opusztaszer. Participation in the event of the Folklore Festival
29th of July Presentations.
Business meeting No 1
Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Study Group on Ethnochoreology - Round table with participation of the pioneer members. \"Birthday party\".
30th of July Meetings of the sub-study groups.
Plenary presentations by the sub-study groups.
Round table: \"Dance and Aesthetics\" moderated by Adrienne Kaeppler
31st of July Business meeting. No 2.
Closing ceremony. Collective travel to Budapest and to the airport.

Added features to the program are morning dance workshops, daily bathing in the garden of the hotel, evening meetings and dancing with the participants of the Szeged International Folklore Festival. Special cultural and other programs may be organized for family members of the participants.

By the 1st of February nearly 60 members of the Study Group had indicated their intention to participate in the symposium in Hungary, and 40 abstracts had been received by the Symposium Committee. The rest are expected soon. The majority of the proposals deal with the first topic. Postgraduate students have displayed special interest in the symposium. At the same time we have invited the pioneer members of our Study Group who were present at its foundation. The 40th anniversary celebration will provide us with a good and rare opportunity to bring all the generations into one main event.

Sponsors of the Symposium:
1. Academy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2. Local County Authority
3. Local Transport Company
4. Szeged Festival Foundation
5. National Research Fund (expected)
Proceedings of the symposium are to be published in \"Studia Musicologica\" (Journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Communication about the conference has been hindered by the collapse of the computer system at the Institute for Musicology. We apologize for the problems caused by the delay.

Felföldi László (local organizer)

12. 02. 2002