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New in 2013: changes to Corporate Memberships, new discounts for members in good standing

Changes to Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships are available to institutions, libraries, regional scholarly societies, radio-television organisations and other corporate bodies.

The costs and benefits of Corporate Memberships have been carefully reviewed, and starting in 2013, Corporate Memberships will be more flexible and affordable than ever before.

Organisations will now be able to choose the number of individuals they would like to attach to their Corporate Membership. These ‘Corporate Related Members’ will enjoy the same benefits of full ICTM Ordinary Members, i.e., participate in the Council's activities, vote in elections, receive publications, and access premium website content. As an extra benefit, the mother organisation will receive an additional free copy of all ICTM publications.

Corporate Memberships start at EUR 240.00/year, and include 4 Corporate Related Members. For each additional Corporate Related Member, please add EUR 60.00.

The following table illustrates the benefits provided by the new ICTM Corporate Memberships:


Old Corporate Memberships

New Corporate Memberships (*)

Sets of ICTM publications



Related individuals



Number of votes in ICTM elections



Membership fee

EUR 250.00

EUR 240.00

(*) These numbers assume a Corporate Membership with 4 Corporate Related Members.

If your organisation would like to take out a new ICTM Corporate Membership, please contact the Secretariat at

Discounts on 2-year memberships

We are glad to announce a new 10% discount for individuals taking out an ICTM membership for two years at a time. So for example, renewing an Ordinary ICTM Membership for 2013 and 2014 will only cost EUR 108.00 instead of EUR 120.00.

This discount applies only to Ordinary, Joint Ordinary, Student, and Emeritus Memberships, and is available to new, former, and current ICTM members.

Discounts on publications for members in good standing

From 2013 on, important discounts will be offered to members in good standing wishing to order back copies of current and previous ICTM publications.

1. Discounts on additional copies of the latest Yearbook

All members in good standing receive a free issue of the latest Yearbook, and starting in 2013, they will also benefit from greatly reduced fees when ordering additional copies of said volume (normally priced at EUR 90.00), as follows:

  • Ordinary, Joint Ordinary, Life and Joint Life Members: only EUR 30.00 per additional copy.
  • Student and Emeritus Members: only 20.00 per additional copy.

Additional shipping and handling charges do apply.

Please note that these discounts are currently not available for Supported Members, Corporate Members, and Institutional Subscribers.

2. Discounts on back issues of the Yearbook and Bulletin

Members in good standing will also benefit from discounts when ordering back issues of ICTM publications, as follows:

  • Yearbook for Traditional Music Vols. 1-43 (1969-2011): 18.00 EUR (regular price: 23.00 EUR).
  • Bulletin of the ICTM Vols. 1-118 (Oct 1948-Mar 2011): 5.00 EUR (regular price: 7.70 EUR).

Additional shipping and handling charges do apply.

Please note that these discounts are currently not available for Institutional Subscribers.