International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO


10-16 July 2006

1. Opening of the Business Meeting

1.1 Constitution of the Board
The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and reminded colleagues that voting and the right to make proposals was restricted to members in good standing. (There 68 members in attendance at the Business meeting.)

1.2 Appointment of the Meeting Chair
Anca Giurchescu was appointed Meeting Chair.

1.3 Regrets for Absence
Greetings and regrets were received from: Grażyna W. Dąbrowska, Maria I. Koutsouba, Yvonne Hunt, Christine Glauser, Allison Jane Singer, Ana Paula Höfling, Melissa Teodoro, Nancy Lee Ruyter, Nagako K. Hateruma, Colleen Lanki, Jaynie Rabb, Placida Staro, Selena Rakočević, Carlo Bonfiglioli.
(Anca Giurchescu read list)

1.4 In Memoriam.
The meeting observed a minute of silence to honour the memory of colleague Hanna Laudova. Hanna Laudova was an important contributor to the field of ethnochoreology and one of the earliest members of the Study Group.

2. Minutes of the Business Meeting of the 23rd Symposium, Monghidoro, Italy, July 2004
The minutes are published in ICTM website. They were approved.

3. Activities Reports
A report of activities was published in the April 2006 ICTM Bulletin.

3.1 Membership
The Chair reported that membership has increased to 250 active and 22 latent members from 47 countries. Membership has been activized by establishment of the listserv Etnokor, established by Stephanie Smith. We continue to be the largest and most active Study Group of ICTM.

3.2 Study Group Board’s Communications.
The Chair introduced the members of the Board. The Board communicated mostly through electronic meetings plus a few direct meetings. Discussion topics included a review of the Monghidoro Symposium, the next meeting (Cluj), Etnokor, Newsletter editor, mailing list, a proposal for bibliography on web, the two main themes for the Cluj meeting, composition of program committee, publication of Szeged and Monghidoro proceedings (thanks to Laszlo for bringing them here), and the Sheffield meeting in 2005. No newsletter was published by the Study Group, but reports were published in each of the ICTM bulletins.

3.3 Other Activities
3.3.1 Sheffield Meeting, 2005
Elsie Ivancich Dunin was part of the program committee for the Sheffield Conference in 2005. Approximately 35 participants from our Study Group attended. This activity brought in new members, and raised the profile of ethnochoreology to a higher status among ethnomusicologists.

3.3.2 Members’ Positions Beyond the Study Group
Adrienne Kaeppler, member of our Study Group, is President of ICTM. Our members collaborate with CORD, CID, Nordfolk, and the World Dance Alliance. Three of our members are active in UNESCO committees engaged in adjudicating Intangible Heritage Masterpieces. UNESCO sends proposals to be vetted by NGOs, and ICTM has been quite active).

3.3.3 Seminar of New Ethnochoreologists
The 5th edition of the Seminar for New Ethnochoreologists was held last year, funded by the Erasmus program, at the University of Trondheim.

The Chair expressed thanks to Board members Theresa Buckland, Tvrtko Zebec, and László Felföldi, Placida Staro, Könczei Csilla. Thanks to Elsie Ivancich Dunin, Chair of the Publications Committee. Thanks to all older and newer colleagues.

4. Report of the Publication Committee

4.1 Proceedings
Elsie Ivancich Dunin affirmed that publications of Study Group are very important. Proceedings from each Symposium are produced, in a consistent format and with English editorial support. The Proceedings are generally made available from the country that sponsors the Symposium. Two sets of Proceedings are available today: from the Symposia in Szeged and Korčula. The Monghidoro proceedings are still in process.
Proceedings from Nafplion are out of print, perhaps they will eventually be put on the internet. László Felföldi proposed to publish all the Proceedings in Hungary in one DVD. Copyright remains to be cleared. The Board will discuss this project in the future.

4.2 Bibliographies
The Dance Research Bibliographies produced by members of this group is available here, published in 1989, 1991, 1995, 1999, and 2003. The bibliography is indexed in RILM, IBSS, MLA, and NRCC and Ebsco Publishing. Plans include publishing the bibliography on a website, perhaps through Tvrtko Zebec illustrated the proposed features of the Open Access Archives Protocol and E-prints software through a first draft model. The model features a sign in, search tools, registration for new members, advanced research search tools, editorial controls. The program will be further developed in the autumn. Members will input their own entries (but not including the old ones). Hopefully the web version will support all the languages as before. Perhaps a hard copy will be published every 4 years as well.

4.3 Website
Stephanie Smith introduced the idea of having website for Study Group. We can purchase the domain name “” quite inexpensively. The site can be housed on Smithsonian servers or elsewhere. People interested in website design were invited to step forward, Stephanie is willing to coordinate project. The website will open up more possibilities to have publications available, subpages for Sub-Study Groups, etc. Discussion ensued. Adrienne Kaeppler will discuss the idea with the ICTM Board, and expects that the idea may be supported, as long as there’s a link with the main ICTM site. Stephanie Smith reported that two people have problem communicating on Etnokor and that this is a problem of how Smithsonian reacts to certain server configurations, suggests these members take out a free other e-mail address such as through Yahoo.

Anca Giurchescu thanked all people engaged in Publications Committee work.

5. Sub-Study Group Reports and Proposals

5.1 Structural Analysis
Adrienne Kaeppler’s report on the Sub-Study Group for Structural Analysis was communicated during a session earlier in the Symposium. A page was circulated to see if there was interest in reactivating this group with new projects.

5.2 Iconography
Information on this group’s activity was communicated earlier in the Symposium. Barbara Sparti spoke of desire to circulate images electronically via the website. This Sub-Study group is looking for a leader.

5.3. Comparative Research on Ritual Complexes
Anis Nor noted that a panel was presented on the last project of this Sub-Study Group earlier in the Symposium, and thus this group would also not report extensively during the Business meeting. A page was circulated to update membership. A project to continue this group’s work in the Italian Alps has been stopped. Group members are continuing to look for an event to study.

5.4 Revival
Mats Nilsson reported that the Sub-Study Group on revival has organized and presented two panels, one in Sheffield, one in Cluj. Stephanie Smith reported that we would like to move forward with presenting this meeting’s panel on a website if allowed.

5.5 19th Century Couple Round Dances
Egil Bakka reported that this Sub-Study Group had a number of meetings (in Budapest, Zaton, Ljubljana, and Sheffield panel) since last Symposium. The group is engaged with 4 tracks of activity. Group members hope to have a publication of scores produced soon. New members are invited to join.

5.6 Fieldwork Theory and Methods
Anca Giurchescu reported on the panel organized by this Sub-Study Group in Sheffield, on the revitalization of village dance in Maramures, from the 2004 fieldwork experience. The next panel will be presented here in Cluj resulting from fieldwork experiment in Izmir. There have been five fieldwork experiments up to date (Calus, Romania 1995, Bulgaria 2005, Northern Romania, Izmir, ). No new projects are being planned at present, except perhaps make DVDs for each experiment. A new list was circulated for membership.

5.7 Dance Migration and Diaspora
Christine Glauser, Chair for this Sub-Study Group was not present in Cluj, so did not present a report. She is interested in continuing in her role as Chair. She sent out a bibliography on the topic.

5.8 Dance Music Relationships
Jorgen Torp chairs this Sub-Study Group. In his absence, Judy Olson reported that members of the group continue to be interested in communicating about possible projects via the internet. A list was circulated for membership.

5.9 Dance in the Muslim World
Helene Eriksen reported on the formation of a new Sub-Study Group, which has been discussed for a while. Invitations were extended for interested people to sign up on a page that was circulated. The first meeting is proposed for tomorrow at lunch.

5.10 Dance and Film
A Sub-Study Group on Film was proposed to deal with issues related to making films on dance. Much film is available, needs to be published for ourselves and for broader audiences. A list was circulated to see if there is interest, to be approved by the Board.

5.11 Technology and Dance
Interest was expressed by Stephanie Smith in a Sub-Study Group to deal with indexing, archiving, databases, and other technological issues. It is important that projects of this nature know about each other and make standard protocols. Perhaps this topic might be linked with the Sub-Study Group on Iconography.

6. ICTM World Conference
The Chair presented information on the 39th Conference of ICTM, to be held in Vienna, Austria, 4-11 July 2007, hosted by the Austrian National Committee. Five themes are planned: Cosmology and its relation to music and dance; National and regional traditions of ethnomusicology; Popular music; Transmission of music and dance through informal and formal education; and New themes. The deadline for submissions is 1 November 2006. Proposals are being accepted for panels of 90 minutes total, individual papers of 20 minutes, AV presentations, and workshops. Details are available in the April 2006 ICTM bulletin and on the ICTM website.

7. Nomination and Election of the Chair and Secretary
Anca Giurchescu stepped down as Chairperson at the end of her term. Adrienne Kaeppler Chaired the portion of the meeting related to the election of Study-Group Chair and Secretary. These two positions are elected for a 4 year period at one meeting, and the Vice Chair and fourth member elected two years later. Theresa Buckland nominated László Felföldi (seconded by Ann David). Members were asked for further nominations from the floor. There were none. László Felföldi is acclaimed Chairperson. Elsie Ivancich Dunin nominated Tvrtko Zebec as Secretary (seconded by Barbara Sparti). No further nominations were made. Tvrtko Zebec is acclaimed Secretary. The Board proclaimed Anca Giurchescu as Honourary Chair of the Study Group on Ethnochoreology. This announcement was supported by the assembly. Anca Giurchescu resumed her position as meeting Chair.

8. 25th Symposium, 2008

8.1 Location. Several proposals were introduced for the 25th Symposium of the Study Group: Izmir, Turkey; Uherske Hradische in the Czech Republic; Malaysia; Greece and Istanbul. These locations were discussed. It was agreed that the Chair would seek further information from each proposal and make a final decision with the Board once such details were assembled.

8.2 Proposed Themes
Numerous themes proposed and discussed with a free vote:
Dance and Aesthetics (13)
Learning and Teaching Dance Systems, transmissions, Mistakes (25)
Dance and Time (3)
Dance and New Technology (8)
Applied Ethnochoreology (9)
Dance and Competition (12)
Dance as Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Global and Local Issues, Appropriation (35)
Dance and Music (9)
Dance and Institutional Power (25)
The Board will consult with the host organizers once these are established. The Study Group tradition is to invite the host organizers to set a second theme.
Panels will be allotted 60 minutes, with three or more participants. Participating in a panel will be considered the equivalent of presenting a paper. Andree Grau suggested the organizers reintroduce the tradition of inviting a keynote speaker on a main theme at the symposium. This idea was received with general support.

9. Other Business
9.1 SEM
Judy Olson announced the upcoming conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology, set for Hawaii in 3rd weekend in November. The Dance section of that organization is sponsoring several sessions and a Hula workshop. Those who will attend should come to the Dance Section meeting.
9.2 Documentation of the Symposium
People making photos and filming during the Symposium were invited to make a selection of their materials, add a caption, and send to our archive in Trondheim via Egil Bakka.
Anca Giurchescu closed the business meeting at 10:59. The situation is very good. See you in two years.

Reported by Andriy Nahachewsky