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Minutes of the Business Meeting, 25th Symposium, Kuala Lumpur

Minutes of the Business Meeting

15 August, 2008, 9:30 am
1. Welcome speech The Chair, Felföldi László, welcomed all to the 25th Symposium meeting and suggested that as well as dealing with the ordinary business, the meeting would look at how to further develop the group. Issues that need to be considered were the importance of taking care of our own heritage, and what might be needed for the next generation. The Chair introduced the members of the Board - Theresa Buckland as Vice-Chair, Tvrtko Zebec as Secretary and Elsie Dunin, who oversees the Study Group publications. Additional members of the Board include Csilla Konczei (from the last Symposium), and Anis Nor (for this year's Symposium). The Chair also acknowledged Anca Giurchescu as the honorary Chair, who was unable to be here. 2. Apologies for absence. The Chair read apologies for absence that had been received from the following members: Helene Eriksen, Anca Giurchescu, Maria Koutsouba, Irene Loutzaki, Taya Mikisch, Gábor Misi, Judy Olson, Judy Van Zile, Ivana Katarinčić. The Secretary then read a message of greeting from Judy van Zile. 3. In memoriam. One of the founders of the ICTM, Pesovár Ernő passed away three months ago. His enormous contribution to the work in this field was acknowledged, and the Chair spoke of being one of his students and of Pesovár’s knowledge and generous personality. The meeting stood and honoured his memory for a few moments. 4. Minutes Minutes of the previous business meeting in Cluj, 2006, were approved. The Secretary told the meeting that the minutes of the last meeting in Cluj were published in the Bulletin and on the website and there was some discussion about whether everyone was aware that they were available there. 5. Study Group Activities 2006-2008. At present there are 218 members of the Study Group. There are different categories but everyone has to be a member of the ICTM before becoming a member of the Study Group. Many members are active and participating in the Symposium and some not so active. The list-serv is managed by Stephanie Smith and 93 members are on the list-serv at present. This is important as announcements and news are disseminated there. New members and information about the list-serv The Chair spoke of how there had been five electronic meetings of the Board last year (2007) which had addressed the preparation for this year’s Symposium, plus additional topics such as publications and the archive, and issues of where to keep them both electronically and physically. This year, there was one meeting in January related to the organisation of the Symposium, and a further, longer meeting in June. A question was raised from the meeting as to whether the Board's meetings could make use of conference calling, or technology such as Skype. It was stated that this is being looked into but difficulties in differences in time zones and availability of all members at any one time does not make this straightforward to arrange. Sub-Study Group reports There followed reports on the Sub-Study group meetings and activities: - Structural analysis. This was reported on by Adrienne Kaeppler. This group has been working on the book on structural analysis and financial support was found by Felföldi László. It is now published. The book includes many examples of Labanotation. Egil Bakka has helped produce a DVD of examples discussed in the book. - Iconography. The Secretary of the group, Barbara Sparti was not present, so Adrienne Kaeppler again reported. The group has not met in last two years, apart from the five editors of a new book who met in Hawaii. They have looked at papers to select (not just from Study Group members). Barbara Sparti is looking for a publisher and has found two who are interested and by the next meeting, the book should be available. - Comparative research on Ritual Complexes. This group is not active at present. - Revival. This group is not active at present. - 19th century derived couple round dances. Egil Bakka gave a report on this group, which has been active with two meetings per year for many years. There is a meeting planned for the Autumn 2008 and the group is working towards a new volume of papers on the topic. - Fieldwork theory and method. This group is run by Anca Giurchescu but is not active at present. Anca would like to step down from running the group and would offer to support a new leader. This was a very active group and would benefit from being taken forward. - Dance migration and diaspora. Elsie Dunin spoke for this group as Christine Glauser was absent. It has not met since Monghidoro so is not active at present. - Dance music relationship. This group has been quiet but is still active. - Dance in the Muslim world. No report on this group. - Dance and film. No report on this group.

Following the reports, Dariusz Kubinowski questioned the schedule for meetings of Sub-Study groups later on in the day. Tvrtko mentioned the Sub-Study group on 'fun' and invited everyone to participate! Ching-fang raised the problem of networking. She had signed up for five groups when she joined, but does not know how to participate more actively. Would there be a better way of connecting people, or encouraging people to join in this process? The Vice-Chair suggested that the leaders use the website and the list-serv more actively. Anis suggested that the 'ad-hoc' nature of these groups made it difficult and wondered if the Board should monitor the groups more closely - perhaps by each group sending more frequent reports to the Board and making more use of electronic means for communication. The Chair responded that the loose arrangement was also quite helpful and can be productive but that maybe it is now the time to make it more formal. He indicated that the Board would discuss it further, but that each group does depend on the leader and the particular members. The Vice-Chair acknowledged the need for updating and communication.
Report on the 39th ICTM conference in Vienna, Austria in 2007. A report was then given by the Secretary, Tvrtko Zebec, on the ICTM conference in 2007. Many members of the Study Group were there and offered panels as well as individual papers. An informal meeting was held during the conference to introduce ICTM members to the Study Group which resulted in some new members. The Chair added that it was a delight to see panels of both musicians and dancers presenting together, showing a future of co-operation as well as maintaining our identity in the ethnochoreology area. - Ongoing ICTM affairs A report on the activities of the ICTM was given by the ICTM President, Adrienne Kaeppler. She announced that the new archive of ICTM had been launched at the National Library of Australia in Canberra and is now available for use. ICTM paid for some of the cataloguing but the transfer of the collection was supported by the National Library, Canberra. Elsie Dunin will be going there shortly to check on the dance resources within the catalogue. Adrienne stated additionally that the Board would welcome any general comments or suggestions from members. There are two new Study Groups within the ICTM. One of these, the Southeast Asian Music and Performing Arts group's inaugural meeting will take place after this Symposium. The next ICTM conference will be in South Africa (2009) and she encouraged submission of panels and individual papers from this group. She also stressed the importance of the presence of dance within music panels. She encouraged everyone to attend and hoped that the proceedings from this conference would be available there next year. - Collaboration with other professional organisations: The Chair listed the professional organisations with whom the Study Group is affiliated, which are CORD, CCDR, Society for Ethnomusicology, NOFOD, World Dance Alliance, and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Department. The Chair stressed the significance of being part of these other world organisations and the importance of making known the presence of the Study Group within these larger organisations. - IPEDAK: Seminar of New Ethnochoreologists: Egil Bakka spoke of the work of this Seminar, started originally by Felföldi László. The idea was to bring together young students and introduce them to the field. It moved to the University of Surrey, then to Georgiana Gore's institution in France and then to Egil's university in Trondheim. He managed to get funding and it has now run for several years there. It is based on an agreement with a number of European universities who participate, and at present can only fund the universities who have signed up. Other universities have been represented by visiting teachers and some students who pay for themselves. Next year the Seminar will again be held in Trondheim. 6. Study Group publications. Elsie Dunin mentioned the following publications, and acknowledged the support given from different institutions to help publish material from the Sub-Study groups: - Dance structures. Perspectives on the Analysis of Human Movement - thanks to Felföldi László and his institution in Budapest. - Monghidoro proceedings - thanks to the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb. - Cluj proceedings - these are in process. - Collected papers of the Sub-Study group on Iconography - this is in process and reported on as above. Bibliography of the Study Group members Tvrtko mentioned that this was started in 1989 and has been produced every four years. Now it is moving to be on-line (through Tvrtko's institution), and members can input their references directly. It will follow the format set up by Elsie. - Proceedings on DVD. László is working on getting the out-of print proceedings onto DVD. It would be a collection of all the proceedings and possibly some other material. There was much more to be published after this and it is a huge work that will need time and money. Andrée spoke of the need to proceed in different stages, and to start with the out-of-print proceedings. She asked how would they be available. There was some discussion about the new ICTM archive and Elsie will check at the ICTM archive where the Study Group's publications are located. Anis asked whether the ICTM archives will stay in the National Library of Australia and if so, how everyone would access it? 7. Updating of Study Group Operating Procedures Theresa Buckland stated that the Board recommends updating operating procedures, particularly in relation to new technology. There is a need for a new working group to look at this and to report to the Board. This could then be made available over the internet and be voted on at the next meeting. Volunteers were asked and Egil, László, Georgiana and Chi-fang offered their help. 8. Election of Vice Chair - Theresa Buckland left the room for the election of the Vice-Chair. The meeting was informed that nominations had been announced over the list-serv and that one nomination had been received. This was for Theresa, and she accepted the re-election with the whole-hearted support of the meeting. 9. Suggestions for the theme of the next Symposium Theresa Buckland then raised the subject of the next Symposium. Two themes are needed - one chosen by the meeting and one by the host committee. The following topics were suggested and votes were taken (first brackets). Dance, Gender and Meaning (22) (10) Applied Ethnochoreology (7) (1) Contemporizing Traditional Dance (20) (8) Dance and Competition (13) (3) Embodiment in Movement (10) (3) Relational Dimensions in Dance (14) (3) Dance and Multiculturalism (13) (1) A second vote was taken on the above subjects using one vote per person (second brackets). Finally, the meeting agreed that the topic of 'Dance, Gender and Meaning' would be the main topic of the next Symposium. 10. Proposals for the location of the next Symposium 2008: The Vice-Chair then reminded the meeting of the previously offers for the location of the next Symposium. An offer has been confirmed from Turkey, either Istanbul or Izmir. A further offer from Yerevan, Armenia has been received, and from Sofia, Bulgaria. Previous offers include Hawaii. A potential proposal for the 2012 Symposium was offered from the UK. There was also a discussion of dates of the next symposium, and the Chair asked for the group's preferences. Finally the group proposed that the Board should select the venue when more information is available, and announce on the list-serv. 11. ICTM Bulletin Report and Proceedings of the present Symposium: Theresa Buckland reported that Anne Wharton has agreed to write the report for this Symposium. Anis Nor noted the need for strict time deadlines in submission of papers for this. This is in order to get the proceedings out in time to receive the full grant that may be offered by the Malaysian government. Adrienne Kaeppler commented that discussion was needed related to whether the proceedings should change to a peer-reviewed book, as this is more valuable to younger scholars for their publishing record. The Vice-Chair responded that perhaps we need both - the proceedings published on-line and a fuller peer-reviewed book at a later date. Anis Nor said that proceedings in the future could be on a CD. Elsie Dunin commented that proceedings as they stand allowed younger scholars to get published for the first time, and that it is a learning process for them and therefore fulfils a need. It was decided to put this topic on the agenda for the Board meetings and to inform the members of discussions through the list-serv. 12. ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology website. Elsie Dunin gave a brief update on the website. There has been a delay in obtaining a space on the main ICTM website, as this is undergoing a redesign, so updating our website space is not possible at present. 13. ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology Archive As reported above. 14. ICTM Announcements: - The ICTM World Conference in Durban 2009 was announced. - Music and Minorities Study Group. Elsie spoke of the meeting in Vietnam in 2010 and she stressed that dance is included in its thematic content. - New Study Group. A new group has started, titled 'Music & Dance in Southeastern Europe'. Any Other Business.
The business meeting was closed at 1.15pm by the Chair.

Ann R. David